Meet The Arizona! Tier 5 American Premium Battleship! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Finnaly spartan got the arizona

  2. Arpeggio of Blue Steel & UP844 Fan Productions!

    Amazing Video! keep them up and continue to sail the seven seas!

  3. Thank you for accepting my request spartan thank you so much

  4. Hey Spartan! Love your vids man, can’t wait for you to check out the French battleships, I got the new tier 3 one today and its better than the German one in my opinion, have a great night

  5. Thank you for this video I been trying to decide if I should get the airizona or not, I love how she looks and handles and come on we all know she has a battle to fight that she sadly never got to see yet

  6. Thank you Spartan for finally playing the Uss Arizona please do more

  7. Awesome

  8. Very nice

  9. Oh no ouch

  10. Do a review on Texas or De grasse or maybe the french ships the battleships preferably

  11. I got Arizona for her historical significance. Wanted to give her the chance she didn’t get irl. It’s a tough ship, and I’ve had great success with her, but when I am sent to the bottom she gets the dignity of going down swinging.

  12. Personaly the Arizona is my fav Teir 5 bb I love her a little slow but very accurate

  13. The Mutsu suffered a catastrophic magazine explosion while in port in 1943…it’s fate in this game was similar…

  14. I asked the question in a fb group warspite vs mutsu, and half of them said arizona over warspite. Lol… idk man lots of different mixed feelings

  15. TUUKK4P01K4 TUUKK4P01K4

    Spartan any plans about french ships? How ever you should sensure them when british bb shells hit, it looks too nasty:)

  16. Warspite please. Very accurate guns but get citadeld easy

  17. It’s definitely you Mr Elite! I’m a mediocre player and 9/10 I do well in my Arizona. I find you do have to time your turns so you get all 4 turrets off then straighten again. It’s a great ship!

  18. Anyone have any tips for the Gneisenau?

  19. It’s such a beast. In fact I disagree with spartan. I would not say its run of the mill. I think it’s a very powerful ship. I have over 200 games in the Arizona

  20. It really is a beast

  21. Been with u since the start and I’ll be with u to the end good luck spartan good luck

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