Lyon – 198 k dmg – 9 Kills – 3k base || World of Warships

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  2. What Is music in outro

  3. awesome..

  4. what an ugly camo. Does it come from a Mod? Now the turrets look like a Chinese Moon cake.

  5. Jesus christ those XPs

  6. what a pleb…

  7. Every time it fires I just make a large farting noise… It’s so derpy

  8. He’s pretty lucky he wasn’t shot at much early

  9. “It’s Raining Shells
    Hallelujah, It’s Raining Shell, Amen”

  10. 😮😮😮😮

  11. Избиение младенцев.. )))
    Verprügelung säugling / Schlagen von kleinen kindern / (Übersetzungsoptionen, auf der einfachen phrase der kurve ..%№#….@&.. google translit)

  12. Yeeeeeah T33kaaaaaannnne <<<<3333

  13. French 16-bullet shotgun can shoot 18.6 km >.<

  14. The French voice is cool.

  15. vs Bayren
    Bayren shoots pipi 8 guns

    and Lyon shoots Rain of 16 white shells to him

  16. 78k CMD XP a boss

  17. The surprise when your CV knows how to strafe is real

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