MASSIVE FIRE POWER – YAMATO GAMEPLAY ( World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay)

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MASSIVE FIRE POWER – YAMATO GAMEPLAY ( World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay)


  1. Tier 10 USA plz. Which, I don’t care. Either that or the Iowa or Atlanta.
    Speaking of which, y did u constantly say “oh my lanta”? Lol


  3. Sup Phly, Use da Kongo, be very honorable to your family. also teach me, Oh
    wise one!

  4. why do you guys keep insisting on calling it the yaa-mii-toe, when it is
    pronounced, yoo-ma-too

  5. goed gedaan ben fan van je maak is een keer een Nederlandse video

  6. Oh, man! Ilike your videos Phly but I just dont know… Your gameplay is
    very bad! And that irritates the hell out of me! But I love your comentary
    and humor :D

  7. sail the myoko!op and torpedoes

  8. Dude play the ZAO please, it’s a sexy ass ship! please For Matt Damon sake!

  9. Phly, just a thought, maybe when you get bigger as a YouTuber, like 500k +
    subs, you make a second channel for World of War Ships called “SailyDaily”

  10. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    I don’t like wows it just looks so plain. warthunder could make a better

  11. there’s horns in wows now?

  12. I just love that intro

  13. Hey Phly, i would like to see T9 us cruiser Baltimore gamaplay if possible

  14. Johnny Cash <3

  15. Hey the Phly, always a pleasure to see your vids. say why dont you just
    Team up with your Buddies Baron and Slickbee. and go Tirpitz and Hipper.
    always enjoy you 3 guys, really makes my day/weekend.

  16. You were thinking of war of the worlds. I think thats what its called.

  17. Any news on the KMS Grossdeutschland ?

  18. play the new york pls phly pls pls i love your vids i have whatched all of
    them pls new york phly

  19. Des Moines please!

  20. Think about how easy this fight would be with a modern American navy
    destroyer with a railgun. That one ship would kill all of these.

  21. +PhlyDaily “The Royal Combo” the Canberra B mk6 and the Conqueror mk2. For
    king and country!!!!!!!!!

  22. the new york battelship please

  23. Battleships may have that huge damage potential and very heavy hit point
    pool/armor… But I absolutely love Cruisers because zipping about, and
    shelling the hell out of people with a billion rounds a minute is just

    And also the rage comments about HE spam and fires.

  24. 14:16 Phly needs clean underwear :D

  25. That intro is awesome!!!

  26. you meant war of the worlds 2005

  27. i really hope the germans are given the H44 as their tier X BB.. something
    to give the Yamato a run for its money

  28. Who doesn’t like Johnny Cash?

  29. The Tripod sound effect is probably what it sounded like.

  30. izumo plz

  31. Only 48fps? Or can someone explain what’s going on

  32. You really really need to use situational awareness for your Captain
    skills, especially if you’re in a Yamato facing high tier DDs

  33. Phly, please play with USS Iowa ?

  34. Hey Phly there’s this AMAZING game on the App Store called Atlantic Fleet,
    I know it’s not PC, (A PC versions coming out soon) but it’s a hyper
    realistic turn-based game about the battle of the Atlantic, and it’s $10,
    which I think is totally worth it.

  35. hey phly take out the Iowa and have the Fletcher escort you.

  36. Do the Montana next or have you done already?

  37. Oh look. It’s something else thats 18 inches and works good in wet places.

  38. PhlyDaily, I have a WarThunder challenge for you. Take out the American
    PBJ-H with the 75mm cannon and do the ultimate snipe with it. Snipe an
    enemy plane that is 9000+ feet out or at least beat my record in it. My
    record is 8,800 feet out. Do this in custom battle for a better chance or
    you can do this in realistic for a harder challenge. Are you up to it?

  39. Johnny Cash is epic!

  40. How do you get dublins?

  41. Tanya Jason Edwards

    Cleveland class

  42. Montana pls

  43. Uss Montana!

  44. Pz 4 g and the me410 b2 u4 with the mighty 50 this is my favorite combo and
    it’s so beast

  45. Imyri Course Albert

    USS Iowa

  46. please do the f86 in war thunder please please please! !!!!!!

  47. Ps Phly its world at war with them try pod alien thingy right?

  48. your recording thing get bad…. you was record on 720hd60 now it is on
    720hd48 :(

  49. I like how that one guy was all “Why would anyone watch someone else
    play?”, and then died with no kills. :)

  50. Bring the can of whoop ass via Montana BB

  51. Lol I use The same song in my intros

  52. Take out the atlanta

  53. use the akagi

  54. How about the Minekaze?
    Keep up the good vids Phly! Love them so much!

  55. “the paddlen ends in five minutes”

  56. Where the hell is my other 12 fps’s phly hahaha

  57. Hey! Why’d you have to be such a huge demonstrative PRICK when you
    displayed your incompetence with firearms when you dropped the bolt to your
    Mosin-Nagant on the ground? You and baron sought to taunt, yet you showed
    your ass. I was a subscriber until you showed such arrogance and stupidity.

