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ME AND MY FRIENDS ARE WARSHIPS! Today we are back with World of Warships! 10k likes for another World of Warships video!

Download the game here!:
Use code: “ILOVEWARSHIPS” for free stuff!

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This is a sponsored video!


  1. wtf is thes shep

  2. HE in a montana ._.

  3. could you play world of tanks ?

  4. Mylo's Gaming Channel

    is this on xbox

  5. Can you do a world of tank video

  6. Perfect Health

  7. lead your shots

  8. like more often

  9. you know you press shift or scroll….would aculy hit things

  10. ….destroyed the game for me thx mate…….shooting with a destroyer
    ..-.- and shooting he only in a BS……..why you dont give them
    instructions when you want them to play this game WG ?! -.-

  11. at the end of the video oke 16:57

  12. please makes more videos with world of warships.
    Thank you so much

  13. Kwebbelkop this is a good tumnail /tittle!!

  14. Kampfgruppe Lehr (Obergruppenführer)

    i can’t wait to see them playing WT. and also can’t wait for the “WTF
    HACKS” Reaction on their faces too xD

  15. 00:14 Did Slogoman say “Warshits”?

  16. guys i love this man and creature plz like

  17. plz play warthunder and good luck

  18. He plays World of warships for first time. It makes me bite my nails
    watching him playing in a tier 10 for the first time. Classic WG gives him
    a test account so he can do that.

  19. plzzz play World of tanks

  20. hey KwebbelKop I play WoWs since begin- alpha and i like ur video maybe u
    will add me on World of warships my name is Superflamok ADD me to play
    together :)

  21. you should play Armored Warfare or Warthunder they are way better games


  23. Kwebbelkop wow you win Against bots GG noobs

  24. How’d u get those ships

  25. he should really try more games for us

  26. benediktas velionis

    next time play world of tanks

  27. Damn you are terrible at this, but nice lolz vid

  28. this video is awesome! but i think the world of tanks series gonna be alot

  29. The ending was EPIC!

  30. The Gaming BoarChick

    banjo and Kazooie background music be careful with that music

  31. Are you new to the game ?

  32. Are you new to the game ?

  33. man I starter playing this a year ago and I am at tier 9 :(

  34. Perfect health

  35. Zachary “the king” Browne

    CAN U GUYS GIVE ME THAT ACCOUNT, watching play tier 10 and ur here with
    tier 5s like and they getting rewt

  36. raptor the tanker

    how the hell kwebbelkop have tier 10 already

  37. gerimian williams

    play more!

  38. Noobs and play as TIER ten. Good Fcking Game. I would have reported you

  39. Jordy, use HE against light ships, and Ap against heavy ships

  40. Play world of tanks

  41. #kwebbelkop cant you play ROBLOX

  42. on what windows is this game available is it available on laptop please
    somebody tell me please

  43. tara art games indonesia


  44. Wargaming sucks、this year in Warthunder、there will be ships so you should
    play、there are planes and tank too

  45. I like when the ship is shooting ( ^ω^ )

  46. I like world of warship

  47. I swore to god I’m going to subcribe this channel [ZooMsteR / Daily Gaming]

  48. this is so like arppegio of blue steel idk how to spell it

  49. were is world of tank series

  50. Can you pls Play Armoed warfare

  51. You guys must play World of tanks

  52. Good thing you became a youtuber and not joined the marines.

  53. what’s your editing program?

    Plz answer

  54. awesome

  55. qna pls do a yugioh moment kebblkop

  56. i love this game super fun alot tactic

  57. 05:19 kwebbelkop ammo

  58. hudson prestwidge

    i love this game do more vids of this

  59. Commander Diamond

    Yay it’s here

  60. play tanki online

  61. Have you play world of tank together
    Use T92 tank
    It a tank with a big damage

  62. Kwebbelkop more Q&A please

  63. I love your videos

  64. Hi aribo

  65. SUBSCRIBED my canale please

  66. Subscribe my canale please

  67. kwebellkop also play “world of tanks” with jelly and slogoman


  69. Richard Schelhaas

    How much give Wargaming you for this?

