Mecklenburg: Super Hindenburg

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Mecklenburg replay played by AleX_pLo_SiOn (EU)

World of Warships mods:
im using offical mod station –
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle
5- Calm sea mod


  1. The accuracy is quite good, but the turret angles look kinda bad…

  2. Bryan Rahma Gunawan

    Thi ship quite good and well balanced

  3. Bourdiche

  4. This is more like a tier 10 Marlborough, after consideration definitely not a hindenburg clone as that can be played well at short range, this new ship is a long range HE spammer with better armour than brit ships usually get, this is not a brawler (no hydro and much lower health / armour than a GK / Preussen)… it’s torpedoes and secondaries feel like a contingency plan and most players will not fully spec it for secondaries as a result… if you are a fan of long range Brit HE spamming this is a great ship, the AP is enjoyably effective against cruisers and the AA is pretty good for a BB… do not buy it if you want another German BB designed for brawling you will not enjoy it. However at long range this is an interesting and enjoyable sniper a bit like a conqueror.

  5. you think Brindisi enjoyed his game? damn.

  6. An ordinary player with intelligence = 0. They kill a player from the green team in Alaska, and he doesn’t give a shit about the team, the main thing for him is to stuff more damag from battleships. The victory of the team in last place. He has not heard about mutual assistance)))

  7. Shadow Star of Dying Suns

    German engineerings in 1940-heard y’all looking for another battleship for a future video game? Heres the blueprint”

  8. Seems pretty OP. This could become a new Thunderer case. Just think about it, a very well armoured, well AA equipped (the best German AA), decently maneuvrable and capable to throw a massive amount of AP or HE at long range consistently, every 23 seconds without breaking a sweat. For cruisers this is a nightmare.
    The only weakness is the small gun caliber, but the sheer number of guns compensate for the low fire chance for the HE, while regarding the AP, if you think about it like using SAP, you can trash any BB by aiming at sovrastructures and upper belts.

    • Sorry but idk if this channel is a good way to judge whether a ship is OP or not given that the videos on here all are about good games and good players. Not exactly an objective measure.

    • Alberto Repetto

      ​@Dennis Tjhie this was at least the fifth video I saw of the Meckleburg, and my impression so far is that it’s a potentially busted ship.
      Let’s put it like this: let’s say that you give the Cristoforo Colombo 22 km range and accurate guns, HE instead of the AP, and 23 seconds reload. The result would be something very similar to the Mecklenburg, with more punch due to the higher caliber and SAP, but also with less armour and inferior AA. Wouldn’t you consider something like that potentially OP?

    • @Alberto Repetto again still irrelevant the videos you have seen could all have been good players or a good game. I will wait out the reviews when they start coming out. The caliber of the guns is much lower than most Tier X BBs so unless you sail broadside chances are you do significantly less damage. It lacks hydro and not having good AA does not make a ship OP. Unless the AA is capable of shooting down entire squad fairly consistently without you getting hit, which I did not see in this video. Montana is very consistenly accurate, has one of the heaviest broadsides and if built into, which is the recommended build to begin with, it has very dangerous AA but would you consider it OP? I say wait out till more people have it and see if it really is OP. Right now the statistics are muddled. Most people who have it already had the steel for it, and most people who do are the good players who have played for quite some time. As I said measueing how broken a ship is by purely looking at good players playing it is useless.

    • @Dennis Tjhie it’s fair, but in the meantime remember that Thunderer was considered fine for a while, until not anymore.
      I’m not saying that this is OP, but it has all the tools to potentially be it. It’s cool if it won’t be, but at the same time let’s not stop to think critically just because it’s not a Soviet ship.

      After all as well as you can’t say that the Mecklenburg is OP just by looking at few videos, you cannot also conclude that is balanced using the same metod. The only difference is that one of the two opinions is unpopular.

    • @Alberto Repetto fair but I am warning about overely hasty. As we have had a few ships that immediately got complained on before they were properly out and were nerfed to shit. So my policy is always wait till more people have it and the stats are a little less skewed to the better players.

  9. Stupid Camera moves

  10. General_Cheese6

    Question, anyone know what the music from 8:58 is? Always liked that

  11. seeratlas d' Tyria

    Guys (and gals) who don’t actually have this ship don’t appear to, in a word, to be the best “authorities” on how to sail it…….

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