Meet The Bretagne! Tier 4 French Battleship! World of Warships Legends Xbox One X

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  1. Watssss up

  2. Malaki Baskerville

    Any of you have a favorite battleship? Mines is the Wyoming, Bretagne, and the Scharnhorst.

    • Malaki Baskerville Bismarck, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Hipper, Z-23, And T-61, pretty much anything that is German ??

    • Malaki Baskerville Mutsu, Iowa, Fuso, in that order

    • Iowa (But i don’t play it much now *cough* Bismarck Secondaries), New Mexico, Bayern, Tirpitz (Getting used to it), Gaede, Maass (I suck in Stock Z-23), Akatsuki, French Cruisers (For the most part).

  3. “This battle isn’t gunna go to plan” 97% of all legends battles ?

  4. Spartan any advice for the fubuki im stuck on this ship

    • @rko_1738 go to upgrades on the Fubuki and there should be a torpedo upgrade then view the Fubuki stats and it will show you the increase in range

    • Thank you i had seen this upgrade many times before but it never said anything about increasing torp range so I didn’t even bother getting it

    • @rko_1738 glad I could help 🙂

    • Also, while it’s guns are serviceable they are better for defense than attacking. It’s more of a torpedo boat. You can get a decent amount of xp by just spotting for your team, capturing bases and laying torpedo tracks to keep the enemy on their toes. Use it’s low visibility and you’ll do alright. It’s one of the main ships I use if I need to place first in a team ( like the current ops ).

    • I struggled through Stock Fubuki as i suck in American Destroyers but soon as you upgrade the Torpedoes it becomes a New Ship and you’ll start to have a feeling for Akatsuki and Kagero as both has similar Torpedo Ranges. Stick at it.

  5. Them 4 gun turrets are looking nice. A shame that the French navy wasn’t put to good service.

  6. Dont ever watch games after you die it only induces saltiness.

  7. The French BB line goes up to 381mm with the Richileu…

  8. Video is too long 10 to 15 min is perfect

  9. Love how the dds name is dreadnought

  10. Holy cow, 25% chance of causing a fire with the main guns.

  11. “Don’t do anything stupid”

    The wish of every sane and logical person on an online game

    • Why is it so difficult? Do they just not want to win or are they really that stupid?

    • @Ryan Laprade It’s two problems that share the same symptom.

      First, there are people who play who don’t think tactically. They’ve neither trained nor studied and just yolo into the middle of the map wasting the potential impact they could have had on the game.

      The second, is the griefer. These people get off on trying to ruin everyone else’s attempt to enjoy the game. They are the ones who will ram your ship pushing you out from behind cover to get shot, or purposefully run through the middle of your torpedo spread in order to deny you the chance at damage/kills. They’re also the ones who will blare obnoxious music into the microphone, or spend the whole match telling everyone how high they are. As if anyone gives a flying fiddler’s fuck.

      Unfortunately, there’s nothing that really can be done about either group right now. Other than to mute them and fight on.

    • @Tommy Arnold it would be nice if the difference between winning and losing wasn’t so enormous. I know I wouldn’t get so annoyed by useless teammates.

  12. This is a perfect representation of the average WoWs: Legends player.

  13. Watching games after you die ( especially ones your team was leading in ) unfortunately can lead to disappointment. My favourite is when an unseen dd has almost capped the base and then a bb or a cruiser drives on to it firing his guns and taking incoming fire which keeps the timer resetting. I won’t use a headset. I don’t trust myself to hold my tongue. I do enough swearing on my own.

  14. Jackmerius Tacktheritrix

    I have to tell ya I was that guy that would rush the map and get obliterated in the first few minutes….. Because I didn’t really know how to play the game……. Watching you,bullvyi and jarhead I finally today understood how to play and what to do. It’s not easy to jump in and just know what to do

    • Dw man, we’ve all done it at some point

    • That happens to all of us. I only played about 500 games and I’m still doing weird things, lol, but I’m also learning from my own mistakes. Sometimes I don’t know what to do and I take too much risk and then someone sends me to the water garage.

  15. The match was pretty much decided in the first engagement, you never had the win, not even close. You didnt support your DDs in the cap, instead you ran off and fired at an Iron Duke because “hes shooting at me”. You can take damage, the DDs cant. Always, always shoot at DDs if they are spotted. Always support your DDs when they get shot at, try to get the enemies off your DDs. Had you been in that cap supporting your DDs its very likely that one or two DDs wouldve survived that engagement and the Duke wouldve been dead. The end result wouldve been completely different. And yelling at the Königsberg because he didnt stay behind the island? Dude there was a long time left on the battle and you only had 400 points, you were NOT winning.

    • If I had been in the cap with the DDs Id have been torpd. Period you cannot take a Battleship into a cap with a single destroyer let alone multiple destroyers and a Light cruiser all of which have torps.

      The Moment that Faragut got spotted and threw his smoke he should have disengaged and waited for back up that was on the way.

      I was supporting them by trying to keep the Iron Duke off them. They were winning against the cruiser but they all decided not to avoid torpedoes in the cap.

      So if they couldn’t avoid torps in the most agile and mobile ships how do you propose I do it in a Battleship?

    • @Spartan Elite43 The Iron Duke was probably the least dangerous target at that point. Also, the DDs infront of you wouldve spotted the torps, yes you ran the risk of eating one or two but its a risk you shouldve taken. Im not saying your DDs played well, but they die from one torp in a lot of cases, you can withstand many.

      I am a BB main on PC with over 5000 games played and close to 60% winrate. 110k average damage at tier 10 (your tier 7). Not bragging but I have experience enough to tell you that you couldve done that significantly different, and better.

  16. I wonder how much of crazy ply is people chasing goals for the campaign?
    They have a limited amount of time to play, so there frantic to do what they need to do to get it done..

  17. Do you watch animes ? Spartan

  18. As jingles put it what the team tries to do is “win harder”

  19. I will be honest with you Spartan, the loss of the ships of your flank is in you. The errors made after are you got sunk are bad but you lost your teammates.
    Battleships are made to take punishment. By reversing, they took all the beating. If you could have advanced, you could have been hiding from the BB and lethal for the cruisers.

  20. I’d like a T5 Battleship at Tier 4 too….

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