Meet The Alabama! Tier 7 American Battleship! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. I can’t find the Alabama in my store , where is it located so I can get it

  2. Epic, can’t wait to give it a try

  3. I hear you on the team thing tonight. Was getting aggravated pretty quick lol

  4. *extremely scared derpitz noises*

  5. Good Job Spartan! Also I almost can get the Iwoa I just need 2 million more coins and I can get it! (So Close)

  6. Always loved the Alabama over here on PC! Love the weird /45 cal ballistic.
    Sadly it looks dampened on Legends… not that it makes the ship worst, in fact it makes it better xD

    • It has moments where the shot grouping is so tight that if it hits citadel there is nothing going to survive it.

      The iowas dispersion is a little more dependable though

  7. I don’t play teir sevens a lot for some reason even though I love the Iowa , I started to really love this ship , I grinded out half her xp then looked up videos on her then ended up buying the rest that’s my fault but so far even with matches that I die in , I do pretty good with her she hasn’t failed me yet but my teammates have 246 times today .

  8. i’ve been waiting for this video my man
    i needed to know of she’s worth it
    i’m savin’ up for Iowa right now, but if i get this ship then i can use the money i got to upgrade the Alabama
    i like ’em Thicc so i might get her, she is so sexy
    but i like ’em slim too, so i might get Iowa
    i can’t pick damn it!!?
    i do feel like Iowa is gonna be a better option though

  9. I love the looks of this ship.

  10. I feel you! The randoms were so bad last night. I raged after having 9 of 10 citadels for campaign, and a Jarvis on my team tried to torp (instead of shoot) a Maas I had gotten down to 1/4 health! The Jervis died and the Maas proceeded to torp by BB just before I could get that last citadel.

    Something like this occurred in about 75% of games last night.

  11. Must’ve had torpedo reduction surgery

  12. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    A little historical background on the South Dakota class battleship. When the North Carolina class was being designed they were originally designed to carry 14inch 50 caliber guns but with war looming and the rumors of Japanese super battleships the escalator clause of the Washington naval treaty was enacted and the main battery was increased to the new MK-6 16 inch 45 caliber guns. However the North Carolina class was too far long in development to change her armor package. So the North Carolina’s were designed with armor to defeat shot from a 14 inch 50 caliber guns making them the first class of US battleships to carry a main battery greater than it’s armors ability to defend against. This is what brings us to the South Dakota class. Their armor protection was designed to protect against a 2250 pound AP shell fired from its guns. In order to stay within the 35,000 ton limit of the Washington Naval treaty they are much more compact then the North Carolina class. The South Dakota’s are 48 feet shorter than the preceding North Carolina class. Funny thing the Iowa and the South Dakota class have an IDENTICAL beam but the Iowa’s are 206 feet longer then the South Dakota’s. The Iowas get their speed from the longer waterline and an extra 82,000 horsepower. So the Iowa’s have IDENTICAL torpedo protection and armor package as the South Dakota class but Wargming insists on gimping Iowa for some reason. They also insist on gimping all modern American battleships in the armor department ignoring the fact that the Iowa’s had spaced armor and they removed quite a bit of her deck armor to make them more vulnerable.

    • I hope my home state battleship the USS north Carolina comes out some day

    • because i'm batman 5702

      @BLADE KING me, too

    • Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

      @because i’m batman 5702 Yep because if this game had any realism USN ships would seal club the Japanese and German ships with little effort. The advances in US fire control was light years better than anything the Japanese or Germans had.

    • The game must be balanced…

      Yes, Iowa represented no change in armor scheme from the South Dakotas, just 6 knots, and 50 cal guns…firing the 2700 lb “super heavy” 16in shell…the ballistics of which were so good, the US decided that there was no need to develop an 18in gun…one of the Montana design sketches had 6 20 inch guns…

    • Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

      @Zapranoth 1968 The North Carolina class and the South Dakota class also fired the 2700 pound MK-8 Super Heavy AP shell out of the 16 inch 45 caliber guns. They had slightly different ballistics and in some cases were superior to the 16 inch 50 caliber guns like at very long range where the 16 inch 45 caliber guns shell would fall at a steeper angle leading to better penetration of deck armor. The Colorado class has 16 inch 45 caliber guns as well but their older machinery could not handle the weight of the 2700 pound MK-8 shell so they were restricted to the 2250 pound AP MK-5 shell.

  13. TheStevenfernandez

    Lol “She Thicck with 2 Cs lol” idk im at a 100,000 or so XP i dont think i could grind that out i might have spend some cash $$ i like what im seeing
    Thanks for the info Spartan

  14. UP844 Fan Productions!

    I finished my grind for the Atago, overall she’s a great ship as long as you don’t go full broadside. I’ll be awaiting a review spartan.

    • I got a game for it but I’m not impressed by it. It’s too squishy for my taste plus I like citadelling battleships with my Baltimores AP

  15. I was in the Iowa bowtanking spartan? I literally lost my mind when I finally realized there was an Alabama in the game and then I realized it was spartan and I absolutely went shit crazy. Not even mad I died lmao

    • Lol all good man gg sorry but not really!

    • Dude Red Bull hill in the Colorado is a good buddy of mine and he has never heard of you and I was literally screaming this is the greatest night of my life and now he understands. It was an honor to get my butt wrecked by the USS Alabama from my home state and an even bigger honor to be destroyed by spartan elite 43!

  16. I think that I was the one in the jervis

  17. The Alabama and Iowa have pretty much exactly the same beam, maximum available to pass through the Panama Canal…that’s why Iowa could only get longer if she wanted to be faster…thus the larger turn radius…

    Iowa wasn’t really a better BATTLESHIP than Alabama, but was a much better SHIP than Alabama…the South Dakota design was so cramped, with no more room for upgrades, and also rather uncomfortable on the crew, that the 2 North Carolinas stayed in active service several years longer…

    And of course, Iowa can keep up with the carriers, which in the end, was all that mattered…

  18. She’s got wide hips?
    Can be penetrated easily?
    Can take a bunch of explosive rods?

    Damn this is NSFW! Grab the yellow tape!

  19. Thicker than the Iowa? Lol, no, its literally the same as the Iowa in terms of belt and other armor protections. Its actually about the same width, its just the Iowa is loooooooong

  20. and this version of the game looks more fun. Guns semi sorta shoot straight and it moves faster.

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