Meet The Bayern! Tier 5 German Battleship (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Bayern is a good ship, just needs some intelligent well thought out moves and your basically a Bismarck that doesn’t have to deal with the Tier 7 destroyers or Legendary tier. Same can be said for Queen Elizabeth and Warspite.

  2. Man everything I take this ship out I citadel every shot lol

    • I used to slap everybody in this thing, now not so much lol idk what happened. Haven’t had any good games in it lately.

  3. Kit Fit For Purpose

    The sight of a Bayern in my team doesn’t fill me with confidence 😩

  4. I live the SMS Bayern even with her weird dispersion lets her hit the most interesting shots because her guns hurt! If she had a spotter plane the Legends staff would have to nerf the Bayern in some way. And it’s 15 6 inch guns spartan! She’s like the Boise with different consumables!

  5. Gameplay starts at 5:56

  6. Johnny jr Alvarado

    I’ve been waiting for this

  7. Full dispersion is great on Bayern. Gneisenau is still trash.

  8. Thoughtful Gamer (AGG)

    The more I see, the more I start to think this is a decent ship – and that I just didn’t know enough when I first started using it. Plus grinding toward the Gneisenau is not the most fun thing out there.

  9. Ah yes, the Bae-rn 😘 love this boat

  10. FINALLY !!!!

  11. high quality as usual. Do you do homemade scenarios in Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts? if so i have one for you.

  12. Funny I bought this ship yesterday!
    Many thanks for great review!

  13. Bayern is pretty fun to play if you know what you’re doing

  14. I don’t think this is a case of winning harder but more about learning the strengths/weakness of the ship. Glad the game out come was preferable…

  15. Average Joes Creations

    I’d have to disagree with the Bayern’s AP being poor. The Bayern has the best guns at T5. The AP is solid you just have to not shoot so low on an angled New Mexico. Also, before pushing the cap you should have used a heal as a just incase to give you a small boost of hp. You could have been easily killed by the enemy DD. The reason you use the heal before you reach the cap circle is so your next heal is off of cool down. Could make a difference in a game one day.

    • Ehhh. The AP is good but it’s not New Mexico penetration. A bayern shooting a over angled dallas. You see what he got. Good penetrations getting good damage but in a New Mexico. It’s more of “Yeah, go back to port sunshine.” I’ve had shatters on a broadside New Mexico. The penetrations is okay but it’s no where near the New Mexico penetration where it’s fantastic.

  16. The lower tier you play the crazier players you will encounter jejejej!!

  17. I just unlocked this ship on WOW Blitz and I love it. Does really well in tier V and Vl matches

  18. Can u do a meet the atago spartan, looked back in your vids it’s been about 9 mths

  19. A bit low of gxp no? I’ve notice even with epic boosters on it doesn’t seem to be as rewarding

  20. Love the Bayern thanks for doing a video on it, that destroyer going after the cruiser lol that’s something I’d do

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