Man I can Be So Dumb Sometimes… (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. @jaimenshepherd5249

    Love your stuff Spartan!

  2. @RacimDjellouli-vb6xm

    I love the schlieffen

  3. I love how the destroyer hanged on until you finished your turn

  4. Agree on the fun factor with secondary BB’s

  5. Love the opening man😂, hope you doing great

  6. Im not the biggest fan of secondary battleships/builds but they can definitely be a force to be reckoned with in a prolonged fight

  7. Spartans bias for Schliffen not surprised anymore ever since they came out but I digress at least he’s toned down on Kansas

  8. How would you name the guns on worcester 😂. Little turd burglars, or little rascals 💀. Classic Spartan shenanigans, thanks for the upload❤

  9. Idk why but that beginning was hilarious

  10. I already spent the 30 million credits to get the Schlieffen bureau, can’t wait to complete it.

  11. I always say it out loud “hello everybody, welcome back to world of warships legends, my name is SpartanElite43 anddddd tonight we are…”

  12. Awesome. Love the secondary builds. My Atlantico shreds em!

  13. I’m supposed to get the Schleiffen either tonight or tomorrow. I already have hide, haruna, and hipper maxed out thanks to the pommer.

  14. Honour and Glory for the front turrets reminds me of smth, any meaning behind the names or am I going crazy 😭

  15. @CRAZYHORSE19682003

    Instead of saying man I can be so dumb, just say man I pulled an Old Guy.

  16. How come the secoundries don’t seem to be firing a lot is that the nerf?

  17. Speaking of Kleber, good we get a Video on her with a Guide on how? just got her few days ago and not entirely sure how to use her

  18. Very good showcase spartan i like this ships alot very fun to play great video again 😎

  19. I love ur videos

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