Massachusetts 230k damage (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. I use Willis Lee and go secondary build

  2. What ship do you want me to get 200k damage in next?

    Other than mikasa… 😛

  3. You are supertester? I want be supertester too lol

  4. Großer Kürfürst is Strong get 350k Damadge

  5. Well. Why would anyone think sniper build wouldnt work on this? Its a great sniper.

  6. Human aimbot with no recoil gang

    Secondary’s: am I a joke to you?

  7. One thing to mention is Massachusetts’ sigma is 1.7 unlike Alabama’s 1.9 sigma. It’s a bit noticable especially at longer ranges. Anyways gg!!

  8. Full Potato Jacket

    Wow. She is a monster, cant wait to complete this campaign.

  9. 7 ships and 230k that’s a big game xD

    Little question how can we know the damage record for ships ?

  10. Secondary’s go brrrr

  11. Is it worth better than the iowa?

  12. Loving the Ori soundtrack here haha

  13. Awesome strategies, i played this game since the beta and i rarely see this type of gameplay, even with older players.

  14. I noticed you called it the Grober Kurfürst, which would make sense, but the ß is german for ss so the english translation would be Grosser Kurfürst:)
    it actually translates to Great Elector, named after Fredrick William. But anyways, awesome video, i love your channel and i can’t wait to see what will be next

  15. Dear pg i love all your videos , it would be far better if you post audio based clip instead of all the text you preview . As it gets difficult to watch the video and read at the same time . Regards
    Keep rocking

  16. Massachusetts with brawler build isn’t bad, for push with her 10.4 km secondaries, every ship run away if they know the dead coming

  17. Hyprid main battery/secondary build would be good. Sims captain with hipper + ( main battery buff commander). Avoid taking Flammable Cannonier perk. More aggresive play style and still have some good range.

  18. How do I lock my guns? I can’t figure that out🙄😁

  19. It’s weird.. I see the closed captioning, but I can’t figure out how to turn on the commentary?! 😉

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