Live Play // HMS Minotaur / “What a load of bull”

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Contrary to the title, this is in fact a pretty good (probably) – but, just what kind of a would I have to be to resist a title like that?


World of Warships is a warship battle game – you can find out more at

Want to see me playing live?


  1. I am not sure if i should freexp my way to it xD

  2. The most useless cruisers, not gonna play this shit, fu Wargayming

  3. 1:29 That moment when you know you have been playing too much WoWS as you
    try to hit space bar to enter the battle.

    We got the British line yesterday btw. Up to the Danae which is good.
    Didn’t like the tier 2 and skipped right over the 3. And the tier 4 Danae
    HAS repair! :D

  4. paulinius telephonicus

    every ones waiting for the HMS Hood

  5. What is with the British national voices? They are awful.

  6. Jingles has a very different view of this ship, namely that it has a high
    skill cap but can be devastating in the right hands. He also opts for a
    different build. Always good to get differing opinions before you grind 🙂

  7. I’m gonna use the Rload Module on this. Not gonna hit anything at over 15km

  8. Famous last words: wants to stay alive and then sails in the line of sight
    of a Zao and stops… ;D

  9. hey Jedi a few cool things about the Minotaur. 1) its auto bounce area is
    insane, its better than USN heavy crusiers with someone having to angle 75
    degrees to cause brit ap to auto bounce. 2)the Minotaur is the stealthiest
    crusier at t10 and with module and skill it has like 5-6km stealth firing
    range with range mod. Also its nimble and does not lose apeed in a turn and
    accelerates like a damn rocket. So all in all, its nimble. it stealthy and
    it can pen angled targets

  10. Jedi, check out Jingle”s build on this ship. Maximize stealth, forget about
    increasing gun range. It seemed pretty solid.

  11. No offence, but this is probably the first time you’ve really, literally,
    failed to grasp the power of the ship. You were getting good salvos and
    weren’t recognizing that.
    Also, about your note about DDs, the small size of the Minotaur’s guns plus
    the fast detonator means you can get good AP shell hits on them dealing
    full damage.

  12. Blatheroon Funktoply

    Yay. A Tier X replay. This will be relevant to me in several months.
    Meanwhile, I have unlocked the Danae and kinda like the line so far.

  13. Jedi, Notser and IEarlgrey had exactly the same complaints understandably.
    I’d think two weeks isn’t even enough for ten ships. You’ll probably feel
    better after you get over the consumption. Get well, looking forward to
    seeing the other ships in the line.

  14. Perhaps “diatribe” was the word you were groping towards at the end?

  15. What a great play of that German BB at the end that is how to give away a

  16. You should play only on BS. Cruisers not for you obviously.

  17. Wait. Somebody at Wargaming listened to me? O.o

  18. I didn’t know that “six days to a Wednesday” expression. Very nice. I’ll
    nick it. :)

  19. thats pitiful i was hoping for HE on this…honestly when i look at em now
    the hype is left dissapointed and gimmicky, like they did with the british
    line in the world of tanks

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