  58. The intro is kick ass

  59. How about the Montana

  60. Johnny Cash !! = ]

  61. I love the intro

  62. I loved the video and I think for the next one you should do isbthe Wyoming

  63. love the vids my friend. could you tell me what software you use to record
    your vids with? keep up the good work.

  64. It’s the War of the Worlds sound effect :D

  65. Sail the Xao!

  66. Hell Yeah OhJeezums. Great streamer, cool to see you play with him.

  67. Is this on PS4

  68. More YaMato gameplay please :-)

  69. The foghorn. You don’t live next to an industrial river, do you? It keeps
    me awake at night that sound…

  70. Beautiful video Phly! Please the Izumo next

  71. I love your WoWs videos to fall asleep. Seriously, I’m watching them in my
    bed – I’m falling quicker asleep and I’m sleeping so much better ?

  72. M6a1 and the b17g. For America!

  73. This is why I stopped playing WoWS. Guns require incredibly good luck to
    work well, and torpedoes you just point and shoot. The easiest way to play
    this game is to just pick up a destroyer, and you don’t need to worry about
    aiming, RNG, or even being shot, because you are almost never seen.

    Exact opposite problem of WoT. Seems like they overcompensated.

  74. Ze mighty Königsberg plox <3

  75. Why do they keep changing the main gun sounds? These don’t sound great.

  76. Pletchzaza GamerThailand

    Wow Yamato

  77. Can someone tell if this what actual top tier gameplay looks like?

    Because, if this is what I should expect at the higher tiers, than I want
    no part. Looks like a snooze fest to be totally honest…. BBs sniping from
    extreme range, DDs running around and letting massive waves of torpedoes
    from long range, CA shooting from long range and getting insta-killed by a
    lucky BB round, and CV just sitting way in the back and pressing a delete

    If this is what I have to look forward to, than no thanks. I’ll stick with
    tier 8 and below.

  78. We need more cow bell and nothing says cow bell quite like the Omaha.

  79. Play the Montana please!!

  80. Such a sick intro

  81. please play with jingles! And play the New York :)

  82. I love the Ring of Fire.
    Pls Phly sing for us. For the Children.

  83. i swear to god the way phly says yamato kills me. Its yah-mah-toe XD

  84. Hey Phly, love your vids and your channel – you’re a great guy, dude! 😀
    Did you breake up with ‘Sail them all’? Why? I liked it very much.. 🙂
    Well, no matter

    Please keep up your great stuff here on YouTube, I have lots of fun
    watchin’ your videos every day.


    PS: I’d like some Tier X ships, like De Moines either way

  85. could you play as either the taiho or tirpitz next they are something you
    don’t see much

  86. Langley or North Carolina

  87. Do the derzki

  88. Can you play Montana

  89. “No one ever complains about other peoples’ playing style!”

    …and no one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  90. Haha I love that guy screaming in chat then derping across the ship line.
    You know he was butt clenching so hard at that point.

  91. I hope they add the H44 for the german tier 10 Battleship with 20 inchs gun
    and maybe the biggest battleship made but it didn’t happen sadly but the
    H-Class need to be add to WOWS

  92. Will they make world of warships for ps4 ?

  93. So i discovered the one war gaming game i like finally, World of tanks on
    the 360 is way better then on my shitty computer. I prefer the controls on
    a controller then a keyboard. God damn though i’m clueless as to how i play
    it though, ruined my traktor tank trying to upgrade it, now it has a
    machine sadly. I guess that you really need to READ what your upgrading
    your tank to!

  94. I built it one a time and it didn’t cost me a dime

  95. pweeze phly. Ya-MAH-to, not Yama-toh :(

  96. lucky 1st game!! omw

  97. Broadside on to a battleship– thats a paddlin’

  98. #Johnny Cash

  99. Shoutout to all Yamato captains out there who don’t sit in the back of the
    map all the time and actually help their team push!

  100. Still waiting for battleships on warthunder ;___;

  101. The sound at the beginning was like War of the Worlds

  102. des moines


  104. More of that please! :)

  105. If Gaijin ever releases Ships in War Thunder, will you also play them??

  106. fire all distroyer in battle
    use the clevland

  107. Apparently a non-irrelevant person from Naruto made it into a battleship

  108. war of the world’s?

  109. phly plz play the USS lowa or USS cleveland

  110. yavuz selim han osmanoglu

    Slick, baron and you: you should concentrate on world of warships back. Now
    0.5.3 is available. We want to see some new gameplay, some new stuff, maybe
    some news.

