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Sleeping Giant is a map for -tier level ! What tactics would be best to use in battle?

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    This is just one of many tactics you could use on Sleeping Giant!
    Any tactics for you to share with us?:)

  2. Faydalı..

  3. Francisco DeTonne

    > remove DD arena from Trap
    > add another DD arena into another map

  4. Did I get it right? Battleships shall flank from 1 and 10 lines?

  5. Sadly Not all player want/can to teamplay so tatctics like that are kind of useless (in this situation)

  6. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    ….WG is doing tactics vids….. for a game that every other vid they have done pretty well proves that they barely play themselves….. *facepalm*

  7. Hate this stupid map!

  8. i dislike this map

  9. If i spawn in the south, our BBs somehow all end up behind the island at H8.

  10. Actual tactic used is staying at A- and J-line for maximum camping potential

  11. I hate maps that promote camping.

  12. Mastodon anyone?

  13. Don’t go A. end.

  14. All these advices should begin with “If you have an actual team that follows a plan you can ….”!

  15. Its an awful map, particularly the artificial looking west ring island with zone A. If I would be asked which map in WoWs I hate most its this one. It promotes camping like no other

    • Yes ive had a Z52 locking the A arena down with his hydro and just sitting there torping the left and right entrance for 15 minutes. Worst part is that it actually was succesful because enough idiots tried to push him out without radar.

  16. CaptianCosmic13

    This is incredibly useful. Thanks for the tips

  17. SERGEI!!!!!!

  18. i love this map if im in American cruisers
    u know what i mean ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

  19. Is it just me or is he doing the iPhone X hair

  20. Hello Valeriya !

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