Making a Statement! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Yay love to see the Iowa

  2. Spartan in an Iowa is like bread and butter.

  3. Dang it spartan, I was that hipper! I could have done without that! You left me with 800hp..At least you didn’t kill me. My thinking was that I had a couple of other BBs on the other side of me, so I was trying to get away from them..then you caught me as I was turning away. GG though! XD

  4. Deep commentary going on here.

    I like that you’re being direct with the community, shows integrity, a quality very very valuable.

    Constructive criticism: Although this was fun to watch, please just say everything about your point before commentating on the battle. It nullifies the message your sending by adding pauses and background/extra info.

    Thanks Spartan!

  5. Yo spartan love your stuff and just got my Iowa and I love it.

  6. Well said Spartan! Your opinion is your own and personally i like your feedback…..keep up the good work!

  7. Spartan sticks to the Iowa like whit on rice??

  8. Absolutely great video and game!! I always look forward so much just to see one of your videos. You’ll make it far.

  9. Work is perfect….I go in at 7pm clock out at 11′ go home and watch Spartan…..I also completed the entire german tech tree… what lol

  10. Just played this map in my Tirpitz, we won but it was one of those strange games where you don’t feel like you’ve done much and end up top of the team……. How the hell?

  11. Hey Spartan, I got 6 kills in a konig lol. Omg I cant believe it…. final battle was me and a cruiser vs 2 cruisers and 2 battleships. My random buddy was perfect in everything he did… we even crisscrossed when the 2 cruisers were hiding behind a tall island…. killed both of them, then I ran from from the 1 battleship who gave chase, my buddy drew his fire away… I hit the breaks and hit him broadside twice…. then his buddy showed up and my cruiser bud drew his attention away from me allowing me to get behind him…. and boom…. he lost that game lolololol

  12. Love your work mate, integrity i think is the word you were searching for. Thanks for your honesty as always

  13. One thing I’ve learned from reading comments on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc… Is that there are a lot of complete morons who make comments and have no idea what they are talking about.

  14. When crossplay finally shows up we should team up Spartan. Iowa squad for the win! Also can’t wait for the Bismarck man. Just gotta get past gneisenau ? lol

  15. I love this game havent turned my pc on for months now its on x box

  16. Integrity and honesty are high value qualities that define you as a person. You’re authentic, Spartan!!

  17. you gonna do a Bismarck video too?
    Bismarck is my favourite warship ever and i’m curious about how HE plays
    i’m going for the Iowa right now
    but i want to know if it’s worth it to go for the German battleships to get the Bismarck
    i’ve seen your Tirpitz video and that’s Bismarck’s sister ship
    she wasn’t as good as you’d think if i remember correctly
    i hope they didn’t screw Bismarck up
    he’s awesome and i hope they do him good, by making him like he was in real life
    where the Brits needed to send nearly the entire home fleet after him to sink him after the first encounter with Bismarck where he sunk the HMS Hood in the battle of the Denmark strait
    kinda sucks that he was sunk on his first mission while Tirpitz was sunk in port by 5400kg bombs dropped by Avro Lancaster heavy bombers from and altitude of 12 kilometers
    it sucks that they didn’t see more action in ww2
    but it’s also good for us Europeans because the battles in the atlantic see would’ve gone a lot worse if he and she where around by the time
    Bismarck and Tirpitz would’ve caused absolute hell for the allied forces

  18. Keep up the great work spartan, i always watch ur video when i got killed in world of warship legends

  19. I respect you plus I enjoy when you are passing on the knowledge of the game.

  20. Ya know, that being said, Wargaming really should pay you. Rock on, man! Much love.

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