Meet The Amagi! Tier 7 Japanese Battleship! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. oh yeah Amagi time BEST T7 BATTLESHIP. ?

  2. Can’t wait for the German Destroyers & Cruisers tomorrow !! Get that Atlanta before 12am, ppl !! It’s worth it! I wonder when the German Battleships are going to release.. ?

  3. How do you have the tier 7 jap battle ship? Didn’t you barely have tier 6? Wait nvm

  4. Hmm its strange that IJN line in pc is a freaking sniper while in console its like shooting shotgun

  5. Mr. Amagi gonna teach you karate ?

  6. That was an amazing comeback, the teamwork was great stormwind came through and helped you win… GG o7

  7. Hi Spartan
    My first encounter with the Amagi did not end so well!
    I hit him with 7 torpedoes, yes 7 fishes and I stopped to appreciate my work
    He survived and send my to the port 🙂
    Good team play

  8. Amagi, Castle in the Sky.

  9. Enrique De la Cruz

    Love the video, just wanted to give you a little tip if you use it great and let me know if it works, but you aim on the water level which is the torpedo belt but when you aim theirs lines through out the aim, they are good for distance. Use the line to aim right on the torpedo belt and you’ll get citadels more often. I have my day off today ill record it if possible what im talking about and ill send it to you. But keep making more videos love what you do.

  10. I told you the amagi it’s a bests

  11. The comeback was real

  12. How do I earn more credits really quickly?

    • Spartan Elite43

      Stick to lower tiers and do well. The upkeep goes up a lot on higher tiers.

      You can also use premium ships if you have any

  13. Hey you sank my Iowa Saturday night with a citadel shot from your new Amagi. Good game and it was fun to play against you

    • Spartan Elite43

      Nice hope that wasn’t you who I caught coming around the island and literally deleted. I have that clip

  14. GG big man! Loving your work! Keep em coming

  15. Build a Secondary build with this ship it’s insane man lmao nothing’s going to get close man it’s my fav ship

  16. When I play the Iowa, the Amagi and other Iowa’s are the only two “battleships/battlecruisers” I really worry about. I’m only at the Fuso right now, but look forward to getting the Amagi eventually. The dispersion on Japanese battleships is horrific…I swear the Fuso trolls me regularly. Great comeback Spartan and glad you are getting time to play with your new 18 million credit (was gonna buy German) toy. LOL.

  17. That was an amazing match! That’s my favorite ship currently.

  18. You think you like this MORE than the IOWA?? Stay close to home, I’ve called for an Exorcist to go to you, and purge this Demon from your Soul. Other than that GREAT game & team play…

  19. I’m in that match with you. That Atlanta ate my Benson for lunch

  20. Hey Spartan, nice comeback! GG

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