  70. Your so fucking bad…

  71. Edita Bernataviciute

    I Was Ill on 17August 🙁 i was sick lots of times

  72. Wait you have friends

  73. *facepalm*

  74. im playing that gane

  75. If you play world of war crafts can you play war thunder realistic battles

  76. can you make a video on tanki online is like this game but whit tanks. is
    my favorite game from PC and you can play whit jelly and slogoman too

  77. I’m lookin for “in soviet russia!!” Jokes to be commented

  78. U Should test warthunder Its super fun

  79. When noob play wows

  80. me want series of this

  81. your momma create

    kwebbelkop please play war thunder next time

  82. Play world Of Tanks plzzzz!!!!!!…..!!!!!

  83. Play world of tanks

  84. Please play Sea of Thieves when it comes out. Please i think you guys would
    be funny pirates!

  85. can you plz play world of tanks?

  86. Why did jelly not upload this video on his channel weird

  87. Best tactic for that game: go as an destroyer, sneak up to some1 using
    islands as protection, use smoke next to him. Anihalite target with a
    milion torpedoes

  88. hey kwebelkop play world of tanks..

  89. theres also world of tanks u should play it

  90. more wow

  91. Jhon Carlo Nolasco

    your a ducht

  92. Jhon Carlo Nolasco

    im your fan

  93. look up planet side 2 it’s really cool it’s better than this game trust me

  94. Where i can get it ? Steam ?

  95. Meyson the movie on 25

    It was Pearl Harbor ships

  96. Mckenziedrift Gaming

    watching him play world of warships makes me not want to continue playing

  97. Play WoT as well? ?

  98. Jarvis and Millie

    Subscribe = Marrying the love of your life?

    Like = 65 years of luck?

    Comment = 1 million dollars ?

  99. Amartya Bhattacharya

    great video jordi!!

  100. play world of tank

  101. more

  102. Looks like I need to grind to tier 10


  104. ARMA 3 plz!!!!

  105. Wait did he just say boat …. ok i’m done god dangggget

  106. B6… Miss

  107. Jelly drove right into the torpedoes lol

  108. Finally WoW baby?

  109. do you know world of tanks

  110. how about world of tanks

  111. awesome video

  112. I love NARNIA

  113. oh nice another promoted video game

  114. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  115. Do more!!!

  116. Yo even if this is sponsored this game seems fun af! about to play it after
    its done updating :)

  117. Jarne Theys (The Epic Gamer)

    how are you this bad if you have a FEKING TIER 10 SHIP I would kill for


  119. More please

  120. World of warplanes sucks, try war thunder

  121. OMFG! The ship who you collapse in, it vas me! Sry for bad english.

  122. Captain Dutch Raider

    Kwebbelkop go play World Of Tanks :P

  123. jordi hoe kom jij zo ver

  124. Play world of tanks

  125. You should try World of Tanks ,I would enjoy your playing that

  126. can you play overwatch

  127. Jordi play shellshock live <3

  128. I’m surprised jordi uploaded it first

  129. play wot its better…


  131. Stancko Chamlertole

  132. try world of planes

  133. Qantas747400 Of infinite flight

    Who else can’t get the game to launch

  134. Jordi if u guys ever play world of tanks use ramming

  135. Nick's Madden Nfl

    do WoT

  136. free 2 play. HELL YEA

  137. Give me more of this!!!!

  138. “#noob

  139. Costa Petropoulos

    Do more plz

  140. Kwebbelcop just a note for playing that game; don’t aim straight for the
    ship you want to judge how fast they’re going and aim a bit in front of

  141. Pieseł Piesełowsky


  142. when you are playing with a battle ship PLS shoot AP on a other battle ship
    ( 10:30 ) in he’s side on he’s waterline then you shoot a CITADEL then you
    shoot 10k or more to 100k

  143. hahahahaha playing wows.

  144. Willlem Bezuidenhout

    play world of tanks on xbox 1

  145. On jordi’s ship has an American flag on it why?

  146. deas by daylight

  147. DeAd By DaYlIGhT


  149. dead by daylight

  150. dead by daylight

  151. dead by daylight

  152. maybe tanki online or tanki x next

  153. USA!USA!

  154. ´what friends? lol

  155. play world of tanks im sure you can make it funny…..

