Massachusetts BLACK Skies – Black Mass || World of Warships

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  1. Nice work

  2. that enemy midway… losing so many planes and failing to delete t8 BB….

  3. Massachusetts or Tripitz? 🙂 what’s better for you 🙂

  4. GG but quite boring :/

  5. CV had a hard on for him. But I just bought the MA B. It just looks awesome.
    Fun to play too with my Worcester captain.

  6. Should I play this ship with secondary build?

    • this is a ship made for secondary and close quart combat in mind, why wouldnt you make it a full secondary build?

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +Liger-Zero Because full secondary builds suck?

    • No manual sec for me. To hard to target when you are in close qtrs combat.

      I went with:

      PM, AR, SUP, BFT, DE, BoS, AFT.

      I run the fire prev/starter, speed and secondary flags.

      Concealment, Secondary and Damage con upgrades.

      Just fire AP, don’t worry about switching. HE Secondaries do their thing.

      I tried a Man Sec build but i found that often you are shooting at multiple targets since you want to get close and i don’t have time to drive, select and dodge on a laptop.

      I think this build gives you excellent fire starter, range and damage output while at the same time giving you extra fire prevent and repair.

  7. More pay to win!

  8. Need HMS Hood videos

  9. That ship seems interesting.. :3

  10. Can we talk about the awesome play by the DD at 6:30?

  11. Nick-Alexander Wüllner

    Can you Put Music in The Background?

  12. That was a great play!

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