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Decided to improve my build for the Z-52 after hearing a lot of dislike in recent months for the ship. I improved the gun performance and didn’t really miss the slower torpedo reload. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X German Destroyer Z-52 Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. FIRST

  2. Re-poop-lique!?

  3. You should play the Z 39. It is much stronger with the BB AP shell nerf against DD armor.

  4. Hey Notsy can you give me tips for the Seattle?
    Really finding a hard time with it
    Say hi to the dogs

  5. I’m wondering about making a gun boat build and then using the legendary low profile torpedo tubes. I think you can get the best of torpedo and gunboat builds with a small penalty to concealment. You still have the high rate of fire on the guns and the roughly 60 second torp reload. I’d like to experiment, but haven’t quite got the legendary module yet.

  6. If you ever get a commander you need special skills like this.
    +5% dispersion for enemy shells when fired on your ship when tactically beached
    -20% time for engine to reach full power in reverse to get out of the beaching
    -2% to your detectability when beached

  7. But, but, torp reload… if my z52 isnt the torp bote and the shima isnt the torp bote then who the hell is the torp bote!!!

  8. switched my build to this, Have been playin Groz with leg mod, guns are fast, but it does not have the cap contesting potential of the 52, So consequently tend to leave the 52 in port. You give me hope, and the confidence to try this. Might switch out rpf for aft but would give up cap contesting stuff, without the heal of the groz. Also thinking superintendent instead of survivability , but feel your the expert =) My success rate in the 52 is abysmal, but have 55% win rate with the groz. Hopefully this turns things around, thanks Notser.

  9. Republique at 6:00 is running fire prevention and damage cons after 1 fire… whats the point of using fire prevention if youre going to DC 1 fire… SMH

    • If he was close to going undetected it would be a good time to do it.

    • also he was low hp, that fire wouldve dropped him to 5k, if he took another bb ap hit, he mighthave died. so risking it was asafe bet, on top of that, notser went out of his range, so he could not set a follow up fire.

      _Fire prevention is a skill to decrease the fire chance, if you do get set on fire that doesnt mean you should always let them burn

    • He knew he could get away with it. No sense letting it burn if you’re going to break contact and there’s plenty of time for the damage control to come off cooldown. That’s silly.

  10. Notser, when u were shooting at the Freddy u shouldve shot at the Kagero because your torps wouldve not been wasted and they would hit the Freddy. Just putting it out there but I derp more often. ie. drive by of Yamato in my Freddy but shoots at Buffalo trying to rush in and get to my broadside with me getting overpens on him instead if deleting Yamato (lol facepalm).

  11. Try the ap on daring with improved angles.. it always arms and pens on the dds
    It rekts German dds

  12. The question is, is this build valid in Clan Battles? The Gearing has still been strong this season and it’s detection(5.6 with Legendary) and 16.5 km torps keep the enemy honest.

    • biggest reason why gearing is top tier in clan is because its and all around good ship with great smoke. the smoke is what sets it up above everyone else

    • Z-52 is not a good pick in Clan Battles. Torpedoes are useless and hydro will not be useful in the face of radar.

    • Also a very high broadside makes it really easy to hit, and as you will be radared, you will be shot at.
      it’s eally stupid they didnt leave the AP pen on german dds the same way they didnt introduce it on harugumo and khaba, because that was one of its balans drawbacks in randoms.

  13. Well played notser, but you also got very lucky in that the enemy team was completely incompetent, and you never ran into any enemy radar (which completely ruins the Z52’s day, due to it being a massive target and not very maneuverable).

  14. I am confused.. Isnt the stock reload time 4.0 sec ? 😀

  15. That was a real cool game Notser! You showed what the AP could do but you didn’t ignore your torps either. You hit 6 out of 36 but those hits came at important times and you really steered the outcome. Thanks for a very entertaining upload!

  16. Pewterschmidt23 Lord

    I only have the 2 tier6 german dds at the moment but im really enjoying them and i look forward to going up the tech tree with them

  17. Yeah… but try this with radar ships everywhere like Asia server. Negates the hydro range when they just pop radar on you and you get focused regardless.

  18. 3:15 why didn’t you shoot the kagero?

  19. usually your build is a tier 10 bla bla….are you only playing tier 8-10 now, are there no other ships….if you try to speak for or to the community, speak to all of us, not to just 10% of players

  20. what is the upgrade in slot 2?

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