Manly tears || 276K dmg Bismarck || World of Warships

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Player: Migulaitor
Map: Loop

276k , 5 kills, 7 achievements, best xp on game, not enough to carry.

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  1. Finishing a round with a loss and STILL being top in XP earned is very frustrating

  2. all hail fail safe Op secondaries ….

  3. Wow. 276k dmg plus 5 kills and his team still lost. Love the NC who stayed out of the fight until the very end, when he thought the best move was to go broadside to the GN. Amazing.

  4. Kinda sums up the player base. shitters scared to take hits all game, then they rush in at the end to take on a bunch solo.


  6. still gg – like the technique of alternating main guns keeps the heat on em

  7. wow a base of 2159……FOR A LOSS!!! Carry hard my wayward son!

  8. stock bismarck is horrible

  9. what a shitter team you had

  10. fuck that amagi on your team he was a little bitch, the NC was too. If you even had average bb players on your team yyou would have won. Fucking hate when peopel play like balless male bitch cowards

  11. My favorite ship in this match North Carolina, he deserves an applause, he managed to survive almost all the match ??????

  12. That NA sums up European government if we’re talking about refugee crisis 😉

  13. whats the name of the song at the beginning?0:38

  14. I think that north cal has been every player on all of my teams this week.

    matchmaking has matched me with nothing but scrubs like this all week.

  15. Андрей Семилетов

    круть.прёт тебе не по детски.геометрию наверно в школе хорошо учил,а ваааще круто что в этой игре ожили такие легенды флота.благодарю отличный бой,есть на кого ровнятся.

  16. how is he skillt

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