Marco Polo / “The Ship of Marvels”

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It turns out, when you can actually hit stuff, Italian battleships aren’t half bad.


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  1. Wait Jedi, I thought you were a super amazing WoWs player and humble about it. How can you lose?……….

    • It was his teams fault – an amazing player as Jedi would _never_ lose but for his team. He’s just too humble to say it… 🙂

  2. All the Italian line needed really were good secondaries that would allow them to brawl in a range where the guns hit more reliably. A bit unrelated but what I don’t get is why WG make the “special” or premium ships so different from the tech line they are supposed to represent. The Marco Polo have completely different guns, no smoke and poor torpedo protection compared to the line. The same goes for the new German DD line. The ZF6 has got great concealment and plays like a “normal” hybrid DD while the tech line have very poor concealment for DD’s and play like light cruisers. I just don’t get it, why wouldn’t they release a premium that matches the line and where you can use the captain skills correctly. No way you spec the captain the same for the ZF6 compared to the Schultz for example.

    • So you will need a new captain,
      and spend money
      why else lol

    • @Skull Helmet Mmmm I dunno mate, it seems a bit farfetched even for them. It removes a big selling point for the ships if you can’t use them to train up your caps I’d think.

  3. Marco…

  4. I never saw something like that in WOWS
    Cool capture Jedi

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