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  1. thats op right?

  2. OP:(

  3. Mariusz Konieczny

    I’m sorry but this shows how this game is broken. 3 ships wasted with just one wave. DD eaten by CV secondaries… Come on… I moved from Tanks to Ships because the first one was getting exactly same. Unbalanced, unfair and with lack of fun…

    • UPDATE:

      Here is an example of how to play a GZ using 1/2/1. A close loss still since his team potatoes but you can see the carrying power of this ship with over 6 kills keeping his team in the fight.

    • Darth_Blackcat i am pretty happy that I know about the 21 mm plates now. I wouldnt have figured that out on my own (only t6 DD with t8 MM having shattered 50 shells on a CV lol).

    • As another tip Flash123 jak if the CV is already on fire you can use AP on the broadside to melt the HP faster. This is very effective with German and Russian DD. Especially with Tier 9 and 10 CV as most have armored plating and decks. USN DD is far more difficult due to the slow arcs. Best with German and RU DD only.

    • The thing is that i am most likely to meet a GZ with my only t8 DD the Harekaze, and because i am too cheap to get IFHE (i would probably rather get AFT to buff up the 9.4km range) and i am using Akizuki guns i am almost firing AP exlusively anyways to deal any damage with the guns. The american guns are pretty good as well on Harekaze, but they just lack the DPM (which is the worst of all t8 DDs if you equip the american guns in case you didnt know) and i hate the japanese 5 inch guns because of the shitty turret traverse. What i am trying to say: i wouldnt get any fires if i was trying to kill a GZ

    • If going with Akizuki type guns you want IFHE as the HE alone with shatter on other DD but being 100mm caliber this is not exactly a gunboat against a GZ or any CV for that matter. IJN DD have excellent torpedos. Use them 😉

  4. Considering there is too many bb player im not sad to see a bb deterrence

    • Viktor me too seeing bb players crying over one Cv that has 1 year development period to balance it I just like the Cv has put more love again..
      And the Bb sniping meta and bb players too damn high should die already

  5. Bad vid. Starts off with GZ nuking AFK enemy carrier and then having free range the rest of the game… trash replay.

    • I’m with KimoFest in this. It’s Lex’s player’s fault for being AFK. But I didn’t deny that GZ is too OP for the game’s own good. One hit kills are ridiculous. As for replay, I didn’t watch it only for seeing someone’s skill (whether it exist or not) or something, it’s also to see how a ship performance is. If it’s too OP/garbage, you can always talk about it anytime. A gameplay of one hit kills, it’s no fun to you, but at least the vid still has purpose (to show that yet again someone in WG must’ve screwed up and someone else probably have report this to them)

      Though I like this guy’s savviness to kill enemy CV first to get virtually unopposed. Though the enemy AFK’ed

      Then again, WG currently didn’t seems to buff/nerf ship in balanced way now. Most of the buff/nerfs are either overbuffed or overnerfed

    • its to showcase the final state of this cv – dont hate the video 😉

    • I dont understand you guys. Every CV would have done the same without the enemy CV countering them. A shokaku would have done the same and a lexington would have done the same and a Enterprise would have done the same. I dont think that the GZ is OP, its just a strong ship as any other CV. And about those one hit kills: you can pull them off in pretty much any IJN carrier too. With US CVs its gonna be harder but you can still do it.

    • Flash123 jak Too OP and OP is different. Even some ships deemed to be OP have weaknesses (hello, Belfast and Kaga’s T6 planes). But then again, enemy CV’s dead, he’s savvy enough to snipe Lex out in the first second and there’s no AA ship. But maybe the bombers a bit too accurate… or it’s only me and the guy really is good at targeting. As for the damage… he did dogpiled all of his 3 bomber squadron simultaneously… (except Lex, I think it went down with 2 squad? But well, AFK). The secondary kill even kind of LOL’ed me up ?

      Yeah… CVs are quite hard to be balanced. If you’re bad CV player then the CV’s bad and your team’s doomed. If you’re good (and snipe opposing CV in the first seconds), well, the match is yours. What makes GZ is dangerous isn’t GZ itself, but if the player actually know what is he doing with that all-AP-no-torpedoes/HE bombers

    • Flash123 jack. Incorrect No good CV players go straight for a CV snipe unless we talking competitive (ranked battles) or to give an advantage for air control (Kaga vs Saipan) if an opening is available.

