Lunar New Year in World of Warships

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Get ready for a lot of activities during Lunar New Year!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Let’s celebrate Lunar New Year in the game with Update 0.8.0!
    Complete a chain of combat missions and earn holiday-themed containers, camouflage patterns, and the unique Commander Dà Róng as the final reward.
    New containers, new camos and many-many more!
    Be sure to try out all the new features!
    More information on our portal!

    • World of Warships Official Channel what is Lunar new year

    • +Michael Loge Here’s the info I got when I Googled Lunar New Year: Chinese New Year is a Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. The festival is usually referred to as the Spring Festival in modern China, and is one of several Lunar New Years in Asia.

    • Will this also come one world of warships blitz ?

    • No year of the pig flag then? 🙁 I ask because I have collected them all and was hopeful that in a couple of years I could get the rabbit flag…

    • Please Sell irian in the premi shop. I wanna buy her like another premi ships

  2. I look forward to it.

  3. That anshan/fushun skin looks gorgeous

  4. fachreza eka kurnia

    Irian camo is sick represent indonesia culture

  5. I want to buy the Irian without having to spend 27k doubloons on the arsenal, even if I get a load of stuff as bonuses which I don’t care about

    WG make it so us players can buy the ship in the premium shop without any sort of convoluted bundle which we don’t want to pay extra for

    • +Bull Reeves not really, you have to buy the previous 2 packages to get it since the ship’s in the 3rd pack. and each cost 8888. it has to be purchased in order, can’t choose the pack

      so there you go

    • Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

      +Bull Reeves if you read the thing it says you MUST purchase the previous package first… and the one before that… you have to HOPE to get lucky enough and even then it’s far too over priced! this game has turned into a shithole “pay to win” strategy… complete with shit community and player base… used to be better… till they went full scale “give us monies!”

    • Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

      Okay I didn’t notice that. Nvm that is ridiculous.

    • I agree, its not worth buying 27k in doubloons, heck you can buy the other three Pan Asian for 17,100 doubloons. At least that’s a guarantee! Plus its not like there is a special campaign for the Irian like there was for the Priz.

    • I decided to try the first deal on the Pan-Asian stuff for 15 containers, available in the Arsenal in a special new tab. Here is what I got for my 8888 Doubloons:

      – Huang He permanent camo with the same stats as the regular one
      – Loyang permant camo with the same stats as the regular one
      – 8 days premium
      – 3 Spring Sky camos
      – 12 Lunar Warrior camos
      – 12 Lunar Warrior camos
      – 750 Doubloons
      – 750 Doubloons
      – 12 Lunar Warrior camos
      – 6 Type 59 camos
      – Anshan permanent camo with same stats as the regular one
      – 20000 Free XP
      – Irian permanent camo, presumably with the same stats as the usual one
      – 12 Lunar Warrior camos
      – 3 Spring Sky camos

      Then I bought the next 9 crates and the final 3 crates for another 2x 8888 Doubloons, and only then started opening them (so I already got the Irian camo). Here is what I got in the next 9 crates:

      – (5000 Doubloons, presumably for the Irian camo I already won)
      – 3 Asian Lantern camos
      – Irian + 10pt commander, Irian -> 11500 Doubloons
      – 750 Doubloons
      – 6 Type 59 camos
      – 750 Doubloons
      – 6 Type 59 camos
      – 20000 Free XP
      – 3 Mosaic camos
      – 12 Lunar Warrior camos

      And in the final 3 crates:

      – 8 days premium
      – 3 Mosaic camos
      – 20000 Free XP

      So since I bought 3 x 8888 = 26664 Doubloons, and then bought all three sets, but got lucky and “won” the Irian and its camo, which I then got again in later sets, and got refunded 19500 Doubloons, I essentially got everything on this page for 7164 Doubloons, and the rest of the Doubloons are in my account. I still had to spend just under 100 Euro, but given that I buy Doubloons from time to time, I really just got the ship, captains, camos and free XP for about 30 Euro. Not a bad deal.

      Note that I may have been lucky, you may end up paying 100 Euro, not winning the camo and ship, and thus not getting any Doubloon refund, just the stuff you won from the crates.

  6. shadow DurchburchWagen2

    Errm….is there any chinese ships called Ning Hài and Ping Hài?

  7. Those garuda on irian’s camo look sick


  9. Ok , guys this is epic

  10. catering to the bigest market in world aka your komunist cosins ? 😀

  11. Game destroyed by CVs
    There’s no fun shooting at planes and they just mess up the game. CVs players go play airplane simulators you will have more fun

  12. Y porque no agregan esa actualización a la versión Blitz , please!!!

  13. i dont get it why you guys use grain roof for the chimney at irian but that garuda is too damn sick

  14. Too bad the mac users GOT OVER THIS UPDATE

  15. Can we get a special pagoda castle camo for japanese battleships? Kongo, Fuso, Nagato and Amagi would look awesome with something like that.

  16. LawrenceXVIII Kittens

    Lootbox is rigged and so does Cv.

  17. Hey, please sell irian in premi shop without bundle. That’s so expensive when i see in arsenal 27k dubloons total ?

  18. 新年快樂 ! 謝謝活動箱子讓我抽到IRIAN

  19. Whats the point of these events? WG ruined the game, not even worth playing anymore.

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