MASSIVE MONTANA CARRY 323K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. At the start of the battle I instantly reported few bbs with hp skill ?

    • RCHER522 13 Why? At T10 expert of survivabillity has the most effect and battleships are supposed to be tanky. So BoS is a valid option for them.

    • Arne Steffensen u kidding me? 3,4k health is 3 overpen, Not even a bb pen. Its nothing, Just a waste of important Points U could use otherwise so much better

    • oh du Troll willst du noch mehr mit HP Skill sehen XD

  2. report monkey

  3. What’s the point of the reports before this dude started to deal damage?

  4. Why zao’s cannonball is red? 15:13

  5. 大選的副砲打的你不要不要

  6. One of the rare BB captains who know how to use the terrain and also aggressive without being reckless. Well played and pleasure to watch!

  7. Great situational awareness and angling.

  8. When he collided with the friendly Baltimore easily describes most drivers in my country.

    Can you guess my country?

  9. وليد المطيري

    Hi I want help. I can not login to a game and it has appeared to me server error?

  10. wow…. is an asian captain at the helm?

  11. One of the best Montana plays I’ve ever seen!

  12. montana is great if the player is not a noob

  13. Damn that’s about 10x my last game in my Des Moines

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