Little push gets me totally disarmed – World of Warships

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Okey so technically I could have just sat on my arms and waited and waited and waited, until time expired or unless enemy does something and we would have won. But I honestly did not expect what actually happened to happen and I wanted to hurry things up a bit.

Well you know what they say, every plan falls apart the moment you get in touch with the enemy xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Bless you old man. By the way I’m over 50.

  2. Charles Martel turrets made of croissants

  3. Yeah, Mechabellum started out fun but got boring quick.

  4. A Cruiser can run out of main battery guns but a carrier cant run out of aircraft

    • CV can run out of plains if you play on them more then one time in PvE.. And even pre drop don`t save from lost of all plaines in short battle, not in even in long… Only vs weak of aa ships and smart moves cv can save some plaines. But if this is tipical player – he can loose all plaines to the half of battle.

    • @@Valoord The cv keeps making some planes. Turrets don’t come back when they are completely busted. And why do you even bother mentioning PvE, when people are obviously bothered by unfairness in PvP?

    • @@Valoord Found the CV scrub. CVs cannot permanently run out of planes. You will always be able to generate more.

      Other types of surface ships can be permanently disarmed.

  5. That trolling at the end was hilarious 😂

  6. A Matilda tank took out a Tiger tank in North Africa, one in a million shot. Early Panthers had 30mm side armour, every allied gun could pierce that.

  7. 8:37 that couldn’t have been much closer

  8. I once played most of a match with just the rear turrets of a Cleveland. Both front turrets got taken out at the same time early in the match. Really hard to push with your team when you have no forward arcs.

  9. Developers are rarely if ever the ones making those decisions and not one I know has ever been lazy, don´t displace your emotions like that.

  10. A Crusader was quite capable of defeating a Pzkw IV, the early marks with its 2 pounder gun, the later marks with its 6 pounder gun. Even panthers would be vulnerable to side shots, although they never met in battle.

    • Yep the 6 pounder got better ammunition allowing it to pen all Pzkw IV’s and it’s variants from the front within weeks to a couple of months at most after newer upgraded tanks appeared.

      Allied weakness wasn’t against German tanks it was lack of HE in the early to mid war against German anti-tank guns.

  11. The only thing similar I have witnessed was once I broke both turrets on a JB. Reversed like a mofo at that point, because you know what’s coming next if you don’t kill the guy fast enough 😂

  12. Surprised you didn’t give that last enemy ship a complement.

  13. i do that to people when i am playing in the druid. fun times

  14. Jingles would have a field day with this video.

  15. Well, that was a totally DISARMING event! 😂

  16. @FrederickKoehlmann

    Wait, what? How did you view around the island at the Richelieu @ 19:11 in the video? I’d love to be able to do that.

  17. I would have thought a ram would have been in play at the end.

  18. Kidd’s back hurts for carrying this.

  19. “You want the gun turrets?!”
    “You can’t handle the gun turrets!”

  20. I manly play coh3 and I say the axis has op stuff lol

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