Massive New Battleships vs Kraken Lord – World of Warships: Legends

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  1. Baron’s Brigade, it’s been a while since we played WoWs and now we have WoWs: Legends which is available on consoles! Play WoWs: Legends right here for free and get one of the Founder’s Packs! –
    . It helps support the channel!
    Thanks to Wargaming for sponsoring this video!

  2. I love this game! Keep making videos!

  3. Its_a_me_Domino

    I started 2 days ago and I’m already addicted

  4. Loved the new game

  5. *looks at Xbox
    *looks back at video
    *looks at Xbox

    B4 mothertuckers !!!

  6. Baron!!!! Play empire of undergrowth please! !

  7. You should play helioborne with friends

  8. Roses are red,
    I climbed up a hill,
    I like my own comment,
    Because no one else will,

  9. plz heart me i love your vids

  10. will you play Azur Lane soon? Since they have collab with WOWS.

  11. Jaret Conrad b patangui

    I saw this when it was 1 hours ago and couple of minutes later 2 hours ago

  12. Dawn of Justice

    I just play Blitz…

  13. Hey what’s your xbox name? Also play battlestations midway.

  14. Gamer Like No Other

    I want this game now thx baron lmao

  15. Baron please play beamng drive your the only one who didnt play the game.Blitz played it,draegast played it,spy cakes played it,and camodo and ob

  16. Is the torpedo ship named zuikaku
    Or Z in the beggining?

  17. Whew you must have not played wows in a looonnnggg time cause your really muckin it up out there, none the less it was a very enjoyable video, glad to see you back in the titles of games I first started watching you do

  18. From the mist, a shape, a ship is taking form

  19. Could of used battleships in war thunder BARON

  20. *T O R P E D U S*

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