Mecklenburg First Impressions

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. A good ship in the right scenario. This ship is not for sniping while kissing the border, medium range is the right zone to play it, while constantly moving.

    • I’ve enjoyed mine way more than pq seems to have(so far). Best part is that while youre right, this ship can be strong at any range!
      Reload, # of guns, I’ve had my fair share of 200k games, being forced to mostly spam HE, and brawling. More diverse than many BBs. Not the best by any measure, but fun. No hydro her biggest weakness imo.

  2. I love it. I’ve had a lot of success playing like a super tanky heavy cruiser. Being able to reliably snipe Marceau’s manuvering at 12+km is a big plus. I’m by no means a top tier player and ive still been seeing actual accuracy values over 65% in almost every game.

    • CruisingForMermaids

      Me too and in the same way. PQ’s build is far from optimal (as he admits). It’s just nice to have accurate guns on a BB (and good DPM).

    • You have to build it like a tankier hindenburg with crappy firing angles

    • Yeah the secondaries are only 128mm all round. You really want lots of at least 150mm to really rock a secondary build.

  3. As someone who’s working towards getting his next steel ship, I’ll just pass on Mecklenburg, not worth getting since I have Bourgogne. Great video as always PQ. Keep up the great work!

  4. Kind of a weird take. Meck + Lutjens and you have the best of both worlds, 16 super cruiser guns to burn down everything at 20km with amazing accuracy. The close in accuracy to vaporize DDs with the mains, armor to tank a lot of shots in close (and still have eight guns up front or back), and full pen secondaries to boot, plus torps. if you need a little extra range the spotter plane gets you out plenty far.. this thing is build for the early, mid and late game.

    • @Danh it is a tenth of a percent short of being the highest win rate on the server for T10 battleships and has the highest average damage of all tier 10 battleships.

      Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

    • @Mr. N Do you ever get tired of not being about to understand and use statistic? Of course we should compare stats of a steel ship with less than 30k games on each servers with other BBs with over 1~2 years old?

      In that sense Gibraltar is super good, 2nd in win rate, only lose to Stalingrad. Except no cause no one plays her.

    • @Danh yet you’re asking me for how well I’m doing in the ship, which is an even smaller statistical sample? Don’t ask for stats if you don’t want them then?

      Lol, make up your mind, genius.

      First rule of getting out of a hole is to stop digging my man.

    • @Mr. N do you know what is sarcasm?
      I asked for your stats cause ya know, better stats means you understand about the thing and you can have way more weight on your argument.
      But no, you can’t provide your stats, you talk about the ship like you only hear from reviews (“turret angles are fine”, “just use 8 of your guns”, “torp and secondary” (for a ship that isn’t suited for brawling, it’s like you’re building secondary on French BBs))

      At least do better at bringing up an argument for Mecklenburg.

  5. Talking to people who like Mecklenburg, spamming HE at long range seems to be the wrong play, unless you’re up against something trying to bow-tank. You want to stick with AP and aim at superstructure and upper belts, it has the accuracy (and quantity of shells) to reliably get good damage that way.

    • CruisingForMermaids


    • yes, your AP alpha has more than 2.5 times your HE alpha, definitely isn’t meant to spam HE.

    • Momo Fuku Doodoo Windu

      Your AP is used when the BB you’re fighting is already permanently on fire or the CA you’re fighting is too comfortable with showing you too much broadside. Other wise, the HE meta is still pound for pound stronger and will win you more BB 1v1s.

  6. Ran into one of these being aggressive while in a Convoy mode as I sailed my Bourgogne. I was playing close among islands to get shots in and protect the convoy (going fast and maneuvering hard) and the Mecklenburg was a bit scary to see up close (10km). Lots of secondary’s shooting, and tons of fire/HE damage from the front facing guns. I was able to outrun and get behind an island, and eventually flank it it and get some decent AP shots into the side, but she was really laying into our team before we took her down.

    It looks like she might be a fun aggressive ship but pretty low on my steel ship list, and at long range I really don’t worry about her much when fighting.

  7. The typical formular WG uses for german ships. A ton of downsides for some few upsides.
    But i think Mecklenburg heavily scales with personal preferences. Trenlass for example is in love with it. As far i know, he uses a standart BB build on it.

