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This is BY FAR the best/top damage game on EU server and 2nd best in the world in Marseille atm. I only had about 15-20 games in this ship when this happened, so I’m not being shown as top EU score so far, you need something like 80 games in the ship to be shown, sooooo I’m slowly playing as many as I can xD

You can check the stats of the ship here and compare it to my score in this match:,Marseille/?order=max_damage_dealt__desc#leaderboard

It was an okey match until it turned into a record breaking match where something kinda crazy happens and on top of all of that a real struggle to win till the very last second.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Congrats Flambass! A job well done!

  2. there’s been a running theme with this ship in Flamby’s hands. He seems to find some of the dumbest places to put the thing and SOMEHOW the ship gets him out of it 😂

  3. So… After watching the first third of the battle, I’m getting more and more confused and curious however the hell does this hot mess of a beginning turn into the title of this video. x)

  4. Few minutes ago Marseilles got me to gold League. This ship got me a lot of consistent wins and got me farther in rank than any other ship.

  5. Well done! That was a nail biter in the end! Way to take out those BS

  6. Damn 5 uploads in one week Flambass is really back – great to see.

  7. 3:45 Overpen, pen, non-pen, torpedo protection and ricochet… I’m gonna say that’s a Yahtzee!

  8. Never understood why Shima players are scared of using guns even tho you can do a lot of dmg with HE on DDs. I mean, I know trying to kill a full hp DD with guns is suicidal but those 2 were literally 1 or 2 volleys each.

  9. As the old man of the sea would say, this was a classic case of “someone-else’s-problem-syndrome”. You just became some else’s problem and therefore invisible to the eyes of the enemy. But in all seriousness, beautiful play you made there and truly ridiculous to watch 😀

  10. First 5 minutes didn’t look like the “world damage record” game, at all. It looked rather like “how to die quickly” tutorial… But the endgame was instead instruction about “how to quickly throw multiple overmatching battleships into one surrounded dying cruiser”

  11. I very love to see Yama players on EU server, they’re very brave to go front not like Yama on my server always do, they never move from their Spawn position 😂🤣😭

  12. very enjoyable to watch. missed the live stream. You and Mr.G make me laugh every time I watch you

  13. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    When you got to 1/3 HP with 40K damage done i doubted the title a little bit

  14. In that fight against the three Battleships, you activated the rare “Someone Else’s Problem” consumable that Jingles was talking about in his video the other day. Both of the last two BBs had their guns pointing the other way when you that a gun that isn’t sunk can still fire.

    • I find a lot of bbs like jingles said don’t want to “waste” a salvo.

      In other cases sometimes people think its kill stealing which is why if I leave a ship on super low hp after a hit I’ll start spamming F3 on it until its dead.

  15. outstanding game, well done

  16. The M.K. Young Show

    Saw this live… I was truly impressed.

  17. Another thing for shimas is if you have more than 1 set of torps, don’t drop them all on the same line against a DD. Spread them out more since they’re going to maneuver.

  18. I really hope Flambass gives Mr. G the credit for doing all the heavy lifting by lulling the enemy into a false sense of security XD

  19. Darkness Nighthingale

    Shima with 6 HE pens normally do about 4.5k. Though they don’t shoot too fast. They can do massive amounts of damage to lightly armoured ships not paying attention. Or low health DD’s that will die if looked at.

  20. GG! I’m suprised at how well the Mar’s armor held up.

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