Massachusetts-SHOTGUN || World of Warships

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  1. That Neptune…stationary, in open, broadside on, no smoke. In front of BB. Facepalm.

    And yet people comment on lack of basic skills at mid tiers. Good God.

  2. SÅDAN!!! GREAT !!!

  3. The title should be: Massachusetts-that’s a paddlin’!

  4. Can a ship fire its secondaries on both sides simoultaneously

  5. godd!?

  6. Patrick M. Blanchard

    11:00 that dispersion gave me a boner

  7. God I love this BB. ??❤️

  8. I love my Mamie!!!

  9. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    I love this ship! Easily my favorite. It’s very accurate for a brawling ship. Secondaries are ferocious and accurate. Armor is superb.

  10. Hey, I think I will shut down my engines broadside to a BB played by a unicom and trade salvos. That is a gr8 idea…..?

  11. That’s how to play BBS.

  12. Hahahahha this shotgun has less dispersion than the Roma

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