Lightning 8 Kills DD Hunter || World of Warships

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  1. Victor Ulysses Scapini Almeida

    Vídeo top top, viu joga de porta aviões americano por favor

  2. Excellent dd gameplay. Why can’t I have dd players like this on my team! Kept the pressure on the enemy by capturing areas, even when halfway through the game it looked like a lost cause. I laughed when he snuck up from behind and was like ‘suprise buttseks!’
    Good spotting by the friendly Taiho throughout the game and the support from the Bismarck. Great game, Hornet! O7

  3. If i was the cv i make lightning out of the game first

  4. Fun match, really well played.

    And appropriate that the Taiho went down to poor damage control.

  5. Amazing play! –a true ‘experten’!

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