Live Play // Implacable / “Number 10 or bust”

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All Brexit and no play makes Boris a dull boy.


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  1. And I didn’t even get around to mentioning what they’ve done to the NHS and other public services…

    Send hugs. And ice-cream,.

  2. I’m a Brexit negotiator, like my father and his father before him….

    • Yeah, i believe that EU will be better off withOUT great Brexitain

    • @Ellerion3 To be fair the U.K. will also be better off. Proximity isn’t always synonymous with compatibility. the U.K. and the EU are really very different places that just happen to be near one another.

  3. As soon as I realised that you were going to discuss the Election.. I made sure that I watched all the way through..?
    Bugger the ships… ?
    Whoever you vote for, the bloody Government will get in….
    Peace, Schitzen_Giggelz (EU)

  4. i rather like the implacable… American politics just never ends, seems yours isnt either. i’m sorry to hear y’all are being bombarded with the same disinformation

  5. Hey, Americans have to wait until November for our depressing election.

  6. Is it me or does this video say BREXIT MEANS BREXIT MEANS BREXIT MEANS?

  7. My sisters familly lives in England, mine in AUS, but I wish you all over there the best government you can possibly get out of the bunch you have to choose from, the whole of the UK needs it!

  8. the Graf Zeppelin is supposed to be quite good if you spec it for a full secondary build…

  9. I should really be in bed, but I’m listening to this.

    If the prospect of a bunch of Tories staying in power wasn’t so scary, it’d be a very interesting election, as I don’t think anybody has much of an idea of what’s going to happen. If you do another election stream, I’ll probably tune in, even though I have to be in work at 8:15 on Friday morning.

  10. PHJ, sorry to hear that you too have got a bunch of echo-chamber enabled gits in your face over there. Don’t let them mess with your day. Regardless of result, know that Implacable had the best looking fighters in the game! Cheers.

  11. Wow PHJ. I would have guested you were left leaning. I myself have voted Labour/SNP all my life. I was a member of the SNP in the 70’s.

    That is some PPB you have going here. Do you really think the media is all Tory/right leaning…. really? The BBC… really?

    Lies and damn lies are all from the right?

    As a remain voting Scotsman this is my view. The people voted and they voted out of the EU. That is what a democratic vote is, the majority decide. TBH they all look the same to me, virtue signalling idiots who think sounding empathetic makes them “Virtuous”.

    When is a promise not a promise….. when its in a manifesto!!!!

    I guess you’ll be willing an SNP/Labour ruling hung Parliament m8. Fair enough, I’ll wait for my free broadband, transport and vastly improved NHS.

    I have always thought Boris was an idiot…. but when he looks better than the rest we all have a problem pal!!!!!!!

    • Yep, you do… But our people are already stocked up with popcorn to watch the comedy gold unfold.

      I do feel sorry for Irish and Scots, they’re the ones getting one-overed by British with the brexit folly. I do await the next pound cramp for a shopping spree to start again.

  12. You think that the new york times isnt trashy?

  13. Your commentary reminds me of the latest video by Piffle. You might watch that one.

  14. Having lived under the Dear Orange Leader here in the US for several years now, and having watched a lot of House of Commons this year; I think your take on this is spot on. You don’t want Trump and Boris getting together to sell out the UK. They’re entirely too much alike and are sharing the same play book. I know my family in Scotland got much better treatment from the EU than they ever did from England. I cannot believe Brexit passed in the first place, that you have your own version of Trump and if it does go through, Scotland will finally vote for its independence, and I hope rejoin the EU. Best of luck in the election, be glad you don’t have to wait another year (like we do) to toss out the trash.

  15. That camo for the Implacable was part of the event when the Brit carrier line was introduced roughly a year ago. I’ve got it myself. Bit of a port queen, honestly. Not a fan of CV gameplay. Got Hermes, Furious, and Implacable out of that one and the Saipan, Enterprise, and Kaga (whatever the Tier VIII IJN premium CV is) out of the CV re-launch event and only ever trot the things out for special events.

  16. brexit moaning = good. Indyref = bad.

  17. >playing implacable

    Jedi are you ok, blink twice if theyre torturing you

  18. I gotta say the most fun carriers imo are Kaga and Enterprise and yeees i know latter is not available anymore

  19. At this point, you’d think the most convincing election promis would be to just give every voter a gun. To give them the option to put themselves out of this misery.

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