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How do you screw up so badly that you drive off one of the nicest, easiest to work with, people in the world?
April (Little White Mouse) is an OG Community Contributor who puts in more free unpaid hours than anyone else in the program and has done so for 5 years.

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  1. LWM is the kind of fan and contributer to your game that a gaming company dreams up and they shyte all over her. I heard she actually uninstalled the game, and that’s the last I hear from her.

    • Good riddance to her

    • @steve4nj either that doesn’t mean what you think it means or that’s unbelievably rude.

    • @Tom Riley its true. She can go spew her toxic BS on another game.

    • Yes. Good companies hire people like her and make them the head of QA or something like that.
      I have huge respect for gaming companies who do things like that.

    • @steve4nj I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about, obviously you have something that’s upset you but the overwhelming body of work that LWM did was in my opinion (and I think most people) probably the least toxic of anyone I’ve seen for a long time.

  2. One would think Wargaming will run out of ways to shoot itself in the foot, but perhaps I have underestimated their stupidity.

  3. How someone didn’t fly over to Canada from St Petersburg, laden with beers, chocolate, flowers and a cheque for LWM and Chobittsu i’ll never understand. That would have made a difference. All they released was a word salad. Not even an apology.

    • Indeed, how they haven’t hired her, paid her for all her QA work, and bestowed the world’s greatest apology to her is beyond me.

    • Chobittsu almost got arrested and almost got WG sued for harassing an underaged female player a few years ago.

  4. I read a statement by LWM on the NA forums yesterday. She said people should not be under any illusions as to why she and other members of the “old guard” left the CC program – short version is, they were just fed up with all the BS, and it was a personal decision by each, that they just wanted to be done with it – and that each CC had to make their own decision, as whether to stay or leave – and asked people not to attack any CC’s that decided to stay for personal or financial reasons. She elaborated that they didn’t expect their actions to significantly hurt WG, or cause them to change their behavior – and there wasn’t any such intention on their part – they were simply tired of the abusive treatment from WG staff, and their increasingly unethical business practices, and they just wanted out.
    The lady was a class act to the very end.

    • Truth! If I ran a video game company, I’d be offering her a job!

    • @RogueTech Gaming iearlgray is working with some small dev to try and design a similar game. without all the BS. a competitor, which is another way to make WG behave. if a competitor actually arises and becomes a threat to their monopoly they HAVE to change ways. or die.

  5. If you really want to make a change in this game, quit giving wargaming your money. Its amazing how dips in profit will change a company’s perspective. I’ve maintained a premium account for 2 years while buying premiums. After all this no more

  6. If WG wanted to clean house, this is one way to do it 🤷🏽‍♂️. The game used to be fun for me but ever since Puero Rico, it has lost that fun element.

  7. Also Fem was seriously unimpressed with the non apology this morning and slapped the crap out of them for it. If they’d promoted her she’d probably be getting ready to quit now anyway. it just would have delayed the inevitable

    • If they had promoted her, perhaps she would be in more of a position to influence events… She is good at what she does and deserved it.

    • @RogueTech Gaming yep. which is why, even though I am personally done with WG’s crap and wiped it from my drive. I still support my CC’s current and now EX. Fem included. Because they are still my friends. and it ain’t their damn fault. Some of the hitting on the CC’s that’s going on is just stupid. some idiots harrassed TC to the point that he left the official stream over the weekend.

  8. CatLover JerryGarcia

    I would label LWM the Cornerstone of the CC program.

  9. LWM is a gem. WG screwed up big time. I’ve been lied to so many times and seen them screw over their players so many countless times it’s not even funny at this point.

  10. no one can fubar a company like blizzard………wargamming hold my vodka

  11. Love how after Lwm ,its jingles that get the biggest name check?

  12. Sold my ships, dismissed my Captains, sold my mods, flags, everything. There’s a half a billion credits in my FORMER WG account and I’m done with them. Uninstalled forever.
    It was a good game, but could have been a great one except for ineptitude, greed and a shocking amount of arrogance. The latter means they are incapable of change. F’ WG

  13. Major WoW events that have caused great harm to the game:
    – CV rework
    – Dockyard
    – Captain Skill Rework
    – Subs
    – Gambling on containers
    – Bad changes being pushed into production that caused harm to game play
    – disrespect to the CC network

    Grow up WG, the NA server and open wallet players are drying up.

  14. I appreciate your point of view as a company owner. It gives a different perspective than CC coming from the gaming world.

  15. You asked what we think. I think you did a lot of rationalizing and equivocating to justify not having already told WG to stick their program up their ass and set fire to it.

  16. Pitchfork in one hand and wallet closed in the other. Stand United

  17. I started as a WOT player. Their practices drove me away. WOWS reminded me of good WOT era till the rework and this was the final straw.

    • same as me. i left wot when wows went open and stayed until the premium ships started to get to the point of being stupid.they’d starting testing of the subs and i saw the writing on the wall. left for the 2 other games that are like these and haven’t looked back.

    • Am almost sure we would have a lot of other people in the same case.
      Welcome to the club 🙂

  18. If this was a one or two or even three time incident, it could be and would be overlooked. I started playing World of Warships back in late 2015. Wargaming has a chronic behavior issue of treating CCs and customers like zombie wallets. Little White Mouse loved World of Warships more than any other person I’ve seen. She was truly the Quality Assurance of the game, and in many instances, their shoulder angel that prodded them to do the right thing and correct errors, bugs, and implement necessary changes. Wargaming is glad to be rid of her. I’ve been watching this situation develop from a far, as I stopped playing World of Warships back in February of 2020. Someone on this channel presented me with an easy way of making money with my PCs / video cards instead of giving my money to a company like Wargaming. Best change I’ve made in years. I don’t believe that Wargaming needs its CCs any more, or long time players that remember when the game could be legitimately considered “balanced”. They are after the casual, new players that will drop some money here and there on premium ships and buy all of their loot crates. They can’t hear any complaints of the player base over all of that money they are raking in.

  19. Ah so you noticed :-)! LWM was an amazing asset for Wargaming and WoWs the value of the work she did (in terms of how much it would cost monetarily to PAY someone to replicate it) was huge, and she did it all for essentially nothing. She was completely scr£$ed over by them with her ship she basically asked them to put a single camo that her colleague had designed into the game as a show of good faith and they wouldn’t do that for her. Geez…. talk about putting both feet in your mouth…. value for money of keeping her onboard for one camo – terrible decision!

  20. Good companies hire people like her and make them the head of QA or something like that.
    I have huge respect for gaming companies that do things like that.
    I know of one specific example, in DDRJake who got hired by Paradox Studios.

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