Lion NEW tier 9 Royal Navy BB – HE Power and more || World of Warships

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NEW tier 9 Navy BB – HE Power more || – TakamiNoel IX Lion

In first 10 minutes,I was shooting enemy BBs with HE shells,and is around 100k.
But then I found our DD and CA need support,so I turned back.That’s the most exciting time.

I was attacked by two cruisers——Charlie and Dimitri.The enemy DD kept hidden but was also aiming at me.
I managed to elude all their tropedoes and managed to destroy both of them.
But finally I got hit by one torp——but we won.
The result is 160’879 damage.If enemy has more ships,I’m sure the battle will go on.(2 Repair Kit still not used)

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  1. I swear ur the best YouTuber on wows keep it up 👍👍🤛💪

  2. Yea.. its ‘Real’ long-range HE spammer

  3. So what do we have here ?: the most op heal ever put on a bb , the most op he ammo , and the detection range of a cruiser , well this ship is the new op t9 bb.

  4. Great ship, but really not good aim or target selection. And firing HE against a broadside BB?

  5. sum of the video:


  6. the only bb i don’t use he on is yamato as i can over match everything ! but this rn line has me worried !! we’re going to have a lot of noobs choosing this line because of the he and there going to wreck everything . you get those noobs in yamato spamming he or in monty or kurry !! but they soon learn that that’s not how it’s done ! this line ain’t going to teach them anything 😢 but i’m still super hyped . a good player in one of these ships actually using both type of ammo . hell yeah baby sign me up !! got some noob he spammers to rek

  7. FascistTemplar200

    How do you put in the random radio chatter in game?

  8. Risheen Mukherjee

    So many noob friendly ships now. All you need to do is load HE, and even a bad player with terrible aim will land 4 fires every goddamn salvo. What is WG thinking?! Why are they releasing new lines like this?

  9. RN finally got their cruiser line

  10. yeah T10 games are going to be like this: 460mm HE, 457mm HE, 420mm HE all HE gg.Cruisers’s HE is already a painful experience now this too? yeah WG ohh ohh and a giant heal on royal ships

  11. And what is special in this??? 160k in pts is so awesome?? And in many situations ap would have made much more dmg…

  12. What’s with the heel?
    Does it also heal nearby ships?

  13. Andrew Summerfiekd

    this ship is fucing dead carnt kill a bb unleash u sit fires go guns againts cc
    and cv but not bb

  14. WTF, this is picked on the base of chosing the most terrible player ever?

  15. Conqueror is literally HMS Edinburgh….

    Apart from that it is way bigger has op HE and only has the heal consumable

  16. worst stupid with most idiot players ever if you want to play a game and
    get angry play wows they ruin this game in every way possible dds camp behind cas and bbs or all team hide all game behind islands and many things like this examples.

  17. Donskoi using Survival Expert….sigh

  18. 10:40 LOLthat cheeky Destroyer pwned that BB

  19. fire frie fire….

  20. The One And Only Butt Duck

    Im seeing all these comments about how he is loading HE and spamming all the HE in the video… if you all go and look up the patch notes and read mechanics you would know why. Normal BB’s have a shell arming time of .33 seconds witch is good for shooting at mid-long range BB’s. but British BB’s have a shell arming time of .015 seconds…. good for HE and taking out cruisers and DDs… as for positioning and aim… this dude is a noob

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