Live Stream: CC Feature: NoZoupForYou with Femennenly

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Join us as we speak to NA CC NoZoupForYou, play a few rounds together and get to know all about this content creator!


  1. Video start 4:58

  2. How far along is the CV rework?

  3. Do you know any old vets who play ?

  4. Jingles is only a young bloke, I’m Viet Nam vet 🙂

  5. Bjørn Tore Brandhaug

    when are the live streaming ?? so i can see it live instead of video of it ??

  6. jesus, just a casual 1.4 Billion credits… here I am struggling with 2 millions…

  7. This one time at Band Camp…

  8. We need more female ships! Wow isn’t WOKE enough! ?

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