Lunar New Year: New Premium Ships | World of Warships

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Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


    • Baije and Siliwangi look to be decent boats, wukong however is just Charles martel without engine boost, so meh.

    • Nice work selling the same old shit under a different flag and a piggy skin. Run out of ways to milk cash from players?? You’re killing your own game.

    • Sod off with your fucking premiums please, I don’t want Puerto Rico flashbacks.

    • Guys, fix EU-Server pls..cause becomes unbearable, issues more and more often (btw affects my stats + i get disciplinary ) !

  1. Never listen to comunity…

  2. you might add historical ships to the game, WG. this time you didnt put a smile on my face

  3. Wukong finds a ship in France and Bajie ended up in Japan, and they asked the Russian magician named “WG” to re-skin the ship so they can sell the ship to their master Sanzang.

    • WG only needs Chinese money. So people of China are happy, and communists stay in power.

    • @Dysputant I doubt that Chinese gonna be happy about a re-skined Izumo which didn’t make a whole a lot of sense to even be a Chinese paper battleship… but well, since WG thinks Pay to Rico makes US customers happy, why not these ships?

  4. 0:18 “the jolly sorcerer swung his nine-tooth rake”…..and yet if you count the teeth there are TEN

  5. I feel bad for people who still give money to Wargaming lol.

  6. and you cant buy the boxes from armory your not getting anyhting from me greed gameing!

  7. just when the PR disaster wasn’t enough they had to go “hold my vodka”

  8. So made up stories are now sources of Wargaming’s ship inspiration now….

  9. And the rest of the human race said “this is bollocks, the Chinese always copy everything anyway..”

  10. And then WG appeared who said to Xuanzang ” We can give you a special edition rowboat to cross the river for 100,000 doubloons”

  11. French and Japanese made-up ships randomly copy pasted on the Pan-Asian Tech tree just to get that sweet sweet Chinese money…
    And they removed Sansonetti’s tracers because they were against the “style of the game”… OH THE HYPOCRISY

  12. can you just hire someone who speaks English

  13. Now this time WG going Knock Off ships from the chinese
    That is too low, even for you !!

  14. Oh this is PR disaster all over again.

  15. I like how the thumbnail shows wrong ,,ship faces” on Wukon and Bajie KEKW

  16. Oh look… WG recycling the same models and re-skining them under a different flag in order to sell the same shit twice. What a surprise.

  17. These comments are hilarious yet true.

  18. For the love of God people, stop spending real money on this game or WG are only going to kepp ignoring people and create more crap for this game without making it more enjoyable to play.

  19. Ah yes, PR is just the same as Eletronic Ar– I mean “Eating out of Asses.”

    Someone have to FILE a LAWSUIT. NOW.

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