MCRN Rocinante – World of Warships

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You saw what this thing can do, right?

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Vishal Kumar Singh

    I see you are ‘The Expanse’ fan as well. Man of culture.

  2. Looks like I found another Expanse fan in the wild

    And yeah, if there’s a Rocinante in WoWs, this would be it

  3. Yannic van Straalen

    Sir, you need more dakka!

    Great vid, had a great laugh! I think WoWs is fine as long as you don’t take it to seriously. I usually a couple of games a week to blow off so steam and for that its fine.

    Might pick up the Roci though, she looks like a lot of fun.

  4. I’ve watched Flambass vids for years and THIS is my favourite title…….. LETS GO!!!

  5. That z52 measures it’s fun in games per minute. By that metric he was quite successful.

  6. Finding out that you’re an Expanse fan has been the YouTube highlight of my day.

  7. Everyone knows it’s the MCRN Tachi. The Rocinante is a ‘Legitimate Salvage.’

  8. The Expanse, top 3 scifi series on my book. also, last ranked games i ended up reported and blacklisting MY 40% and 30% whole teams. I’m so burned out in this game.

  9. Wojciech Dubrownik

    The difference between Roci and WoWs is that in Expanse PDCs can actually shoot down something.

  10. One might say that your content is… Expansive. I love it.

  11. With Halsey activated, the Sherman basically does have PDCs.

  12. The balance will come in the form of “stun bombs” from support carriers.

  13. fun fact: up to 5:35 our hero in the Sherman, had 1(!!!!) spotting damage under his name. Never seen anything like that. How do you get 1 dmg with spotting?!

  14. The Sherman makes me think there should be a finite amount of ammo like in WoT. It’s hilariously fun.
    *edit* Not serious. Do not do this WG.

  15. Now WG needs to introduce Russian guided missile cruisers… lock target, press fire, done. Lock on new target, press fire, and done. Fun stuff on the horizon at WG.

  16. 11:00 I see Flambino is continuing his pursuit into a musical career. lol. First we had “Black Clouds” and now we got “Get Back”.

  17. Besides the PDC canons, you forgot the impossible to dodge nuclear warhead torpedoes

  18. 1:16 when I play that aggressive the opponent usually has his entire team on his back while mine ran without me noticing. Lucker.

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