MACHINE GUN AKIZUKI || 10 KILLS || World of Warships

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  1. That’s why i don’t play this game..Spamers,and guys who fire behind islands.

  2. In a normal match, you would have died at 7:20-7:30, but that Chapayev is very bad player and he died as a player with 10 battles. Even so, very good battle.

  3. play tier 8 against tier 6
    and think you are a good player …

  4. For The Greater Kill Team

    Lets just say the other team had the joint mental capacity of a sack of potatoes

  5. you heard of machine gun kelly, now get ready for …

  6. Great game… another game where a single player carries the team to a win while his team mates either die silly deaths or contribute little.. 🙂

  7. RIP reloaders, the magazine and that player’s mouse assuming he/she was spamming LMK

  8. 13:14 Hey~~~~ That’s pretty good!

  9. He farmed allmost 100k worth of dmg on just the amagi and kaga alone 😂

  10. I like how the Albermarle turns up at 12:48 to see if there is anything left to shoot at, finds that the Leander has been sunk, so turns about and saunters off. only to be deleated about half a minute later itself.

  11. The renaissance man

    Not normal to get an enemy team like this, like its not normal when sometimes you lose with a team of average/good players against a team of poor players.. RNG baby anything´s possible.. still Awesome GG

  12. Smol shoulders putting in that carry work.

  13. Bravo wg another machine gun into the game just so on I just wonder how you can do this in Belarus what you take for drugs in Belarus when you go to make ships you make machine guns you give them HE grenades and from battleships you make food then people who like to play battleships they can be sold because those fucking machine guns charge 2-10 seconds and battleships charge 25-30 seconds and every time you shoot from a machine gun it burns and you put repairs and a firefighter in one I don’t understand you have a brain at all or just pissed in your head so I’m not at all surprised that people are leaving and they don’t play the ships myself, I did it too, and I just shit on your fraudulent game

    • Nearly the same thoughts. Since there are more and more machineguns crusiers I was like f*** off. Now they beginn to give the DD’s the same machineguns. It’s ridiculous to play BB’s cause you have to hide behind island till late game to not get burned in 1minute… 3 fires start the firemans tool, after that 3 fires again. After they get out after 1min other 3 fires. And you can’t even spot them cause of smoke. It’s so bad I have no words…

    • Lol the akizuki line has been in for a long time now. Longer than the Smolensk and Colbert. This is normal akizuki play when you have top tier in NA atleast

    • @Abby Saito I just recogniced them severl month ago. Always thought: what the hell is fireing at me? There is no smolensk in the other team.

  14. Anyone knows when, and if, there will be a discount on sales for premium ships for doubloons?

  15. 4:58 the worst aiming in the history of this game!!!

  16. Um… Wtf is the tschapaew? Go to the beginning of the video during game load screen and look at the enemy ship lineup w 2 tschapaews on the enemy team??

  17. Arson at this level is probably a war crime.

  18. Just my mind or wg nerfed akizuki concleatment to 6.1km?

  19. I wish I have these kind of bot enemies everytime like the CV doesnt even care much about his existence.

  20. EpicMeme Productions

    Nice I just had a 239k damage 20 fires game in the Thunder lol

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