LOOK OUT! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. is there a prize for 6th? im too tired to watch now, ill watch in the morning (01:40)

  2. Yeah it’s awesome! I started around a month after the launch. I have the early adopter flag

  3. Another great video thanks Shaggy!

  4. @Alex Bromirski wow

  5. Be cool to sail with Tbull, you and me finally getting a functional headset.

    • I did a couple weeks back sadly it was a tier 3 game only, he was in the Arkansas and I was in the Courbet and it was completely stock, he came in first on the team I was second he got more medals and that gave him a little more xp than me but I had one more kill than him

    • And I believe I done more damage

  6. What is worst than your team pinging the radio? Answer horrible dispersion

  7. What system?

  8. I love this ship , floats like a butterfly stings like bee global XP well spent.

  9. Whitney B Deepseadweller Broussard

    Love the Alabama!

  10. Zill The Godzilla

    I just got the Alabama and my first game I got 3 kills and 147,000 damage

  11. I feel like in every battle you have, you atleast one citadel! You are outmatching the other players very much sometimes! Well played Spartan and I will see you in the next one!

  12. I feel dumb because…

    I bow-tanked a Nagato in a Boise again

  13. I was playing in my Bismarck yesterday and I kid you not I got plunging fire at 14km on an Alabama and git two citadels on him!

  14. I bought a model of the Alabama the other day i was suprised how small it is for a late american battleship, 200 feet shorter that the Iowa

  15. Thanks for the vids, i have been a better player from watching and taking notes. Keep up the citadels!!

  16. Are you going to do a live stream?

  17. darth sidious the emperor

    Hahaha somthing similar happened to me in my hood altho it was me doing the ramming. My team were potatoes and there was like two ships left i new we lost they still had about 6 ships left so i decided to fuck it im going to ram i want to say it was a vanguard it was a british ship just cant remember. But i go full on he starts to turn and i ram striagh thru him and amazed im still alive i carry on thru him and kill a cruiser to the left of him with a full salvo which he probally thought the same as me how is he not dead but then as i killed the cruiser i got torped dunno by what but i left the game with a nice 122k dmg lol

  18. here a good idea “funny weird epic moment” videos
    it will be pain to edit but will be very interesting fun to watch and brings more viewers and new thing to break what usual things we see here

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