Live Stream: Sea Trials: West Virginia

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Come learn the basics of playing your favorite ships and ship classes in these interactive streams focused on teaching and learning the fundamentals featuring some of your favorite WoWS NA Staff members!

This week we will be featuring the brand new West Virginia 1941! Come join the fun and learn how to play this T6 ship.

Want to get your hands on this ship? Join the giveaway here:

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  1. I love this game :O



  4. There will be a run on keyboard sales due to a rash of broken W keys because of this ship. It’s like mashing the elevator button frantically, but it just doesn’t come any faster. My goodness this is one frustrating ship to drive.

  5. Almost heaven

  6. What Humanity really Needs

    It’s almost heaven…

  7. Question of the randomness is the Graf zeppelin ever going to be on sale again or not the report wont load for me

    • As far as i was informed, it will be back on sale after the CV rework is done.
      I dont think it will be out at the same time as the rework goes online but some time after the release of the rework.

  8. Would love a new ship but was at work and missed the stream 😎


  10. I’ll wait till the post refit version comes out.

  11. actually starts at 05:34

  12. CV’s RIP 🙁

  13. What better person to try this new ship then this highly skilled player

  14. Hope you feel better soon Fem! 🙂

  15. My impressions of WV is the dispersal can be an issue, but it does have same guns as Colorado. So you end up over-matching bows a lot at tier 6. You also over-pen some cruisers. At long range, it can be deadly, but the shell speed takes getting used to if you are a NC player. NC shoots a slower shell. At high tiers, You hold your own because the armor belt is still tough. 343mm belts and good angling will keep you alive. Do not tank straight on though at high tiers as you are over-matched at bow. Just a slight angle is all you need to get the bounces. Expect damage regardless, but angling will reduce it. WV turns like the regular Colorado so if you see a DD, pop the spotter and get your turn ready. I usually bait a DD to shoot at me as if I am a noob and sail straight while looking at him, then cut in, full reverse, then full speed, then cut out. That is my WASD tactics for DDs. If you are a DD and you fail to torp a Colorado, then you should probably hang it up as a DD main. Speed is an issue. 21 knots is ok, but the turn is around 19 knots, so you lose little speed compared to other BBs. Secbat is same as Colorado. AA is Pre-Pearl Harbor so you only get TBs if they manage to miss and they start to fly over you. DBs, actually lose 3 planes on average as the 127s do get them. This ship is a team oriented ship. Support it and it will get the big boats while others can do their thing. For players starting out, it will teach you gunnery patience 1 tier earlier. I have no problems hitting Tirps by the way. Same effectiveness as a Colorado. If a Tirp misses with their torps, that will be the last mistake they make. At tier 6, you will run in to a lot of DDs. So optimize for shell handling so you can switch to HE quicker. If you are not a long range shooter, then take the secbat upgrade. Then DDs will be annoyed. Cruisers should be grateful they get overpenned at long range, but they turn nose in and that can be fatal. Even the most clever of angles is a mistake as a WV can over-match the bow. The shell velocity is around 60 meters per second faster than NC shells. That difference is over-match at the funniest of angles. Only the Montana and Iowas get back up to that speed.

  16. Fem is definitely a Dere when it comes to Tragic 100:34. Gives Tragic a medal..*Cues Beaches soundtrack……

  17. This ship is like being in heaven

  18. Hi all, what is that aiming reticle you are using? with all the protractor angles on it?

  19. To the plaaaaaace, I belooooong!

  20. The only West Virginia that matters is the 1944 version.

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