  111. the war of the worlds sound ^_^

  112. Hindenburg

  113. I’m pretty sure the movie you were thinking about was called “2012” idk

  114. Use the panzerkampfwagen II and the Me-262. Get atleast one kill with the
    panzer II

  115. @phlydaily did you mean war of the worlds at 1:51 :P

  116. 1:55 War of the Worlds?

  117. Phly you should do a challenge video on world of warships and if you do.
    Take out the shimekaze and destroy all the destroyers on the enemy team..

  118. …that’s a paddlin’!!! lol

  119. If you haven’t already use the Japanese cruiser Atago

  120. what did they do with the gun sounds, they all sound the same ! c’mon ! i
    miss the old ones !

  121. Rikugun Chūjō Karen-chan 陸軍 中将


  122. I still admire the intro… But that awfull bass drop… Nice episode again

  123. can you plz play the Gremyashchy Russian destroyer


  125. Phly, why don’t you take out the Des Moines! I know BB is more your
    play-style, but it would be fun to watch I think!

  126. 12:22 yeah right hahahahaha

  127. war of the worlds

  128. it was Worlds war Tripod sound


    0:02 When you bust a nut

  130. kongo!!!

  131. save by the bell or check the chat 8:57 you got save by a sub in a amagi
    that cap C for you :D

  132. I Don't Understand Math

    How do you know where is front of them you need to shot to hit them?

  133. one thing that i noticed in phly´s videos is that he always pulls out ( ͡°
    ͜ʖ ͡°)

  134. use Premium repair and heal

  135. Play the USS Iowa, and you must have Thunderstruck by AC-DC on at ALL TIMES

  136. Hey Phly, when is your next stream? I almost every time miss them :(

  137. These torpedo hits hurt me just from watching this vid :x

  138. they so need to add a couple of airstrips and get some pilot action going
    in combined air/sea, give gaijin some competition. Such an amazing engine
    and assets

  139. Where it says yup it’s supposed to be you

  140. Heh, that KaHugo sure has a big, bitchy mouth on him. Mom must’ve forgotten
    to buy a new box of his favorite cereal that morning.

  141. You need to learn to right click when aiming your guns..then you can look
    around and your guns keep aiming where you right clicked..could have got a
    couple salvos out in the amount of time you had to re-aim your guns

  142. Hey phly, I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and I just want to
    say keep doing what your doing. Yup are great at what you do keep it up!
    When I see your vids it makes my day. Thanks, best of luck in the future

  143. Can you play with me pls!?

  144. Ty btw please play the Montana or the arp Congo and have a great weekend

  145. You need to use the premium repair and heal on high tier BB, buy them with

  146. War of the worlds

  147. nice intro I love it

  148. From war of the worlds, maybe ?

  149. Yes Phly, wows get in. Can you play Tirpitz

  150. needed that Johnny Cash song the other night, never ask for the extra hot
    chilli sauce on your kebab ya gonna regret it.

  151. Uss iowa she has better aming

  152. Also you know what else Jingles would say? “Battleship drivers, always
    sailing in straight lines” lol you got rekt there buddy. I think you were
    impressed by the Benson though and rightly so. You have to give him that.

  153. this intro <3

  154. and once again the DD’s spoil the fun i will never get how a DD can get so
    close to you. you cant stop them in a battle ship High tire DD’s are broken
    they need a nerf.

  155. phly not blyszkawicza tell only błyskawica. type in the google translator

  156. just do something !!!

  157. Just got a 75% discount for the M46 Tiger :o

  158. man who made that intro?? so fucking epic

  159. Very honorable Yamato :)

  160. Ya gotta stop saying pulling out. “NAW FUCK IT WE AINT PULLIN OUT”
    -Phlydaily 2016

  161. do an episode were you duel with baron or slick in a battleship in the same

  162. next ship pls do colorado

  163. Johnny Cash!!yeah!!!

  164. I love the Yammy but getting her burnt me out on WoWS.

  165. can someone tell my the intro song pls?

  166. Hey Phly, you mean War of the Worlds for the sound affect? It was a fog
    horn lol. I get you say it before the end of the vid now as I’m only at 2

  167. Can you take out the mighty Fuso? ;)

  168. Hey guys if you have any ships you want me to play let me know!

  169. phly i will play warships with you!! THIS video made my day!! your warships
    videos are great

  170. u know u have guns…. u have too be VERY HONORABLE

  171. 1 comment

  172. phly, its been a year now of me enjoying your videos, streams, jokes and
    fun and I just want you to keep them videos uploaded, even if its hard, or
    you don’t want to, don’t give up on YouTube pls!!! you are too awesome for

  173. hey phly I was having a bad day until I looked on YouTube and seen your

  174. play the Tirpitz and have slick or baron escorting you in the Admiral

  175. Hey phly you doing this video for CJ? [insert kappa here]

  176. Japs are the finest?

  177. allmost first but 19

  178. First and Phyllis make more wow and luv ur vids,keep up the good work

  179. Wow, your viewers work fast. 50 seconds and already 4 views

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