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My thoughts on recommending tier 8s for purchase when so many Tier 10s exist in the queue. I’ll have my Vanguard review out tomorrow but I wanted to share some thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. in my opinion tier 7s and tier 9s are the best buy for premium.

  2. I really like the look of this ship, but I just won’t buy T8 premiums because of the MM.

  3. I believe in WoT they implemented a matchmaking system that created tX only matches if too many tX ships were in queue. Might be a good solution to our current problem

    • Yep like wot whithout increase the size of the team, and also add more game tipe like arm race will reduce the tX average population in random queue

  4. Couldn’t agree more with you Notser. I am so tired of being focused by tier 10 CVs when I’m in a tier 8 bb. Tirpitz doesn’t have the ability to defend its self with it’s terrible AA against tier 10 CVs. Tier 8 games are completely unenjoyable right now.

    In the Tirpitz and Kii I spend most of the match running for my life against tier 10s.

  5. Notser, I don’t always agree with you or your abuse of islands. But all these thoughts are spot on.

  6. I hear ya on the tier 8 MM, it’s absolutely brutal – it’s no longer even a 50/50 chance of being bottom tiered, it’s almost all the time lately. It’s so bad I’ve given up tier 8 Random for awhile and just go 9 or 10.

  7. I’ve only recently unlocked my first Tier-X, Worcester, and had been slowly grinding her personal mission. And then I suddenly stopped caring about the grind because:
    A) I’m a veterinarian and don’t exactly have the time for such a grind, and
    B) Tier-X gameplay is extremely passive, repetitive and boring.

    Despite being guaranteed top-tier every game, I’m finding Tier-X to offer nothing interesting. A more enjoyable and engaging tier to play is Tier-IV where I’ve recently been having a blast with Ishzuchi, which has been nearly as profitable and much less stressful.

    A great move from Wargaming, in addition to the changes you’ve suggested, would be to incentivize lower-tier gameplay, much like their recent Ranked Sprint success. I’d gladly grind out personal missions at lower tiers because these tiers are just so much more _fun_ to play. Taking an Ishizuchi down one flank on Solomon Islands to support my cruisers and going toe-to-toe with an Orion & Nassau and a furious melee is just so much more satisfying than anything offered in the high-tier experience.

    Sure, I have Worcester and I’m proud of that, but why would I want to play in such a stressful environment when the reward for the grind isn’t even worthwhile? Hell, I’m going to get more value out of those fifty Smoke Screen II consumables than I’ll ever see from Worcester’s legendary module.

    • +NefariousKoel I agree, Koel. I get tired of reading about the various map TWEAKS every update, but not reading about new maps. And it gets annoying as bleep that all the new maps seem to end up in operations (either Halloween/April Fools events or just regular operations). Damn it, we need more new maps for plain ol’ Randoms (and by default, coop). And not just new high tier maps, but also mid tier maps as well.

    • Recently I unlocked the wooster legendary, But I have not installed it.
      Giving up concealment for the legendary is a joke for this cruiser.
      Going for GK legendary, But even that seems not worth it.
      Wanted to make a full secondary build for some brawling fun, But this ship is a fire magnet I will need to use remaining points to put in fire control,But if I install legendary then I need the damn turret traverse points. sigh…..
      Most fun games seem to be in tier 5-8. after that it becomes a snipe fest and boring.
      Also CV torpedo planes are a joke, guaranteed hits on bb’s even worse if they send 2 squadrons and target one ship, This is BS and forces bb’s to just sit all the way back and snipe and do little to help the team.

    • +crucisnh You misunderstand. I want to win and do well and I hope others do also. What I lament is those who do not pursue winning above protecting stats/individual performance metrics. I do not consider that good play and I suspect many agree with me. It certainly makes the game less fun for others. E.g., the full-health BBs sitting at the back the whole battle while the DDs and cruisers get blapped contesting objectives. That’s what I dislike and it is more common in T10 battles. I get that some people find that “fun” and I do not like it, though I must live with it or find a new game. For now, I live with it and sneak down to lower-mid tiers periodically for variety.

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing Yes, Ocean still exists, but only barely so. The last time I played a couple weeks straight and never saw it. Haven’t seen it in a long time, and even then it was twice in one night many months ago.

      The devs must’ve drastically lowered it’s matchmaker rate after some of the vocal whining about it not having any islands for the panzies to hide behind. *sigh*

    • +cobrazax Wow good for you! I am just getting into 7 in the silver ships. This is the only game I play now. I need to force myself to take a short break and play something else lol.

