March 2021 Patch Notes First look! (World of Warships Legends)

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Taking a look at the 2021 March patch notes


  1. Lol when I saw the bereau ships. I thought of you .

  2. Was gonna do a premiere but nah. Are you guys excited for the next update?

  3. A smaller but still decent update, the thing I’m probably most excited about is the Orkan.

  4. Thanx I needed to know 👍

  5. Redstone Builder

    I’m not too worried about the campaign ship. i’m personally going to be holding out for next update. However, the new Ranked and the more mixed maps should make games more fun.

  6. You missed a beat something “SPATIAL”

  7. Steel is such a waste of time.

  8. I hope when u do a giveway i win it 😅

  9. WrappingCave740 yeet

    I am defo going to be going for the Albermale! 🙂

  10. No witchita for gxp :/

  11. Pioter Minecraft

    @pgrapidz i love your vids

  12. Buffed Bismarck montage incoming 😀

  13. Hola, sabes dónde puedo entrar está información en español?

  14. This was a very informative video. Thanks!

  15. 0/10 Update, they did not add the Swearing option back

  16. My boy Bismarck is getting even better. Hell yeah!

  17. Ticket-lucky 153

    The only I’m concerned about is the beauer I need to get the California from red white and blue such I live in California

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