  156. RedEverGames/ R.E.G

    Play this MORE plz

  157. Do more pls I love his game

  158. if you dont have good computer for this game , play steel ocean …

  159. Pc game??

  160. warships


  162. Play the war plane

  163. play world of tanks plies

  164. You should do more of world of warships because it’s a very cool game and
    with frends it’s better.I enjoyed this video a lot

  165. They are missing bots….

  166. I recommend it more beautiful world of tanks

  167. Play world of tanks

  168. play more please!!!l

  169. #kwebblecock

  170. Shoot with ap at battleships

  171. *my friends and I

  172. Finally

  173. Is this the Testserver ?

  174. Please do golf?

  175. Kweble my username at the game is badluke2 can I play with you?

  176. on battleships use armorpircing shells no high explosiv?

  177. please play world of tanks

  178. ap shells is the best

  179. please do world of tanks

  180. Close your eyes at the start of the video until the intro

  181. When will u do a live stream of u playing GTA V or any other game

  182. my friends and i

  183. nice miniature

  184. Can you guys play World Of Tanks for one time aswell?

  185. the code doesn’t work for me

  186. Michael Waldmeier

    he uses he the while time lol

  187. Michael Waldmeier

    how did he get a tier 10 account???

  188. God is good!!!!

  189. i mean play with your friends

  190. play sandbox gmod on your phone on your friends and play with me im 9 im
    your number 1 fan

  191. please

  192. kwebbelkop please play world of tanks ?

  193. “shoot the cow”
    Jesus Christ LOL


  195. great looking game defently not playing it

  196. World of Tanks SOON?

  197. Jordy play world of tanks it’s my favorite game !!!???? 10/10

  198. Panda Be With You

    Use the umikaze tier 2 Japanese destroyer it’s really fun

  199. How i can buy this game

  200. kwebbelkop your cool

  201. The great team ????

  202. Pls trie war thunder

  203. Finally a new game they play

  204. Maybe you and your friends can play World Of Tanks. It is really fun!!

  205. i have not played this game but I do play World of Tanks

  206. Really liked this, actually looks fun

  207. All my friends are warships say bye bye

  208. …,=?777777777777i?+~….

  209. whos watching with socks? :3

  210. hi comment back hey

  211. Claudia Escalante



  213. wish this was on ps4….i have world of tanks and i have alot of tier 10’s

  214. kwebbelkop so kewl

  215. You three play like crap!!!

  216. more word of thanks

  217. World of tanks next?

  218. Is this a pc game?

  219. Play world of tanks

  220. The Graphics….tell me ur specs *-*

  221. Wow..too bad they are not playing this for real…They should learn..

  222. do more slither

  223. Is that music from “Banjo and Kazooie”?!

  224. pls do more slither. io

  225. how the hell they got tier x ships but dont know how to play this game??

  226. Do world of tanks to

  227. Don’t ruin the high tier gameplay in this game, start at tier 3 max

  228. please play more subnartica

  229. I make gaming videos too!! please guys help me!
    I know this is wrong but its hard to get attention when you’re a small

  230. This game is so awesome

  231. play world of tanks?

  232. And I want to ask again whether to play Cities Skylines ??


  234. Jaakko “JaakkoFromFin” Rinne


  235. anyone notice when he trys to speak fast or certain words he just messes it
    up and slur everything and then he just forgets about it and moves on

  236. I want to ask again whether to play Just Cause 3

  237. jordi can u play world of tanks

  238. love this game

  239. Jolasso The Historian

    This game is a ripoff of War Thunder. Play that game. It’s better

  240. I play this game on a regular basis :P

  241. I play world of tanks im pretty good i guess

  242. Grammar mistake in the title “me and my” when it should be “my friends and

  243. Levent Fabio Avci

    can you please make a New No Man’s sky Video Thx

  244. Greenmonkeyboy 22

    Play warthunder

  245. More!

  246. Go fullscreen Type(dont comment) Awesome 5 times 😉 Then see the minute
    bar(sorry for bad english but that red thing that shows the second you are)
    Like and comment if it works :P

  247. *My friends and I

  248. Who is playing world of warship while watching this vid?

  249. A.xxVloggSW Studios


  250. play world of tanks

  251. Can you plz do the water bottle challenge.

  252. Jairus Christian Ocampo

    how did u follow the bullets which key is it?