  8. Why not change the MM to +-1 instead of 2?

  9. There probably isn’t anyone still watching/talking about this game who has spent more time on WG’s MM systems over the years than I have, all the way back to WoT Beta in 2010.
    Did a big write-up of WoWS MM back in beta. Based it on all the issues with WoT and what we learned then laid out all the things they ought to avoid and some potential ways of doing so.
    Of course none of it went anywhere, lol, so all those issues I discussed a few years ago are showing in all their rotten, predictable glory.
    For the record, the 2 big ones were ‘proportionality’ and ‘rostering’.
    Proportionality is the distribution of battles as top, middle and bottom tier. There is NO reason why you ought to experience more battles as bottom tier than top. None at all. WG could address it if they chose to. They simply don’t care to.
    Rostering is your position in a roster. The ‘token tier 8’ as you put it so accurately is again entirely avoidable. I have always thought they should include a rule that there cannot be more top tier than bottom. If they want 5 tier 10s in a battle with tier 8s, there must be at LEAST 5 tier 8s. If they can’t do that, there are 2 obvious choices; drop some tier 10s, or remove the tier 8s and fill out the roster with more tier 9s and 10s.
    Put those together and a tier 8 would never get more than 1 in 3 battles against tier 10s AND would never be one of 2 tier 8s in a battle otherwise made of 9s and 10s.
    I was interested to see WG discussing using ‘expert’ bots in PvP battles to help achieve this. Believe it or not, that was a suggested in my MM thread in WoWS beta a few years ago. Funny they’re looking at it in WoT, though, as the only bots in that game were illegal player ones.

    • do you think wg do this to encourage people to buy free xp so they dont have to be bottom tier as much ?

    • +Gary Mckeon
      Certainly in WoT there was at least one absolute stinker of a tank in almost every line. Even worse was the grind to make a tank ‘playable’. Tier 9 was infamous for this, and I always thought it was an awful, cynical game design to make you grind to tier 9 only to find your tank is WORSE to play than the fully equipped tier 8 you’d played loads of games in to reach that tier 9. To my mind, a new vehicle should always feel like an achievement. In WoT it was so bad that all the expert advice was if you were planning to go to tier 10 then check the tier 9 and make sure you’d earned enough free exp to make it playable. Grinding out modules that were necessary to make a tank playable was shitty in the extreme, and undoubtedly done that way to get you to spend free exp (and hopefully spend money to convert it). Plus there was the problem of retraining the crew (as many as 6 of them in some cases), AND the fact that you’d lose CR on even a good performance without premium account.
      So WoT was most certainly like that.
      I think WoWS inherited the basic MM template from WoT and then played with it. I don’t know that it’s deliberate. I suspect it’s more a case of it requiring quite some work to do what I discussed in my OP and they simply couldn’t be bothered. Only they would have the relevant data to see if it drives premium/doubloon purchases.
      Incidentally, the idea it would crap out wait times blah blah, something WG always claims, is nonsense. They could easily make a variation of the MM rules then use ACTUAL data of a day or week or whatever from the live servers and run that through their amended system to see what happens. I’m 99.9% confident they don’t do anything as detailed as that given how often I’ve seen them screw things up with various releases.
      I will say WoWS was certainly far better than WoT in many ways (the crew system and the fact being bottom tier isn’t as punishing as it is in WoT), but it always annoyed me they have proven very lazy when it comes to MM.

    • +Gary Mckeon
      I forgot to add that it was no mistake that one of the selling point of many premium tanks in WoT was they got restricted MM, too. Wanted a tier 8 that only ever got tier 8 or 9 MM? No problem. Of course they’ve got rid of those now, but tells you something when they market things on the basis those things escape normal MM.
      They’ve not done that with WoWS. It’s also somewhat less of an issue when they’re still adding new ship lines i.e. the population recycles through the tiers. The game will face its real challenge when they run out of legitimate lines to release. I suppose they could always do what WoT has done, which is to say release nonsense lines and an endless supply of BS premium tanks, lol.

    • While i havent played nearly as long as you, its often the things people see a long way off and are ignored that become the major problems and turnoffs. I personally would love if they implemented your suggestion, if only to be more than the token t8 that cant do a damn thing to contribute other than not die, a hard prospect when T10 can obliterate you with barely a look

    • Thank you for sharing! I loved this insight!

  10. I have spent hundreds of dollars on T8 premiums that just sit in port because I’m tired of playing against T9 and T10. Never again.

    • Ramiiam I agree, it feels a chore to play my t8 premiums. They should just honestly make a t8 matchmaking, as if they did you’d actually want to play the ships again, instead of wanting to sell it right away after having like 3 games in a row with t10 matchmaking. It’s painful

    • I don’t get it. My NC, Alabama, Asashio, Akizuki, Charles Martel, and whatever other T8 ships I play right now kill T10s all the time. Just have fun and sharpen your skills with your favourite ships.

    • This is exactly the reason I am NOT spending hundreds of Euros on those awesome looking tier 8 prem ships. Tier 8 is not worth it at this time, and it’s only been getting worse and worse.

    • +A T , I kill lots of T-10 ships with my tier 8 ships too, but how many do you take down from full health to destruction? The answer is none with the BB`s you mention and a good chance with the DD`s. How do you have fun in a BB while being out-gunned by a DD? Point blank salvos into the DD and hardly any damage done and the DD spams you with HE till you burn down. The game is broken on many levels with no fix in sight.

    • +A T same here, while it can be rough to make mistakes, I like my Cleveland/Baltimore/Chapayev/Lightning still. Of course mm can always improve.

