Lootboxes🚫BANNED!🚫& USS Misery Returns | What’s Up With Warships?!

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Once again Wargaming come under fire in the gaming industry news sites, but have they started to back down?

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  1. I was wondering why I was getting grey hairs and white in my facial hair. It must be from playing weegee titles from 2012 until 2020.

    • I have significantly more than you I bet; for I’ve been playing WoTs since 2009 and WoWs since 2016… I have completely skipped the gray-haired stage, instead have gone straight to white. I’ll soon be able to take a job as a Bad Santa during the holidays! I thought it was from work. Then I thought it was from the grief my wife gives me. Then I realized, I am retired and have never been married. FU WeeGee!!! Worse than labor and marriage yet I still love the bloody game!!!

    • Bruh, I skipped straight to bald.

    • @Orin Anthony 😂👍🏻

    • Damn, I blamed being over 60

    • @jayde1708 I’m 24. 💀

  2. I was one of the whales who paid out thousands on Santa crates, to the point that I have Musashi, Enterprise and Missouri. It took me a few months to get over the sunk cost fallacy, as I started questioning the game after PR fiasco and I only managed to quit after Pommern got introduced. I am happy to see that the line has been drawn in the sand and people are showing their true color left and right now.

    • @Atmos Dwagon You have no clue that NFTs are going to change the gaming industry forever within 5 years. “Power to the players” will be a legitimate phrase and whales will lead the way not the minnows because the minnows will then chase the $$

    • @panzerfan About how much did you spend while collecting, may I ask?

    • @Terrathrax i think i spent just under 3 grands into the game in all.

    • @Ultima742 *NFTs are going to change the gaming industry forever within 5 years.*
      Extremely doubtful. NFTs will follow the antiques paradox: If scarcity alone drives pricing, then why is there only one Christi’s for every million corner store junk trawlers?

      Well, the answer is that there’s a bit more to it than that, and while you might see one game successfully dupe people into playing money-tag with blockchain junk I wager the overwhelming majority of people (minnows) aren’t going to give a rat’s ass either way, because the value they’re seeking in a game is diametrically opposed to the value you’re seeking with such a market model.

      Like, what exactly will the blockchains be providing to add value that’s gameplay relevant? What will drive player retention once they realize that the overwhelming majority of NFTs are worthless? (again: the antiques paradox drives this)

      The closest proven analog in gaming are hats from TF2, but as a number of other games have demonstrated (and not for a lack of trying) that’s a damned limited market to tap into; one that has ostensibly failed to dominate the rest of the gaming biz as a defacto model for revenue. (TF2 lootcrates and keys were mostly used for money laundering by the Russian Mafia/Government…the opposite purpose of NFTs, hilariously)
      Don’t get me wrong: It’ll fall into the Pareto curve, and whoever happens to be winning will win bigly, but by the same token, it’s not something you can tailor a whole industry around, let alone “transform” it.

    • @Ultima742 So what you are saying is that your ego is so pathetically unhealthy that the only way you can feel ok about yourself is by “winning.” And you are willing to spend any amount necessary just to not feel like a piece of crap. That’s just sad. But keep telling yourself you are “superior” to your fellow human beings. That’s going to solve the problem! LOL!

  3. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Thank for the news EarlGrey, have been following the channel quite closely these last few weeks. <3

  4. This is such BS. Missouri should still be a Free XP ship. Paying for a ship that a few years ago was exactly that Free, is BS.

  5. Came here straight after watching Jingles video for today – he’s continuing to take the piss out of WG as well – and I must say, he seems happier and more relaxed, than he’s been in quite some time.

    • @Pikilloification not really.
      Expect WeeGee to ‘disappear’ Capt Jingles the same way they did Seagal.

    • @Pikilloification Yes, because saying things about how blatantly broken the game is and practically telling people not to spend money is totally promotion.

    • @Grimm Ronin Bah! Who needs things like “subject matter”, “context” and “fact checking” these days? It’s so much easier to assume things, make stupid claims and pretend you said nothing of the sort when it comes out you were dead wrong all along.

      As our illustrious nobles in gaming journalism demonstrated en-masse during GamerGate, you can totally throw things like “ethics”, “logic” and “disclosure of obvious conflicts of interest” into the dust bin with all those other outdated ideas!
      With enough gullible, ignorant rubes, you can even make a career out of it.

    • @john smith but will it be because Jingles tells them to so he lessens his association with the game or because of spite by WG

    • Jingles is a twat. He was a simp for Wargaming for many years. It’s why all his content like Cold Waters/Warthunder and other military games that would conflict with Wargaming, started disappearing.

      He fools you guys into thinking he is a rebel, but Jingles knows where his bread is buttered. and he will fall back into the Wargaming fold once he realizes he misses that money.

  6. The worst with submarines is in Coop where you just can’t find the last bot sub 😂

    • Play a BB, they’ve ice cream makers on every deck and it’s a time to sit back and chill.

