Lyon Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gamplay replay in the Lyon, the tier 6 French Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on PS4 and XBox 1. 210k damage Kraken game in a Lyon.


  1. Monster game man, congrats!

  2. Awesome game and yes I love these French battleships ?

  3. Yep, solid ship!

  4. Amazing performance. What a game! Just got Jaujard, so I’ll have to rank him up and give Lyon a try. Never enough POs to go around.

  5. Well done, breaking record for tier6

  6. Just unlocked Don Emilio and I’m giving him the Dunkirque and the Richeliu meanwhile my level 12 Legendary 2 Bobby J. build is getting the rest.

  7. gg, that ship looks savage.
    Just started that line.

  8. Noice, you should send it to Spartan. He’s probably waiting for a 200k+ game and of course always that one guy to dislike.

  9. I found the shells seem to work better at range, plunging fire, then at close….. Generally speaking

    • At range sometimes it’s better to aim up a bit in the ship. Depends on the armor you’re shooting at

    • @Tbull I think my JoJo is lvl15, even with the buff to armour pen I find the 340mm abit lacking for anything with decent armour, rips through decks no problem.

      Good ship though, my most fun T6 BB for sure

  10. because i'm batman 5702

    I remember seeing a Jingles video with a 3 man division in this thing. The guys were all shooting at the same targets. Imagine seeing 48 shots a coming at your ship at once. Talk about brown alert.

  11. Yeah good point

  12. Are you gonna do a video of the charlemagne with the camo?

  13. Your gameplay is thrilling, enlightening and depressing all at the same time!! As much as I love your tutorials, I hope that I NEVER EVER run into you on the seas! Of course, a couple of those guys helped you out by taking no evasive maneuvers , but still! Your gunnery is out f#%king standing!!

  14. Very nice video be careful with that Pensacola though yesterday I used mine and killed Lyon fairly easily he was broadside to me though I did get four citadel’s out of his ship

  15. When luck meets skill. Well done.

  16. 8 cits in tier 6 BB tells a lot about the guns

  17. I thought the idea of WowS legends was ships that actually existed

  18. Any idea when the aircraft carriers are being released on console

  19. I didn’t really give the French BB’s must respect before you did the videos. I keep an eye on them a bit more now…….

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