  11. Tier 8 is by far my least fav tier to play. I have a lot of gold saved up and I would love to get some of the tier 8 premium ships as they look interesting, but I already know what it will be like. I would buy tier 8 premiums if MM wasn’t the way it is, right now I refuse to buy them because I know I won’t play them. Hell I won the tier 8 Russian premium cruiser last Christmas and I love the ship, but I have played it like 10 games in 1 year because of this. So no way I would spend around 50 dollars for a ship I know I will almost never play.

  12. This is the reason why i won’t buy any T8 premiums anymore. I have 4-5 of them but each time i play a T8 ship i end up in a T10 match since they started promoting players to play their T10 more to grind legenadaries, missions, ranking etc. back in summer. “Best” matches are those when there is T10 and T8 and no T9 wich happens quite frequently atm. You feel so fcked up then.

  13. With bismarck i alaways get pitted against tier 10 and i get raped, i m instantly focused because of being low tier. I even have lower detection thab most tier 10 ships so i get spotted and aimed upon by half the team instantly.
    I can only play when it s not tier 10 only

    • Same. I used to love Bismark but with how the ship is built to brawl its only good if you are top tier which is rare now. It is no longer fun to play :/

    • I know what you mean, i have yet to see a game where i have more than 2 T8 1 T9 and the rest T10. Im lucky to get half my health in damage because of the weeknesses of bismark, and T8 in generally, against T10 ships

  14. Your right about t8 being broken right now. I got the hipper the other day it was 10 games before I had my first t8 game in it. And the t10 games are now super strong I’ll play yamato and there will be 11 t10s and 1 t9 in a match. It’s at the point now I will either play T10 or T7 nothing in between as the 8s and 9s are beyond unpleasant right now. If you play a t9 you should have a 50% chance of being top tier but its less then 10% right now. If you play a t8 you should be top tier 33% of the time but its closer to 5% lately. I ground the Japanese cruiser line last month and the Ibuki was just pure agony ended up using 150k free xp to get out of it I went 19 t10 games in a row in that ship.

  15. I disagree with the +/- 2 MM. After over 5K games I think, MM should first fill up TIER X matches, only(!) if 24 Tier X can not be found, fill up with Tier IX.

    That is a way a +/- 1 MM could work. This continues till Tier V, as the Tiers below have protected MM.

    I think that could even help WG to earn more money (what is alright for a Company). More people would spent Money.

    • +crucisnh and you could be the top tier CV while the other team has no CV. It was bad, lol.

    • +crucisnh Beta was there to test, or? 🙂 may be the last year or two, were a test, too 😉

    • Алексей Быков

      +crucisnh Yeah, I hated playing Kawachi against Fuso 🙂

    • Even simpler solution: If the Tier-X and Tier-IX population isn’t large enough to fill a 12-slot match, make it check for 10-slot and8-slot. I’d much prefer an IX/X spread of 5/3 4/4 or 3/5 than a VIII/IX/X spread of 2/4/6 as is so often the case. Doing so would free up Tier-VIII for VII/VIII matchmaking more often than VII/VIII/IX as well

    • +Dylan Wight I could not agree more with that train of thought.

  16. Begs the questions, why play T8?

    • OTOH mwo obsesses on a level playing field, that very often means waiting…and waiting…and waiting for a match.

    • I haven’t had an issue with waiting long in the MWO solo queue, though the group and faction queues are another story.

    • Folks play tier 8 stock ships to grind to tier 9 and then on to tier 10. Tier 8 is now just pinatas for the tier 9 and 10s. Tier 8 cruiser gets seen it dies before safety, tier 9+ have more hp and just use heal to get to safety. I have 3 tier 8s I was grinding but have given up on. Luckily I got to all tier 10 (except UK) dds from time before this MM became the norm but never use them as tier 10 is a dead end and less fun for me.

  17. Hpe WG is listning. Great ideas Notser! o7

  18. same MatchMaking here on EU server….. I rather wait 5 minutes than to be the ONLY T8 in a T10 game.

    • Don’t quote me on this, but I heard they want to maintain the current matchmaking so players can see how much more powerful higher tier ships are. Which is pretty dumb imo.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Rotiz Beratiz You’re not entirely wrong though. The current matchmaking encourages the beaten players to spend some money to get the doubloons for converting elite ship xp into free xp so they can skip T8 quickly. I don’t really buy it since I would rather stick with the T7 ships or Musashi (got it with coal).

  19. So can we finally talk about this? Cool! Before when anyone brought it up they were met with “It makes you a better player!” and other nonsense. T8 is easily my favorite tier containing so many iconic WW2 ships but I simply won’t play it. Roma is my favorite BB to play but it’s a nightmare trying to play it’s strengths against T10’s and It’s a joke. I’m not the great player, but I’m not the worst; (50.59% victories out of 1,430 battles, 1.28 KDR and 996 PR), Everything has to go very well for you to be able to manage your engagements and position. I find myself playing T9 and T10 the grand majority of the time, simply so I’m not bottom tiered and can at least hold my own. We need something for T8. I would gladly wait a minute for match making if it meant T8 exclusivity. That’s just me though.

  20. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Vanguard The balanced British battleship that everybody wanted the main line to be

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