Low Tier Squad Love – World of Warships – Bogatyr & Ishizuchi Gameplay

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Totally got back into World of Warships again and god did this game change since the last time I played this.. Bishop and Chip are my squad-buds and we rek stuff kinda hard 😀

~Thanks for watching!


  1. Sherman if the ships smo!e stack’s are on fire there engine is out

  2. i like it. videos are too long in my opinion

  3. how can i make this bullet cam ?

  4. favorite food?

  5. keep it up love to see more of it!

  6. Sven van den Hurk

    yeahh wows Keep this going please

  7. AP against a BB…

  8. Wow that was a pretty intense. Loved it I wouldn’t mind seeing more of

  9. Hey Sherman would love to see some more of this you play very well and I
    wish I could play half as good as you also liking the squad playing with
    you as well keep it up love your vids!

  10. my division mates have nicknamed those ships the “boggeyman” and the “super
    sushi” and this game is the best with friends

  11. I love it Sherman :)

  12. word for the wise, never sail broadside on to a battleship or cruiser, or
    else itl be a paddelin

  13. Play the Yamamoto with two cruisers with your friends

  14. Maak hier maar meer van je doet het goed
    XD ;)

  15. Men of war is like the best on you channel. this not so much sorry . my
    opinion ^^
    men of war fuck yeah love watching you play it ( please use more V-2:s)

  16. Would love to see more of this, especially the new German
    Schlachtschiff line thats coming out! :)

  17. Carl “AllOuT” Winchester

    Could you try out, realistic or simulator plane battles in war thunder?

  18. Thomasono Freemanooo

    I love wows and I would love you to do a battleship and tier v carriers

  19. ‫عاشق لبلادي 31‬‎

    more plzz

  20. 1:47 wait wait did they add background music?

  21. Sherm will you ever play World of Tanks?

  22. Great, now we’re taking the ploobies squadron to ships, eh?

  23. Wargame pls :))

  24. more WoW vids Sherm..with or w/o friends, they’re all good as far as I’m
    concerned man! keep it up!


  26. what’s up with the black screen about mid way

  27. More videos please ?

  28. You play this too

  29. I love WOW more vids plz!!!

  30. Keep the kraken leashed then… :P

  31. Mine,Mine,Mine lol awesome games :)

  32. More?

  33. I actually sub because of WoWS so I’m so happy when I see you uploaded
    another WoWS vid

  34. Sherm in Cruisers its mostly better to fire HE at a Battleship and other
    targets that are at an angle.

    Also aim at a ships superstructure particularly at Battleships for maximum
    AP damage but that is only mostly viable at a broadside Battleship. :)

  35. I personally like WoWS, better than War Thunder: Bathtub Tugboat Assault,
    at the least.But ultimately Sherman, while its nice that you care what us
    fans think, its up to you what content you provide. If you just play what
    we want, and what you may not like, content, both in quantity and quality
    will suffer. If you like playing WoWS’s, I, at the very least, will click
    to watch the vids.


  37. Wows hypeee

  38. Daniel The Scotsman

    One thing, WT SHIPS………………………….

  39. Stop showing your broadside to the enemy all the time. Use HE on BB’s (when
    in an cruiser) and u will come a long way ?

  40. I’m in the first match :P

  41. Do more pls so good

  42. If you upload it I’ll like it

  43. Kristaps Kārklis

    play hoi4 with latvia plz

  44. why aren’t you using HE shells against that BB?

  45. Will you do more WoWs?

  46. That looks like wot Blitz in terms of team size;)

  47. Make love, not ship.

  48. Please more of this!

  49. I really like WoWS and I also really like you ^^ Hope there will be more
    Videos of it, Love it

  50. i really like chip, you should play with him more

  51. If you actually flip the picture it looks like a butt.

  52. first

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