Mastermind for Completing Missions in the same time – World of Warships

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You know how you can not complete a mission in a mission chain that comes after the active one

Well, what if you can…and here is how xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. So, how to start a lazy saturday morning? Let’s see what YT has to offer. “New flambass vid uploaded 19 seconds ago.” Well, I know a sign when I see one.

  2. Mikhail Kalashnikov

    dose he stream on youtube

  3. Always appreciate the meta of WoWS.

  4. Something I have never heard Flambass say before… Me Me Me come get Me. Halarious Video.

  5. *Flys over half the enemy team* “Meh not convenient” *Drops carrier instead* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. all i need to know is this when was last time this streamer lost a game

  7. Absolute useless fighters moment starts at 3:53 watch the minimap….

  8. you are a true master dancer, dancing around stupid rules 😀

  9. Mans has 7Million xP on Daring… jesus

  10. Fine strategy, well executed 🙂

  11. Too bad Halloween event wasn’t active. Sub 20 second Benham reloads in it (PTS).

  12. Why am i feel so disrespected, despite i just watched this 😀 XD Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. 😀

  13. Flambass: “I hate CV’s and Subs.” Well, I hate hypocrites.

  14. now i understand why in the late game, kaga just keep sending wave after wave like she just started the game, holy fuck

  15. The irony was, by slowing to a stop to make for an easier target, you dodged that salvo from the Amagi…

  16. Your mic is still misconfigurated for a year or so.. please get that checked out. its hurting the ears. even when you are speaking normaly your sound is getting compressed. it sounds like my 300€ headset speakers are broken. thats not how an expensive shure mic should sound like.

  17. I think you got it totally wrong All you needed was that this game does not end before the previous. The sever does the adjudecating in the background while you are in a battle

  18. Strahinja Mijajlovic

    Not a CV main… Kako da ne… 😀

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