    • @orson wells nah its even worse because you can at least see the CV with your own planes but unless the sub comes up, not even cvs can spot it

    • Or when ur waiting for it to surface lol I flew my planes in a circle over last one for a good 2 mins before I could bomb it, funny thing is as soon as they surface they die in seconds

    • @Neptune Not exactly accurate. If the sub is at max depth the CV can’t spot it, but anything shallower than max and CV spots it same as if surfaced. However, only get spotted from air around 2-2.5km, so might at well be unspottable.

    • @orson wells At least when chasing down the bot CV you can pad your performance when you get in range. Not so much with the low hit point subs (if you can find them).

  7. I just got my Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition with $25. Best $25 of the year, for the price u pay for Missouri u can get much better games out there and will have a blast playing them too. Don’t spend on WOWS anymore, it’s not worth it!!

    Thanks iEarlGrey for the videos, your comments on WG BS always put a smile on my face 😉

    • my favourite compariosn is yakuza 0 ,one of the my favourite games ever with so much fantastic content and little down time, that is always 4 quid on sale, whenever i see a microtransaction i always think, “how many yakuza 0’s is that?”

      it really does help me put things into perspective more than anything else

  8. I had a break from wows acouple of years ago due to illness , i came bk to the game and they had nerfed the smoke which directly effected quite a few of my favorite premium ships -Belfast -GREMY- Kuzukov where a couple , wg offered people a refund for there premiums effected ,i came bk to late to grab the offer to get refunds on ships they ruined ,and was told to basically f@@k off . i wasnt very happy so i phoned my bank and made them charge back every payment to wargaming ever spent , this tactic got them interested , they blocked my account and asked why i had done this i said the above , and wanted to get refunds on purchased goods they messed with , they didnt have to refund me cos i took everything bk , and i said iwould come bk to the game but keep the money for refunded ships etc and then put bk the money i was keeping in the game . i kept the belfast and gremy but there were quite a few i didnt want due to nerfing , WG agreed to this and unblocked my account . Now i was thinking what if alot of the player base did this to WG hit them where it hurts they would take notice as money is everything to them.

  9. I celebrated the re-release of the USS Missouri by buying a new PC game downloading another game to play with friends and still not playing WoWs

  10. I have no problem with CCs rewieving ships. Information is always good.

    For the subs. Looks like the game turned in to “hide-and-seek”.

    No Sir, I don’t like it.

  11. Quickybaby is one of those who takes the WG dollar. Makes half-hearted protests and then tells you to buy all the tanks, grind the campaigns and opens loot boxes on stream. Greasy.

  12. One of the best ways CCs and former CCs could influence WG is by totally ignoring all premiums ships – both in reviews and in streamed gameplay. Just show people what can be done with good ol’ tech tree ships.

    • They’d be better served just gutting WG of all content.
      I get that many of the (former) CCs have hitched their careers to this content, but the sad truth is you can’t continue to support a dying product or its overtly malicious owners without significant loss of credibility going forward.

      Wargaming has had every opportunity to fix the PR disasters and have opted for more increasingly open contempt with every controversy since the CV rework hit. The fact they obviously don’t care anymore suggests they were either planning on ramping up the Pay2Win bullshit to cash out and let the game collapse all along or that there’s some major derangement pandemic running rampant in WG’s ownership and upper management. (possibly both)

  13. One silver lining – a lot of guys who would normally stream/vod WoWS have instead been playing Aliens: Fireteam. So, in some indirect way, its helped a new studio and one of my all time favourite universes. 🤙🏻

  14. Today I’m requesting “complete data” according to EU law, which means I’ll find out how much I whaled on WoWs over the years. Pray for me to RNGesus.

  15. Only became aware of your vids in the last couple of weeks, but your coverage of the WG shitshow has been some of the best imo. Thanks.

  16. By calling yourself a whale, you are admitting that as an adult, you cannot resist predatory monetization schemes. I am sorry for people like this, but it is not something to brag about like you are a high roller. It simply means you have an addictive personality and cannot resist the temptation. Spending money is the game for WG titles, can’t you see that. Is that what originally made you love video games? Adults should not buy loot crates ever. Can’t believe I actually need to tell people this.

  17. I’m glad that former CCs can still generate revenue from the clicks, I’m Delighted by it in fact. I hope our CCs, browbeaten, ridiculed and abused by WG, can continue laughing all the way to the bank, long after the game implodes and a worthy, more scrupulous competitor to WOWS takes it’s place 😀

  18. 8 years is longer than some bad marriages, grey hairs are a given 😉. Nice to see you still dropping a house on this wicked witch!!! Look forward to the next one mate!

  19. It’s been around 2 years now since I’ve uninstalled all Wargaming software off my computer. Glad I did.

  20. Love the fact that if you complete the entire mission, and contact customer support, they will reluctant allow you to buy a single ship at the price of a standard full premium title game. For a single small ship addon….

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