Meet The Alaska! Legendary Tier American Super Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. I am here Jack

  2. Zill The Godzilla

    I am so close to getting this ship

  3. Muahaha, I can’t wait to get myself Yamato!

    • Late night gamer

      What are all the ships you need to unlock this ship I’m a quarter of the way there but I would like to unlock the ships you need before that stage comes if you know what I mean lol

  4. running commentary from me as I watch, one get your premium 6 and 7s out 1m credits your running low chief
    nice build almost identical to mine i went for propulsion and steering mod in slot 3.
    GG that AP is so good the shells travel quite slow but are really consistent, awsome ship but a nightmare to run due to cost lol

  5. The Alaska had double displacement that the Baltimore had and possessed the same sized guns as the Wyoming class, but was heaver than the Wyoming.

  6. Gameplay starts 7:08 I recommend you watching the stats but you do you! Enjoy the video guys and girls!

  7. Canadian crocodile

    The Alaska is like a smaller version of the Iowa. I can’t wait until I get the Yamato.

  8. Man I’ve been looking forward to this vid, it’s great!

  9. If I’m not mistaken, the Alaska’s 12″ guns were considered more powerful than the larger 14″ guns found on the New Mexico and other old american battleships. That means that the Alaska is like a more powerful New Mexico with better shells, almost half the reload, and cruiser accuracy. That matched with the 32mm bow makes this ship incredibly good.

  10. Ahh, this game seems familiar🤔😂 In Alaskan Firefox

  11. Alaska is my favorite ship glad they finally added it. Spartan punch every ship in the mouth u see and keep up the amazing videos

  12. Did u get yamato yet? Cause u had premium and could have researched two thing at once

  13. Says the Alaska is ” familiar to the bismark” 🤨🤨😂😂

  14. I’ve still got a long way to go to get the Grober kurfurst.

  15. They need to really re balance how much it cost to run the ship

  16. I’ve had a few matches with the Legends in my Tier 7s, so far these are what I can tell about them:
    -> Not even the Tier 7 BBs in your team are reliable in getting rid of the Legendary BBs. Right now, the best way (more like the only way actually) of killing them is by multiple torpedo hits and/or by keeping them burning with HE.
    -> The Alaska can chew through a quarter of any Tier 7 BB’s HP in a minute. If you have the undivided attention of an Alaska, as a BB expect to die in 3-4 minutes, guaranteed.
    -> So far, the only weakness the Alaska has is against very agile, fast reloading cruisers spamming HE at it. Had 3 games on the Kutuzov where I fought solo against an Alaska on one side of the map and won all 3.
    -> WG needs to fix matchmaking again. Both teams *ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE* equal number of Legends. All the games I had with 2 Legends on our side and only 1 on the enemy were won, while all the games where we only had 1 Legend and the enemy had 2 Legends we lost. Just having 1 more Legend already puts tremendous pressure.
    -> Bow tanking against the Yamato and G.K. barely helps. I was bow tanking against a Yamato in my Bismarck and the guy deleted 1/3 of my HP, from *just his front guns.* Another I was in my J.B. bow tanking a G.K., he fired his front guns (note front guns only) and he took 1/4 of my HP. Players who hate the bow tanking, sniping asshole Jean Bart, rejoice, the perfect counter for them now exist in the form of the Legends.
    -> Legendary battleships, as powerful as they are, are absolutely useless and defenseless without support from destroyers (spotting, zoning out enemy cruisers/destroyers) and cruisers (forward early detection of torpedo waves, fighting off rushing destroyers amd aggressive cruisers)

    Final words:
    If played right, the Yudachi is the perfect counter to Legendary battleships, provided they can sneak up to them or you can carve a path for them straight towards the Legends. Had a game on the Alabama and saw our Yudachi trying to get through the other side of the cap where a Yamato was sitting, but there was an Atago, a Hipper, and a Vanguard in the way. So I went aggressive and pushed through the cap, killing the Hipper, forcing the Atago to back off after deleting half its HP, and before they could kill me (down to 7,000+ at that point), suicide rammed the Vanguard, killing it. After carving a path for it, the Yudachi went on its way and deleted the Yamato with 2 torpedo waves (reload booster I’m assuming). Then our G.K. proceeded to mop up the rest, not having to worry about another Legend anymore.

    • @Late night gamer it was a campaign ship tier 7 premium and it’s a japanese destroyer no longer in sale

    • @Late night gamer
      Like the other said, it’s a Tier 7 Premium destroyer from Japan that is rewarded to you for completing the last campaign, the one prior to the current one (provided you have Admiralty Backing, which cost 2,500 doubloons). Unfortunately, you can only get Yudachi from the campaign, it can’t be researched or bought at the store. It’s a shame I didn’t get it myself, I finished the campaign but didn’t pay for Admiralty Backing to get it, since I wasn’t a fan of playing destroyers. Seeing now how the Yudachi is the most optimal counter to Legendary BBs, I kind of regret it now.

    • Its going to s*** to play bismarc from now on. I guess you just hope to hit the legends with he and pray to not get deleted super early.

    • No surprise there, a pay to win ship is a counter to something that takes months to get

    • I’m curious if they buffed the Yamatos bow from its preview period. Iowa’s could citadel the crap out of angled Yamatos by hitting the bow cheeks, I wonder if that’s still possible.

  17. Looks like a sharnhorst with no torps add radar/sonar and better accuracy

  18. Absolutely love what you’ve been doing and will be hopping board with supporting your channel soon! So excited to get even more action out your channel with you leaving your job, we’re here for you! I’ll be throwing a friend request your way on xbox in hopes to maybe get some division games in with you and learn more Strats from you. Appreciate you man!

  19. I’m not first, I’m not last, but if I see spartan post, I CLICK FAST 💨

  20. Finally decided to fight other players..thinking I’m comfortable with it…1. Everyone went there own way..2nd out tiered..had a Omaha cruiser..I swear everyone else had a New Mexico or another type of BB..At the end on are team seen 1 destroyer 2 cruiser and the rest BB’s..There team 1 destroyer and I believe all BB’S or it looked

    But side note got my 1st Cornballed…from a New Mexico. ..Seen him fire it seen it in the air and caught me crossed boned..boom..I’m…

    • Fight other players you mean Standard mode?

    • Yeah omaha is amazing against dds and cruisers but gotta watch bbs

    • Lol I love seeing Omaha cruisers on the enemy team when I am in my New Mexico it is like free lunch. If they sail broadside to me it’s a bonus like the food is delivered right to my doorstep Lmao 😂 Can’t rememberer how many Omaha’s I have dev striked but it is a lot.

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