Massachusetts- 1 VS 6 – Solo warrior – Kraken – 6 kills || World of Warships

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  1. people think they have a right not to sink when they have the numerical advantage. stoopid.

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    (5:30) Save your life. Get a few seconds more of it 😀

  3. That was impressive! 6v1 and a win, crazy.

  4. Why no Endscreen?? Always the same…best Replay and then this Shit on the End 🙁

  5. really love this ship so fun

  6. Can’t believe she survived and won… GG Massachusetts, very good work
    And what did the myoko thinking ? Showing her broadside and stopping in the middle of the map with no cover is suicide. The cits she took was all she deserved.

  7. this really shouldnt have been possible. cudos to the captain. 2 dd’s a cv, 2 bbs, and a cruiser should have had no problem putting him down. increadible.

    • He did play it very well using the island as cover.

    • +wscott ramsey oh no doubt, but he really shouldn’t have had a chance. The dds and CV alone should have been more then enough to take a lone bb.

      I found particular joy in both dds leyroy jenkinsing him ?

  8. The Ugly Barnacle

    Top tier Massachusetts might as well be a cheat code in itself considering it’s a NC on steroids – trades gun accuracy for better armor and dual Atlantas strapped to the sides. This ship is borderline unstoppable in such a situation.

  9. 12:46 Is it ballet? I can imagine after that they must be busy in typing XD

  10. One of fav ships in my fleet! Great Vid Love the Big Massachusetts and those secondaries!! DDs hate this ship and we can all see why LOL !

  11. @Panzerknacker can you add the screens results please ?

  12. Alexander Ducaneaux

    Big Mannie rules the seven seas. Its an upgraded American Bismarck 🙂 🙂

  13. My Tirpitz looks sad at her own secondaries. 😀

  14. Akatsuki The Mastermind perffectly throwing the game. Having a paper DD with 7k HP and yoloing a Massa? Knowing that he can’t die because their only chance is to kill the Massa and NOT DIE? Simple coordinating torpedoes with the CV would easily do the trick. Anyhow, maybe they just didn’t deserve a victory, for that C3 idiotic CV rush and ignoring objectives.

  15. Was this played on a weekend? Some… interesting tactical choices by the enemy.

  16. Damn good playing. Always angling – which against that many enemies is no easy task.

  17. wow fantastic game man ;-))

  18. Note to self I’m naming that boat the kraken!

  19. I’m impressed how bad random players can be nowadays (especially these CAs and DDs makes me cringe so hard) but still Massachusetts took full advantage of their stupidity. She deserves the win 100%.

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