  253. Please play this game again

  254. can play world of tank ?

  255. Do World of Tanks next pls.

  256. y do u use destroyers if u r
    going all rambo and not using torpedoes,u should only use guns on the
    destroyers while in danger

  257. cool game

  258. Can you do world of tanks?

  259. anyone with me that they should play on unsponsored accounts and start from
    the beginning of the game like tier one and two ships


  261. My goal is to reach 100k on YouTube, but I think it will never happen

  262. more pleas

  263. they have the best ships in the game ☹️ it takes so long if you want to get
    them and have to play for it

  264. please do more

  265. I think Jordie should play more bAttleships

  266. DO MORE!

  267. Will you guys plays World of TankS?

  268. Play mad max

  269. kwebblekop should do some videos on dh5 for sure

  270. Continue Happy Wheels Already

  271. do world of tanks

  272. word of tanck plz

  273. I been waiting for this video!!!! Cant wait till you guys do world of
    tanks. You would enjoy it more.

  274. lol you guys are so bad at this game but keep up the good work and
    hopefully you get better at this

  275. Nice game. I need to play

  276. My friends and I*

  277. I want this game

  278. hi

  279. You should try World of Tanks next

  280. lmao for once I am better than a major YouTuber at a game


  282. play world of tanks

  283. plz do more

  284. can you do a video about world of tanks cause those are my favorite please

  285. I love that Backroudmusic tho :D

  286. more please

  287. That battleship technically is wrong because us battleships had three main

  288. question, didn’t horde use to do minecraft?

  289. Hi

  290. play world of tanks!!

  291. who watched the whole video!!

  292. has one of the best ships in the game, but still sucks

  293. finally your actually playing it i posted ten comments asking you to play
    it and finally good luck chasing me on tier ten yamato!

  294. This is sponsored BULLSHIT

  295. more plez

  296. hi XD

  297. Isn’t that song from banjo kazooie ?

  298. anyone here wanna make a team and play? username OpticSlayerV2

  299. How new is this game?

  300. and press ALT for more information about the player like who is who

  301. Cool game

  302. CraiZeK_1 World of Tanks


  303. Warshipsgame very awesome Jordi ????

  304. its so hard to watch a new player playing high tier…….



  307. Make a series of this

  308. dan “proximacentauri” black

    Why are you playing against bots? Do you know that, right?

  309. more bo3 zombies

  310. untouchable gamer


  311. WafleMakerMan 007


  312. thegamer bcoolestjad

    and i have it

  313. kwebblecop plz report tus to his new song

  314. thegamer bcoolestjad

    good you play world of warships it is good

  315. in last ship there was north korea flag

  316. How Tf have you got the gearing already and other tier 10 ships?

  317. Try playing rust with jelly and Slogoman if u love survival games

  318. I have 2 Tipps for you :
    1. turn sideways to the enemies b/c then you can shoot with you all canons .
    2. use the 2nd type of bullets for heavy armored battleships b/c then they
    will make more damage to the enemies

  319. moreeeee

  320. Play World of Tanks too pls!!!!

  321. use USS LOWA


  323. WORLD OF TANKS !!!

  324. need more of itttt

  325. that music in background is a bit to calm in this game jordi and if you
    read this and i guess you will not pls play battlefield more

  326. sponsered????????????

  327. Jędrzej Walkowiak

    waiting for tanks

  328. Play world of tanks instead, it is a bit easier


  330. Jelly slog Kwebbelkop

    Team valor /mystic

  331. play Kantai Collection!

  332. wtf i didn`t know you play wow

  333. JORDI play world of tanks pls

  334. Omg you play this game too :3 is there a way I can add you

  335. TheGamingMonkey !

    Yes im the

  336. I am sure that they cant play war thunder because in this game they are
    already getting wrekt
    But still they are so funny and I love their vidoes

  337. Nice vid

  338. I’m really early. Wow.

  339. You do know this game was made by russians

  340. Use your AP shells and tropedoes pls……

  341. what a derp music


  343. Brandon Gunsallus

    wow 16 min early

  344. First…

    Minute I watched and I knew it will be a Great Video!

