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Minekaze truly is a little monster. Some might say OP but I don’t know…maybe…I’m joking ofc its bloody OP xD

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  1. I think that Twitch drops grab people who have just learned of the idea. I think that once they see the kinds of things they can earn, the interest wanes. I know it did for me. Love watching the new content, Flambass. Keep it up!

  2. I saw this live, it was great! 😀

    I think that Twitch Drops, for the official WoWS stream probably attracts more than 50% of their viewers. I have the stream up just for the drops, and I know my clan mates, as well as about all my friends do the same.

  3. Glad to see you starting to enjoy yourself a bit more again🤓🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  4. YT was only showing your wows uploads in my feed, even though im subscribed to you, i didnt see any tarkov uploads until i actually went to your channel and saw 4 or 5 of them there.

  5. Love watching you play Tarkov as well.

  6. To paraphrase what someone once said to Jingles, I came for the ships and stayed for the Flambass. Doing what makes you more balanced in your head may not pay the bills as well, but clearly leads to a more content Flambino. Good work fella.

  7. Wall of text warning.

    I’d bet money if you polled your viewers on what they enjoy watching there would be a very little overlap who enjoy both [for example] Ships and Tarkov.
    I don’t think the two above appeal to the same age bracket generally. Ships viewers I’d wager are older. Tarkov would be younger.
    I found you from Jingles and enjoyed watching ships. I also enjoyed watching War Thunder.
    Stuff like Tarkov or Resident Evil I’m just not interested.
    I have a special disgust for RE since IMO the series has become complete trash, so you couldn’t pay me to watch that. So, focusing on Tarkov vs Ships.
    I play FPS occasionally and enjoy it. Watching it is another story. Zero interest. The only time I ever watched streams of any kind was the original DayZ mod damn near ten years ago. It didn’t last and instead I started following those certain few I enjoyed who made YT content. Only one held my interest to this day.
    Anyway, it doesn’t mean we don’t like you less if we don’t watch X and prefer Y. I think you broadening your viewer base and playing a variety is a good thing for you.
    You’ll never please everyone.
    I’m a YouTube guy. I hate streams. I just don’t have the time and energy to watch a stream. A 20-60min YT video I can pause and come back to if necessary? Sign me up.
    I even watch livestreams on YT (grsnted from only one person) cut into chunks that I can watch at my leisure. Streams on my schedule work for me. Pause, resume, or finish later etc.

    Anyhow, that’s my POV.
    You’re not unique. I feel the same way about Jingles etc. Tanks, Ships, WT, Xcom? I’m in. Far Cry and AssCreed? Hard pass.

    I think I speak for everyone who found and love you for ships say we still appreciate you, dude. Even if you produce less of what we are interested in. It won’t change how we feel about you.

    Do what you do. What’s best for you. What makes sense for you. You may gain or lose viewers, but it’s usually some of both.

    As for Twitch drops the percentage of viewers who are just farming drops is proportional to how many streams are avaliable. If you are the only streamer live 50%, as G suggested, is a reasonable assumption.
    I farmed a few games over the years. I found a streamer I liked and chose them. Watched them a little. Talked to them a little. Usually not for very long, though.

  8. Hey flambass im grinding my way to republique i just wanted to ask ur experience with the republique has it been overall good or bad

  9. I’ll say when it comes to people buggering off from you playing other games that for me as a warships only viewer its been the opposite. I’ve been coming back to your YouTube again and enjoying you again. When you were miserable and not having fun I felt it through the videos and ended up not enjoying your content. For me I enjoy watching people have fun. So now when you play other games you are happier, and so I enjoy watching your ships games again.

    I was stopping engaging with your channel, and I’m back watching every vid now because the tone is back to what I loved. So keep playing other games, it makes your ships content better

  10. 1 video of happy Flambass is equal to 5 videos of of burned out, pissed off with wargaming Flambass.
    My favorite videos are still the ones where you show how to play the game. Makes my game play better.
    And I also like the recent trend of teaming up with Mr. G.
    I can’t do anything about WG or Twitch, so I don’t let them live in my head rent free.

  11. I do miss all your ships content. I’m not into a lot of your other games (War Thunder excluded) but am always watching for ships content. I love that you now play with Mr. Gibbons. I love every time he tells you to shut up. Hilarious! The most important thing is that you are happy.

  12. Speaking of playing other games, I’d love to see you play Mortal Glory. Baradul played it for a month on his channel and it was great so you playing it would be bad ass indeed!

  13. I think i found you first trough Jingles years ago. I do tune in to thy stream sometimes when i have time. I am mostly here for WoWs content, i also loved seing you play Starcraft 2, that was fun. Escape from Tarkov on the other hand is a game that i just can’t watch, nothing on you i just don’t like it. That zombie PvE/PvP you played with Gibbins was suprisingly fun to watch, also aliens game with Jingles and Gibbs as well.

  14. I mean i do like you.
    Now imagine your favorite Rockband (was it Linkin Park?) would do a colab with someone out of a Style you don’t like. And they would start to push out Popsongs (or any Style you don’t like). Would you still listen to them cause it is/was your favorite Band or would you search for some new stuff in the Rock-Genre. It’s not easy but eventually you have to look out for the new Stuff.
    I’m sry but i don’t like EFT at all so i have to search for new stuff aswell. I watched you play SC2, AoE, Subnautica and many more but at the times you do EFT i just can’t, for me it’s boring af :-/

  15. 1000% can relate! Been workin 2 jobs the last few months and MAYBE get 2 hours a week in ships now. Its more consistently fun, I do get that craving to play, and its mostly for the atmosphere of hangin with my clanmates.

  16. Yeah, diversifying your content around multiple games rather than on a single game is better in the long run. I mean you can look at what happened to the content creators and streamers for Heroes of the Storm when Blizzard canned it. Games change and new games take their place. As a streamer and a content creator, you have to be flexible.
    As for you, I really enjoyed your Warships content as well as your Tarkov content. Keep doing you!

  17. Love it, you should play lower tier more often. I watch ure wows stuff more bcos I like how informed you are with all the stats of ships, and how u talk about it all, I have watched someother stuff with Jingles, Gibbins, Trenlass etc and its good as well, hilarious at times. Keep up the good work Flamby

  18. Question to anyone did they buff Fletchers concealment to 5.6 because I had a match in my Shima where when the Fletcher would spot me I would spot him

  19. Man it must feel good to be on the side of the steam roll, I’ve never been on the winning side of a steam roll. No matter what world of ____ game I play, although I am only an average player in ships. Tanks is like, carry fest or loose

  20. For me its about the person you streams. I’ll watch you, Trenlass and Jingles not because of the games you play, but who you play and commenting. I don’t need some toxic streamer to watch after i’m done with my working schedule and want to chill some bit.

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