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Really fun battle in the Massachusetts where we ran into a large group of enemies. Really great battle with some close calls, hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII American Battleship Massachusetts Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    Hey Noster!!! I do have the Massa and the Massa B and it looks like they both dont have same secondary range, with same Captain. Is there a ninja nerf on the Massa B ? Thanks for your help and thanks for your great vids!!!

  2. Kinda dissappointed ’cause this isn’t a full secondary build. no manual secondary, no bft. if you had those you would for example have the edinburgh gone for good in roughly 20sec on that kinda range, expecially since he was stationary :/

    • True that. That’s what I rock on mine. PM, PT, AR, BFT, AFT, IFHE, Manual Secondaries and I’ve melted cruisers within a minute. Had 1 game where I did 24k dmg to a Cleveland in 1.5 minutes or so.

  3. Early again. 3 in a row

  4. Love the massa, hate the current tier 8 matchmaker on EU, played over 30 games in the massa and had one game as top tier, most all games are tier x with a few tier IX thrown in….

    • Thing is as well, on NA the gameplay is more open and dare I say fun to play (in general).

    • Playing as German BB is so NOT fun, because the accuracy ist just giving you a headache, in German bbs you don’t get rewarded if you’re good…. It’s all about rng and luck…

  5. This ship just doesn’t fit in the US line. It is the only US ship with good secondaries so it is hard to train your commanders from other ships because you lose so much potential with no manual secondary skill mounted.

  6. I set mine up for secondaries!!! This ship is a blast to play.Definitely one of my favorites!!!

  7. I love this ship so much that I got the regular version and the black version. Had an amazing time when I visited the actual ship last summer.

    • I’ve been loving the Massachusetts too and I’ve also been to the real ship. Now I wanna go back when I visit home for Christmas 🙂

  8. I have that ship and it honestly it has to be my favorite in the game right now.

  9. Favorite ship in the game that I have, I run manual secondaries though. Anyway yesterday same map I was in the mass got hit from 6 torpedos as the unfortunate victim to a Kaga cross drop, all in the torpedo bulges so It barely took a third of my health

    • I was targeted by a Taiho the other day. Dedicated 3 waves to me because I was by myself. Enemy team kept trying to get me to. I was holding their push. Eventually, their push collapsed and I was even able to turn around and push them. I gobbled up so many planes. Helps that I use catapult fighter. Survived/won that game. Massachusetts is a blast.

    • +Landon Soroka Yup, I know! I still use catapult fighter. Doesn’t it have a longer action time than spotter? And it still spots ships/torps just fine.

  10. Brawling is pure joy

  11. I grew up in Massachusetts and I love playing this ship with the secondary build. It’s good to be a Masshole 😀

  12. I have the Mass (and Mass B thanks to a Black Friday container) with a 19pt Capt (specialized for Mass. only) and a full secondary build – it is a blast to play and is one of my favourite ships currently. It is so anti current meta BB, a US brawler that loves to brawl! Those secondaries are unreal when fully optimized and just melts ships like the Atlanta or British light cruisers. Yup fun ship to play!

  13. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    IFHE isn’t necessary on the Massachusetts. You’re actually better off investing into Manual Secondaries, yes, even on the Massachusetts. You’ll land significantly more rounds overall and do a lot more damage. Without IFHE, the Massachusetts can penetrate the superstructures of enemy battleships; that’s the #1 most important part. In fact, it’s just a nerf of your secondary performance against T8+ battleships, so it comes with a huge trade-off. I know it sounds crazy, but I play it without IFHE. And, I do just as much damage, and I can reinvest those points elsewhere.

    • I respectfully disagree IF HE works quite well for me!

    • The training room tests I did show otherwise but YMMV.

