Live Play // Mahan / “No heroics”

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I’m not dead! Let’s hope that goes for this battle, too…


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sigh up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. good. thanks for the video. :-)

  2. I missed you! Get well soon!

  3. Wasn’t Kylie Minogue on Neighbors way back when? How time tells.

  4. Best wishes, Jedi, get well soon.
    Also: RDF is really close sadly. RIP flanking, ambushing and outpositioning
    with short ranged ships.

  5. glad you are feeling a bit better 🙂 hope you are back to your normal self
    soon .
    we did miss you :)

  6. Aww, Jedi…I would’ve gone for the cheeky last shots. But then again, I
    get really cheeky when I play USN DD’s – something about the way they play.

    Hope you get better soon. Glad to know you are doing better.

  7. This is a good trick if you don’t know it, but if you mouse over the ship
    profile image (lower left) you will get all the stats on the far right of
    the screen while you hover.

  8. Lol… you said the thing about fire chance (which true is low) but you had
    scored 4 fires on 40 hits. :D

  9. “The Mahan, and me, being not dead.” Either of you. Feel better PHJ.

  10. Fog Battleship NCarolina

    pointy the ship becomes an absolute firebug once you have demo retrained.

  11. Are you using mods and if you, witch ones?

  12. Poor Jedi, get well soon…

  13. Yeah! Just yeah! Cough, cough….

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