Lightning Round 2! The Krakening! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. The krakening… heh.. creative

  2. Was just in a Yamato match like that (I was Yamato) And I did 270,000 damage with four kills, and five citadels. Btw love your vids your hilarious keep em coming

  3. Lightning is a solid dd!

  4. A Z-23 scared of a lightning? Truly a disgrace to the glorious German nation! Joking aside though, nice kraken. 😛

  5. Hey spartan did you happen to take a look at the little clip I sent you today on over the xbox when I was In my yammy

  6. Hehe tube by tube must be my favourite thing in this game

    Gg Spartan

  7. All torpedoes must be used before reloading can begin, in tube 2 u had 1 torpedo left from vanguard fight therefor tube 2 did not reload and that’s why u only fired 1 after from tube 2
    Please like so spartan can see, thanks.

  8. 1st of all, we won the war, so you can say Yamato any way you choose!

    2nd, I almost never use the single tube launch with my British DD unless I’m really close… I need to start using it more.

    • It’s an all or nothing play… I’ve been pretty decent with them i just like the almost zero dispersion

    • I almost REQUIRE the single launcher I love it so -even from long range. I may send 1 or 2 where it indicates I should release the torps at, but at least 5 or 6 are shot where I’m judging the ship is going to be when they get there. Accounting for any course changes the ship makes as well.

  9. Hey Spartan awesome videos like always hey what do you recommend to use on German battleships I got the lvl 4 but it seems like AP doesn’t do damage I even have a commander that has AP damage but nop that thing just doesn’t want to get me citadels ???

  10. Bismarck doing that weekly challenge ????

  11. I’m in the UK and always look forward to seeing your upload every day. Good going.

  12. Azur lane HMS Monarch UwU


  13. Wow Spartan, that was some good Destroyer play, great stuff!!! What Commander set up are you using on the Lightning? Cheers

  14. You really have fallen for the lightning havent you lol! Im seeing more and more in the last few days too it was all kageros and fletchers before these videos ?

    • I’ve been seeing them a lot too. Maybe it’s my fault, or maybe just coincidence

    • @Spartan Elite43 ive got almost 3k games in the lightning and since your video the numbers im seeing have shot up! It was a fairly rare dd and youve ruined it for me lol!

  15. Brilliant video as usual Spartan, I had an epic but very lucky match last night in my Tirpitz, managed to get a Kraken, The key factors for that game were we all worked as a team! Yes it does happen!! And the biggest factor was having a Lightning running support with a Vanguard bringing up the rear. Our Lightning seemed to forget he was a dd as his guns were blazing most of the time knowing the reds were too busy firing at me! ? All 3 of us survived and between us killed 8 out of 9 of their ships!

    • Awesome! I actually had a game in my lightning where I burnt a geneisnau down from full health. Was so satisfying! I bet my guns were firing for 3 minutes straight

      By the time he took me seriously he was all but dead

    • Very nice, bad play on part of the Gneisenau player! ? Um someone is incinerating my ship nevermind I’ll ignore it til last second!! ? Just hope I can get in game with you again at some point either in my Iowa or Tirpitz and go Tomato hunting! ?

  16. When in smoke turn your ship around so that you’re 1) Angled against possible incoming torps and 2) pointing in right direction to run.

    single fire torps won’t reload launchers until they’re empty. so if you fire part of a launcher – as at the Vanguard – spam remaining torps anywhere to start reload.

    • Good idea and I missed that i didnt fire the last torp

    • But you still have a couple in reserve, just in case, for certain scenarios. It’s a trade off, no doubt, but I find myself lingering with only a couple spent, trying to judge which way the potato will roll, all the time.

  17. Best kept secret in wow, you dont need prop mod on any uk destroyer (at least from acasta) it comes with a cruiser prop given it better get away. Love your vids

  18. Torpeedus in the face are just as bad as up the prop shaft 🙂

  19. Just finished upgrading this boat yesterday… I’m with you man, this DD is outstanding and a sneaky good DD hunter… those 360 turrets and narrow profile have saved my bacon against Fletchers and Z23s more than once…

  20. Looks like it’s official, Spartan is a former BB main, he has fallen to the DD side. The ability to just disappear and cause so much chaos to the enemy is addictive. Good vid and game.

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