    • I’ve found that IFHE has been very useful against T8+ CLs and DDs when I’m brawling in the Mass. Even against T8+ CAs I believe that IFHE is still very useful but I understand your reasoning of not choosing IFHE if you find yourself brawling a lot with T8+ BBs. I just wish I had the still to use MS

    • Nathaniel Hawthorne

      +Eldinox With Bismarck, IFHE all the way. Its 105mm guns can’t penetrate the superstructures of battleships without it.

    • Nathaniel Hawthorne

      +Jim Byrnes I know its counter-intuitive to what everyone says. I even started off playing my Massachusetts with IFHE. It wasn’t until I respec’d and decided not to take it did I realize that it wasn’t helping me as much as I thought. Most of your secondary damage is going to come up against battleships, not cruisers or destroyers. Cruisers are proportionally more vulnerable to your main battery than your secondaries, and IFHE only benefits your secondary shells vs the Gearing. Otherwise, destroyers are all covered in 19mm armor (except Khab), which you can penetrate just fine without IFHE. That leaves 1 type of ship that IFHE realistically benefits you in normal scenarios, and that’s T6/7 battleships. Against T8+ battleships, IFHE doesn’t help the Massachusetts at all. I wouldn’t be saying this if I didn’t test it myself, and even without IFHE I’m doing crazy secondary damage (my highest game is over 100k without IFHE).

  14. Massachusetts is really fun against any tier. Aside from Stalingrad and Scharnhorst, she’s among the ships you remember in the game. Also, her accuracy honestly isn’t the nightmare you’d think a brawling BB would have.

    • Kaga I love the MA. The gun accuracy is pretty bad though lol. I’ve straddled cruisers at 4 km.

    • Her mains batteries are hit and miss, literally and figuratively lol. 1 game I somehow managed to get 3 citadels on a Fuso at almost max range with 3 separate volleys. My first shot I didn’t even bother to look at the shells and kept sailing, then got the citadel ribbon and was blown away, let alone another 2 cits.

      On the flip side, I didnt get any cits on a broadside Salem at 6km, and honestly I wasnt even mad lol.

  15. I really dislike the Massachusetts. It is too dependent on being aggressive and close up to the enemy. Considering tier 8 mm, in a tier 10 game, this tactic is borderline suicide. Neither an improved Repair Party nor Fire Prevention skills will help you at this tier if you get concentrated. The secondaries imo actually aren’t that useful at all, their damage is far too gradual and is better for finishing off low health enemies while you focus on other ones.

    • In the first few minutes of the game, or whenever necessary, play it like a standard battleship. When you get in position, you’re close enough to objectives to support (and use secondaries), but not exposed enough to be focused. Are you using enough island cover?

    • They trick is to get close to islands so you’re not focused and also wait things out for a minute or so in the beginning. Its tough on some maps and easy in others. I’ve melted T10s in my Mass easily because I get dug in while they try to push and they get stopped cold. Melted a Repub in just 2 mins doing main batt (28k) and secondary dmg (33k) then a enemy MO tried to help him but I got him for 35k using main batteries ( 2 or 3 cits).

      Theres also other times I’ve gotten straight up melted too so it’s really situational…. all in all I’m at a 57% win rate so far.

    • It is not meant to be a well-rounded BB, it is meant to be a fun secondary US BB….and as such, it is almost OP and great fun!

    • It works for me at medium range. Not quite as accurate as the Bama, but it can still do consistent big damage with its main guns (unlike, say Bismarck).

  16. Interesting thoughts. Where can I find that review?

  17. But Notser, we cannot slot the IFHE on the massachussets…

  18. My go to BB so much better than Alabama! Only Tirpitz is as much fun as a T8!

  19. No dedicated captain, so I have my Cleveland capt in it for whenever.

  20. The main guns on the Mass are bigger, do more damage and are more accurate (in my experience) than the Bismarck ships. It makes sense that a one on one would favor the Mass (except in Torp range of the Tirpitz)

    This is my opinion based on my experience so far.

  21. So it’s just a South Dakota with good secondaries? I have Alabama but not sure if I want Massachusetts

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