Measuring Success in World of Warships

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What does success look like in World of Warships? How do you measure it? Is it kills? XP? Damage? Whaat about the rounds where you do very little but have a large impact? Did you win?


  1. So how do you deal with the feeling that despite your best efforts, you just can’t seem to succeed in WoWS? That the game feels futile?

    • Ah for me the best remedy is to watch some videos from, let’s say, Flambass. Quickly think “ah yes I can do that!” Log back into WoWS, feel hopeless and the cycle continues itself

    • @ShadoPulse I do the same, it’s a never-ending loop

    • @ShadoPulse If you start feeling that way, start recording your games. You’ll find that at about the same frequency you watch a new Flambass video (of a great game) that you will produce a great game, also. I’m not saying everybody is as good as Flambino, I’m just saying that you don’t see his stinkers on Youtube, generally.

      Bonus: You can pick apart your own play rather than another player’s, and you’ll get better for it.

  2. TheyCallMe Nyquil

    Sticking with tanks still. A moving argument but ships still has one of the worst communities in games besides cod. We all can pick apart the game all day. The measure of success is are you enjoying playing what your playing. That’s the only bottomline.

  3. Logged on in the morning needing 2 wins to rank out…4 losses in a row…logged out. That was successful! lol!

    • Swap ships if you can, Had the same thing happen to me.
      Playing my Bismarck this season but it was win lose win lose all the time then a few losses in a row at rank 2 set me back to 3 again, Also had a few AFK players ruin it. Swapped to a Cleveland and for some reason it worked and I completed the season.
      Just focus enemy dd’s and you will usually win.

    • Charles Philastre

      @Shane Mc Grath Thats funny…exact same scenario for me. Bis and Mass, just loss after loss with an occasional win. Switched to the Cleveland and started making ranks.

  4. I also had 146k damage 3 kills and and wasn’t even close to winning

  5. Nicely done Zoup. I know sometimes that I can get wrapped up in the peripheral stuff and forget that it is a game. Yes it’s fun to win and be on top of the leaderboard, but in the end it has to be fun and enjoyable. I have a few clan mates it’s fun to div up with, that we can shoot the crap while we’re scooting crap. PS, it gives me great pleasure wrecking a CVs game and also sinking Smols and Stalin’s

  6. The majority of my play is in cruisers, particularly light cruisers so a damage count is almost meaningless and I hate that damage is the only metric people seem to care about.
    For me, I look at if I’ve done my job. For me, the MOST important thing is have I capped/pressed/contested objectives/strategic points? Also have I supported my DDs? Have I spotted/attacked/destroyed the enemy DDs? Have I helped protect the BBs?
    If yes to that first point and any of those others, then I can say I’ve had success.
    A hard-fought defeat where I’ve done literally everything I can, then I can at least be satisfied. Winning is winning as you say, but sometimes a worthy defeat can be satisfying.

  7. There’s one thing you didn’t do as a CV, and that’s to actively move to the caps when the number of ships run low. You sat behind the island the entire game when you could have gotten closer to the caps to decrease the plane turnaround time, and to snag a cap when you had the opportunity to.

  8. Stefanus Wonesimus

    The fun for me now is to play in Coop LOL

  9. The only thing people I’ve interacted with ever seem to care about in my experience is winrate, which is interesting, this is such a team reliant game that basing a single player’s ability on win rate doesnt reflect the players actual skill

  10. Apart from “having fun”, I measure succes by the the final position in my team… win or loose, being in the top half of top 3 feels great…

  11. if damage I delt exceed my ship HP, it’s fine by me ….. talk about low bar … 😛

  12. I warm up against bots and then play PvP. But yeah I measure my games on how fun it was

    • Ditto, especially if there’s a ship I want to spend time with; few coops to warm up, get my aim right, get ship handling nailed and where the consumables are, then into PvP. Clears out the first two daily missions as well.

  13. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten all the ribbons, done tons of damage, defended and captured points, landed in the top 3 on the team… and lost. Despite my best efforts, the team loses. Do that a few dozen times and no matter what, the game is not fun anymore.

  14. “How should we measure failure ..”. Maybe its the Tier 6 DD in a game with 2 CVs per team, who gets deleted in the first minute of the game, even though the DD went really wide simply to avoid the CVs – contribution to team = 0

  15. Daffa Fauzan aulia

    Random, Ranked, Clan battle, as long as i get a good laugh or memes on the match. Its good enough, if i get complimented, i did more than enough.

  16. As a “BAD/Below Average” Player Winning is always Nice, surviving is good, if I do more damage than I take I think of it as a good game for me.

    WLBrown NA Server

  17. I mostly Play DD and as of late making out of the battle still above water been my success! Why 9/10 I sunk with in a few mins into the start of the match!

  18. Just adding that I feel for the Richelieu player on your team – he was fighting for a CAP while the North Carolina was contesting you for the hidey-hole behind the island. The North Carolina got a couple of kills and did OK, but at the expense of playing the objective. If he had supported the Richelieu’s push the game might have ended differently.
    This is a brutal map in Ranked Sprint. All the CAPs are exposed, and the odds of a destroyer taking a CAP with carriers and radar in play are miniscule. So your 40,000 ton destroyers like the Richelieu have to step up.

  19. Why do most CCs sound depressed when talking about the game?

  20. To me having a terrible round and staying alive whole match done nothing and won is more terrible than lost but had an amazing game.
    In ranked if someone does great tactical plays and catches someone off guard and his BB teammate can dev strike it is a huge success even tho he didn’t do the damage he risked and did Noone expected.
    Staying with the team and coordinating, contesting caps, strategic areas is my main measurement, and also giving others tips is a huge factor
    *cough* spotting damage is low rewarding wg!! 😔*cough*

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