      The problem with CV sniping is three things.

      First, your tactically taking time to group your planes and move them to the CV target to take him out. After the attack, you need to recover the planes and rearm them. This takes over five minutes and in WoWs match time the map situation can develop and change very fast. A CV job is to put pressure on the enemy while being the eyes of his team. Your better off controlling the capture points to spot enemy DD to allow your team to kill them or get them to push away. The same for any DD coming to the flanks. What this does is most teams with no DD in front lack the courage to push resulting in a passive enemy team ideal for your team to wear them down over time. CV spot has the same stop power as a radar cruiser near capture points. Plus the reward earnings for spotting damage is large for a CV.

      Second, the biggest mistake players make on CV sniping is make sure you can finish the job. Many CV players go after the carrier with a loadout unable to truly snipe the CV. RNG was in this players favor as AP bombers can be a success or not. Torpedoes are the only weapon to get a for sure damage outcome. For this reason is why Kaga is known in the CV community as the true sniper. In her case it makes sense. Due to her weak tier 6 planes if you see a CV asleep behind the wheel, yes take her out. Other than that all over CV’s can control the air war. A CV player that always goes for a snipe is a player insecure on controlling the airspace.

      Third, rewards. You earn way more rewards other than the normal damage + kills by spot damage and killing the enemy planes. A CV that just farms damage and kills will not earn as much XP and credits as a player who also spots and kills planes. Example a Midway doing 150k+ damage with a few kills but has 100k+ spotting damage and 40+ planes will earn more XP and credits then a Midway with 300k damage with a few kills with less than 10k spotting and ten plane kills. Tier 8 and higher CV gameplay requires this to make the top three on the scoreboard and is a large reason damage farming CV’s in high tiers stay around the middle of the scoreboard.

  6. Insane AP bombs, has Hydro and OP secondaries. How do you counter this?

  7. gg no counterplay. Put this with a anchored div (MO and fletcher full AA builds) and you got a 90%+ WR farming div

  8. Benjamin Pollich

    Einfach lächerlich und macht das Spiel kaputt. Echt schade drum…

  9. Wow, to be the worst aircraft carrier of her tier to be the most OP … I hope to see an Enterprise vs Graf Zeppelin

    • I play Enterprise and regularly get grafs. Enterprise wipes the floor with every CV in the game, unless the other CV is really good at strafe

  10. Enterprise ap bomb is much less effective than this…..

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Yes but Enterprise has fuckton fighter reserves that can easily dictate enemy squadrons across the map.
      If anything 203 – is so easy to counter – even a 222 Shokaku can go toe to toe with it with its higher Fighter reserves – not to mention the 2 torpedoes bombers.

  11. No OP? Sure? Because 54k dmg in 8 bombs with just 10 planes? And a sonar with german secondaries?

  12. Einfach nur krank…..

  13. Ffs guys stop whining about GZ being OP! Every t8 CV could have done the same! I unserstand complaints about the secondaries, but as a DD just stay at 10km from it spam it with HE and you are fine. The AP bombs on the US CVs dont have as much penetration, but you can pull of the exact same on hit kill strikes with them. And a good IJN CV player will just kill all the GZ fee fighters that it has in reserve. This is a single replay and from a single replay you cant say that a ship is OP. There are many vids of ships dealing the same amount of damage, and are those OP? Not at all. We will have to see what happens over time and when the winrate of GZ should be much higher than the other t8 CVs, *then* you can say that its OP. But not agter a single replay.

  14. Imba camo.

  15. WG somehow managed to make a ship that is both wildly overpowered and grossly underpowered at the same time.  Against a competent enemy carrier, Graf’s fighters are weak and have low reserves. Plus with different matchmaking and dive bomb RNG, the Graf will feel quite helpless. …Then there are the occasional games with good matchmaking and RNG where the Graf will wipe the floor with the enemy team…

  16. Aleksis Daniels Ekks

    I think im gona give CVs a Try…
    Ex Dee

  17. Aleksis Daniels Ekks

    Even a dude in chat at 10:11 is like: Op 😀

  18. Mencius Madhyanagara

    The title should called Wunderwaffe

  19. when i see the tirpitz+bismarck in MM screen……i saw what’s coming (wasnt expecting AFK lex though)

  20. How boring with no sound.

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