  8. The Mecky actually has pretty decent AA, when compared to other T10 BBS of course.

  9. You definitely should change secondary build.

  10. This is my first steel ship and I definitely regret getting it. I was thinking about Bourgogne, but I also struggle with the Alsace and Bourgogne didn’t seem like too much of a improvement/difference aside from reload booster.

    • I think Alsace has like 1.5 or 1.6 sigma. Bourgogne is at 1.8 I believe. On top of that, Alsace had a base reload of 32s that you get down to like 29 with the reload mod, while Bourgogne gets it down to something like 24.9 or whatever.
      The Alsace has an 8% speed boost, Bourgogne gets 20% speed boost, so in the Bourg your pushing close to 40kts..
      I played Alsace to get to Repub and the Bourgogne is a different beast entirely. Much more DPM, more accuracy, more speed, reload booster, better maneuverability to juke, etc.
      The weakness is 32mm plating everywhere and having a low HP pool for a tier 10

    • No.
      Bourgogne has faster base reload + reload booster, a bit more accurate and is faster with speed boost. BG is a strong tier 10 while Alsace is a weak tier 9.

  11. I love it!

    My second game I had 190k dmg, arsonist, witherer, confederate, and a kraken.

    I use both AP and HE and I am happy with the ship’s endurance.
    I have several dreadnaught awards.

    I prefer a more mobile game, I do not camp. I really prefer kiting in this ship.

    I’m really happy with steel I spent on this.

    I chose Mecklenburg over Bourgogne, I’m down to 6k steel.

  12. Its an attrition ship: sit at long-medium ranges and burn the BB, support the destroyers or punish anything broadside or already on fire+large superstructure+overmachable. Then move in and finish the rest, you have the DPM, accuracy and volume to set fires and punish broadsides without relying on citadels(unlike slava). The AA is good actually(to bad it gets destroyed as any other AA), handles better than your typical german BB. It has a 50 mm side belt while it is much more vulnerable to SAP and 50MM HE penetration it also is less vulnerable to AP shells arming and doing pen damage. Better than Bourgogne??? Well if you are facing something that you cant overmatch or has limited places to overmatch or you are facing mr BBs who can overmatch 32mm of armor….yeah Mecklenburg will spit on the yamatos, hannovers, satsumas, shikishimas and even the likes of napoli, petro, stalingrad or anything that burns for 60 seconds. Remember bourgogne may have bigger guns but it still has BB dispersion with 1.8 sigma and worse DPM, while Mecklenburg fires weaker shells, it fires many of them and very accurate with great DPM.

  13. This ship is definitely not strong enough for competitive scenario. However, it is a decent go-to ship if you just wanna have some fun in random battles. 16 guns + decent dispersion = one of the most consistent ships in the game. Consider it as a slower but tankier cruiser that has decent AA and can dev strike cruisers that show broadsides. Bourgogne is a good ship, but it is not for competitive scenario either. It is just a different type of battleships. The path of both ships diverges and Bourgogne is a closer to a classic battleship, and Mecklenburg is closer to a cruiser play style. It is unfair to compare them together, just because Mecklenburg’s small caliber gun AP doesn’t do much at long range.

  14. Remove 1 turret and it would be spot on as a T9

  15. I have no idea why would someone pay that much steel for this.

  16. I personally found this ship a fun GERMAN BB for the current meta.

  17. I’m Curious how this ship will perform against super dd’s, super cruisers and subs.

  18. Great vid PQ!
    I’ve noticed sometimes the in game audio is out of sync; I’ve found this is because of encoding issues to .mp4, if you change the file extension to .mov and then reroute the audio channels (PPro will read it as 4-channel, you want single channel, dual track) – it fixes the desync (if don’t before importing)

  19. Something that you didn’t seem to touch on is that Mecklenburg just feels a lot more nimble than GK/FdG. Fast, relatively stealthy, and early match sniping of cruisers trying to position (full HP devstrike on a Moskva at 21km), plus crossmapping DDs who think they’re safe behind an island? Love the ship, don’t regret passing on Incomparable (was my second choice).

  20. I’ve sunk a full health Stalin with just the forward guns while the Stalin was angled

    All 8 shots hit the ship and the ship ceased to exist

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