  345. this game is fucking awesome!!!

  346. миша спивак


  347. One of my favorite games! :)

  348. My uncle plays this game

  349. why are they so noob if they are that lvl WTF

  350. Video starts at 0:00. Thank me later.

  351. Ντίνα Νάστου

    +Kwebbelkop you are the best!!!!!

  352. DogeMemeLord DogeMemeLord

    Yay uh 3000 and something is coMment

  353. Grammer. Use it Kwebbelkop. It’s is actually “MY FRIENDS AND I ARE ON

  354. do more vidéos about dead by daylight

  355. epic battle

  356. If you early..


  357. Kwebbelkop your the best gaming person in the world

  358. Can you play youtubers life

  359. h i kwebblkop im in amstadam with apartment r u in

  360. I think they are sponsord

  361. How did you get a hand on tier 10 ships?

  362. vanoss fan vanoss fan


  363. vanoss fan vanoss fan

    oh by the way i subscrided like i always fo

  364. that’s a cool game
    for qna how old were you when you made your frst video

  365. Why not world of tanks

  366. YOU know who are awesome?

    read the first word.

  367. vanoss fan vanoss fan

    do a Q&A

  368. Have a jelly do you pepper roulette

  369. Awesome tier 10’s.
    Already played the game for ages or Test Server? XD

  370. Kwebbelkop I am new to YouTube if you have any advice for me please tell me

  371. nice more videos with this game please ?

  372. hi kwebblekop!

  373. vanoss fan vanoss fan

    i love your vids

  374. One of the earliest comments I’ve ever written

  375. 235 liker

  376. meeeeeeee

  377. i mean 6th

  378. What happened to 3 vids a day during breaks

  379. How are you

  380. Sindri Snær Ólafsson

    im boy

  381. [Place jokes about being early here]

  382. Mũ Phù Thuỷ Rabadon


  383. Sindri Snær Ólafsson

    i love you

  384. pls WOT

  385. Hey bro

  386. 1 minute m8 omg

  387. first! oh no i guess i not

  388. You make so good videos

  389. kewb!! i make cod vids, if anyone wants to check them out 🙂 Love you

  390. Evey fifth like gets *NUDES!*

  391. TheBearGamer // SamTBG Gaming!


  392. Legend Says Kwebbelkop will reply if i am early… Hmm Lets try it Out.

  393. not first!

  394. yeah

  395. early

  396. im early

  397. im quick

  398. Kidd Toodles From Kidd Krew


  399. 86th comment

  400. wow im early, posted 2 mins ago!

  401. I’ve been waiting for this

  402. I didn’t get notified DAFuq

  403. I’ve been waiting for this

  404. Lol 666 Views That Makes Sense….

  405. i love you no homo

  406. XxTurtleYTXx Lololol

    The 77 comment

  407. Hi

  408. purple cookie becca

    100!!!!! Liker!!!!!!!!!!

  409. Septiplier Fangirl


  410. 100th like !

  411. me

  412. 100th

  413. Sup

  414. your best youtube in the world

  415. no im not Frist!


  417. hiiiiiii

  418. cool

  419. 68 like and 54 comment

  420. lol I arrived

  421. Kevin`s gaming channel


  422. Hey! I’m going to be shouting out other small youtubers when I hit 3k ?
    just like this and comment ‘subbed’ when done ?

  423. MasterRainer Gaming251


  424. Xander Vanstraelen

    Like=5years of luck sub= 10yeas of luck ignore= the devil wil come and take

  425. Stuff vs Stuff Luke

    I am early

  426. I’ve been waiting for this for ages

  427. ur best

  428. So early

  429. ‫יואב אברגל‬‎


  430. Lol 8 people said they where first

  431. I love u jordi

  432. first lol

  433. Big fan I wish he could subscribe to me I will be honoured

  434. cool

  435. 69th VIEW

  436. fursty

  437. Wasu

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  439. Xander Vanstraelen

    Who else is watching without shoes on?

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