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I heard only bad crap about this ship and only good stuff about Tier 10.

I don’t know what everyone is smoking but this ship is good and fun, and that other one is MEH AF unless you’re getting really good RNG. Maybe I’m just getting a really bad one. But this ship works and the other one doesn’t for me.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Let’s see some more of this please.

  2. When I play it…the AP is hilariously disappointing, every time I’m like, broadside cruiser give it a go…. nope…. not sure how flambass got it to work. literally it’s a pure HE spammer. Anyway I’m sanctioning WeeGee now…

  3. The whole of WG “This ship sucks”

    Flambino ‘This ship is amazing”

    Can’t say based on this video it sucks, especially if you are used to German BB dispersion.

    • I like my Marlborough, dunno about the majority of players and why they’re complaining..

    • It’s like that for most of his recent opinions on ships though. He’s on a fully opposite stance as every other creator. It was like that for Austin as well, for example.

  4. After having played through German BB twice…the guns feel great. Apart from the Atlanta shell velocity.

  5. no, marlboro is not even close to be good, you just had a perfect game for that ship, 3 bbs pushing, enemy torp dds far away, your team was in front of you tanking damage while you could farm and eventually make some flanking against stupid cruisers pushing center cap
    great gameplay design for a shitty ship paid with real money

  6. Uses dispersion to turn the ship into a giant shotgun.

  7. IF RNG favours you – the ship is amazing … IF you get focused and/or not favoured by RNG = you are screwed … base accuracy is actually horrible – I recall missing with full salvos on partially broadside cruisers in 8-10 km range … REPEATEDLY (ShotgunShit)!

  8. I fell in love with this ship the instant I did 50,000 damage to a broadside Petro. Also manage to one bomb a full health Marlborough a point blank range, although He did also take me out at the same time.

  9. Vs T6 – T7 – T8 s all T9 ships are pretty good.

  10. You got AMAZING fire RNG in this game – I took it out for a spin after watching this and got literally half the fires…. but I also got 169k and a Confederate in a Tier 10 CV game! (And I took over 2m potential) So I think it deserves better than the reputation that it’s garnered so far.

  11. even if you have a ship that has 50-75% fire chance, RNG will screw you over in this game.

  12. Reminds me when the Conquerer first came out with it’s, like 50% fire chance and people would sit at max range and just burn everything down.

  13. I do great in the Marlborough as well because the enemy thinks the ship is so shit it’s not worth shooting at lol.

  14. This ship is great. I have average 120k in it.

  15. I hate to play against Marlborough as a DD.. you cant dodge something that is all over the place

  16. Finally someone agree its a good ship

  17. I really enjoy marl, the DPM is amazing and the dispersion does work, it just shotguns a lot but when you are tossing out 16 shells you get at least a few hits per salvo

  18. Got the ship over 2 months ago it’s surprisingly good unless you’re focus fired , don’t show broad side ever , like you say poor gun angles, but surprisingly good against DD and cruiser close quarters.

  19. When you get a new ship,its like WG and RNG. Gives you a Turbo in xp and damage. But it doesnt last.its bullshit.

  20. You got a lot to like with a Marlborough: filter, flavor, flip-top box. (If that completely baffles you, you are permanently banned from the WoWS Old Fahrt Squadron)

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